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1st Swiss Hardcourt Bikepolo Championships & Selections for EHBPC 2011 April 2-3

Swiss Harcourt Bikepolo Selection for Barça
Saturday, April 2, 2011 - Sunday, April 3, 2011
Host club: 
Bern Bike Polo


Sportplatz Statthalter
Wangenstrasse 9

Signed up

5 slots for Switzerland. You don`t think its to much. But for sure a tournament for that is necessary. No more than 4 good teams playing for 5 spots. I got a friend in Switzerland, never played polo. Could I send him for that. Perhaps he gets the 5th place. Viva Italia

Haha nice try but everybody knows that you have no friend.

Cheers from Geneva.

helmet wrote:

Haha nice try but everybody knows that you have no friend.

Cheers from Geneva.

Even I knew this.

Cheers from Lausanne too.

Team Sophie - Switzerland

Shustar wrote:

Viva Italia


Switzerland - Italia 26:6

JPG — Bern

what's the hating for my friend?

JPG — Bern

Complaining, that other countries getting too many slots and coming from Swiss, which getting 5 slots. That ´s really funny.

Only one bitch bitch about that on this forum.
And even some italian agreed.
And yes, 5 slots for switzerland is probably too much. ( i asked for every country who get 5 or more, but spain, give one to every country who don't have any slots). 4 should be enough. But Alejandro didn't take back any slots from his first choice... that's his choice.

(and you could talk about 4 good teams from switzerland, could you do the same for italia?)

Bitchin' poster, gang! (as in bitchin camaro)


Some photos from Basel last month. I'm pretty sure that Michael snapped that great one of Daniel getting to the goal ahead of a shot ...


Credo quia absurdum

Maybe we should make an open pre-ehbpc tourney to know who deserves to go to the real ehbpc. No question of selection nationals or city divided. Decision can be taken on the court so no matter of shit talk and let the polo choose and close everyone's mouth!

eddy, I like your idea of doing 2 ehbpc a year

Team Sophie - Switzerland

Final result of day one, After 4 rounds of Swiss round system. One more round tomorow, then double elimination with 12 teams. https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AgY5FhQvj8hudE5xYl9mQzJMcTZKTng...

Live results of the 12 team double elimination::


Firsts 7 teams (1 to 5 get a slot to BCN- EHBPC 2011)

1- L'équipe
2- Moteur Fuckers
3- Les Vieux Fritz
5-Iron ponies
6-Jean Polo Gaultier
7-Old skull - Grek Frites

(thanks Berne!)

comment vous avez fini que 5e les petits poneys ?

parce qu'il y a du niveau bordel !

Team Sophie - Switzerland

ahah effectivement on dirait que ça à pas mal bougé