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2016 Heartland Qualifier

Saturday, June 11, 2016 - Sunday, June 12, 2016
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Two courts. 60x130

It appears as though we will be having qualifiers this season and we will be hosting. This will be a 24 team tournament. Registration will be Friday May 6th at 8pm eastern. As far as I know this will be an open qualifier meaning all regions can register. Heartland has four spots open for NAs that will be held later this season. Cost per team will be $90. We will have lunch provided on Saturday and Sunday.

Housing details to come.

Registration is Friday May 6th at 8pm eastern:


Arsenal Park
East 46th street
Indianapolis , IN
United States

Signed up

There will be a tournament here that weekend. Qualifier or not. If there isn't a qualifier have some ideas. We'll have fun regardless.

Registration will be Friday May 6th at 8pm eastern. I will post the podium links once they are ready.

Free agent here.
I will be in Indianapolis for the two weeks around the tourney. Looking for a team. Let me know if you need a third or want to make up a ringer team.

I'd be into forming a team. Day 3'd at NAs last year out of the wildcard, competitive player. Might know some people who could third.

Sounds great. If we get a team together we can challenge registration. Hope we make the cut. I'll be there for the weekend no matter what.
Let me know if you get confirmation from a third.

You, me, and Mike "turns on a" Diamond


Tight. Any other way to contact you outside of league in case anything changes between now and then?

Email will work best. bauermeister.jens@gmail.com
Also, with you guys being from Richmond, we will be an out of region team. So no registration today. I'll try to get us on the waiting list.
Any team name suggestions?

Hey dude, check out Indianapolis Bike Polo on Facebook. We generally play a couple of times a week.

As I said, I'll be in Indianapolis a week before the tourney. I will be in contact.

Registration is live. Hey in region teams, please register.


We have 15 in region teams currently registered and 9 out of region teams waiting for tomorrow to be confirmed tomorrow evening. IN REGION TEAMS WANTING TO PLAY SHOULD SIGN UP ASAP.

Looking at the team list it looks like we should have a pretty fun tournament to watch and play in, excited to hang out with everyone.

Everyone should expect to help at some point over the weekend: reffing, time keeping, goal judging, clean up, ect.

Big thanks to everyone who came to Indy and battled in the heat.

Here's our top four teams who have qualified:

1. Shitfrick - Charlie STL, Dave STL, Goose Lex
2. Wendigo - Nick MLPS, Bruce MLPS, David Columbus
3. Lexington Drama Club - Chris LEX, Porch LEX, Ben LEX
4. Da Hunt - Thanh MKE, Ryan CHI, Tomo CHI

Teams on the bubble (with a realistic chance of getting in if out of region teams make their qualifier)....
5. OG Emoji - Jonathon Como, Kalai DEC, Chu MEM
6. Titanic Bird LEX, Sergio LEX, Johanna Frankfurt