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ÖHBPM 2 - Austrian Championships + Euro Qualifier

Saturday, May 3, 2014
Host club: 
bikepolo league vienna
Court size: 

Second Austrian Bike Polo Championships and Euro qualifier.

We will fight for 1 slot in the EHBPC and 1 slot in the wildcard tournament.

We got Dany from Brno to do most of the reffing (well, he'll get some breaks of course).

Updates will follow...


One Got Fat (Django, Marco, Salchi - Graz)
Poloroid (Hannes, Gert, Mateen - Salzburg/Vienna)
Qubic (Mubeen, Marcus, Miguel - Vienna)
Han P(r)olo (Tom, Orange, Prolo - Graz)
Vanguard (Win Man, Fabian, tba - Vienna)
Westcoast (Flo D, Andi, Conny - Vienna)
United Federation of Wiener Blut Bike Polo (Flo W, Matthias, Wolfgang - Vienna)
NoNameYet (Martin, Patrick, Alec - Salzburg/Vienna)


Auf der Schmelz Vienna

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