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Southeast club reps: vote for your 2013/2014 regional reps

Here's the thread where candidates have presented themselves.

If you're a club rep (listed below), you'll be able to vote. Click "add >" for your three choice candidates, then rank them 1 through 3 with your top choice at the top.

Danny Wood (Miami) aka ddub
43% (45)
Adam Hite (Memphis)
22% (23)
Ann Silver (Asheville)
14% (15)
Travis Atom (Gainesvile)
12% (13)
Nic B Egnell (Fort Lauderdale)
9% (9)
Total votes: 13

List of eligible voters

  • southeast.png

Nice one peeps of the SouthEast. Stellar candidates.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Hey guys, I'm the club rep for Music City Polo, name's not on the eligibility list though.
Any chance I can get on the list so I can throw my votes in?

Voted. Thanks!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo