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1st annual International *Heat Stroke* tournament will be July 14, 2012.

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Host club: 
St. Louis Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
One Court 140'x65'

1st International (If you can't stand the heat get) Out of the Kitchen Tournament
Historically July 14, 2012 is the hottest weekend of the year, we thought we would throw a tournament.

20 team double elimination tournament.
Mt Pleasant Park

$10/ Per Person teams of 3. (Teams from outside the USA get free admission)
BYO Everything (Shade, Water, Beer, Meat)
Housing can be provided upon request
1 day - 1 tournament - Minimum 2 games - 1 winner - Full day of Hardcore Polo.
After North American's spend the week in America’s true Beer City and come to the Best tournament of the year.

Saturday AM- Polo / Party
Saturday PM - Surprise Party
Sunday - Pickup

Galvanized Pool
Shade Tree Auto Repair
Bathroom at 7-11
BBQ Pit (Bring Your Own Meat)

Hopeful Amenities:
Motorcycle Wheelies
Full Contact Football
Police Raids
Hose to fill up Galvanized Pool

Register with your team by sending an email to heatstrokestl@gmail.com


Mt Pleasant Park
4501 West Michigan Ave.
St. Louis, MO , MO
United States

Signed up



good by bad joke...

(If you can't stand the heat, get) Out of the kitchen!

Big Tides!

sweet, only a 4hr drive! let me see if I can round up all of the phone-less/internet-less Memphians.

Possible chili cook off!

Everyone bring your best chili recipes!

Big Tides!

Recommended that you eat it in the courtside hot tub.

Should be dope!

ill come afford the Chili cook off. we may blow at polo, but Cincinnati will destroy any Chili challenge

well, in memphis we drop a slab of ribs on our chili.


Still Plenty of spots open. Drop a line to heatstrokestl@gmail.com if you want to sign up.

Big Tides!

MORE TEAMS NEED TO SIGN UP FOR THIS!!! It's going to be a blast!


STL may be the greatest place on earth

All I wanted was to pass out from heat exhaustion, but instead I got drunk in a construction dumpster, snowcones from a yard sale, too much Mountain Dew, a tire-throwing contest and pork steaks eaten with a pocketknife.

Fuck you guys, I want a refund.

So that was probably the best tournament I've ever been to.

So. much. effing. awesomeness. in. one. weekend.

...oh, and my liver and my inability to function at work on Monday (okay, and Tuesday) hate STL polo.

Crab shots.