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24 Hour Single Player Tournament

Saturday, November 26, 2011 - Sunday, November 27, 2011
Host club: 
Cambridge Polo (UK)
Contact info: 
contact us on the lfgss thread.
Court size: 
1 court

Games will start at 10am on Saturday 26th, and finish at 10am on Sunday 27th.

Players don't have to arrive for 10am, you can arrive at any point in the 24 hours, but obviously the sooner you are there the more games you can play in.

Games will finish on the hour, and every 15 minutes after that, the time for changeover is included in that. This is done to make the scheduling of games easier, players can set their alarm every 15 minutes / 30 minutes if they want to grab some sleep.

There will be a large pile of mallets for all players who are in, and two games will be thrown in from that at any time, the game on court, and the next one. This is designed as a balance between making sure people get a fair amount of games, and that the games are mixed up. Once players have played they can add their mallet to the big pile.

If a player has been in the pile for 4 games, and not played, they will get priority for the next throw-in.

If a player isn't on court within 2 minutes of the last game finishing, any other player in the pile can replace them, the first player with bike and mallet on court wins.

Games will be unlimited goals, and players will get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and the goal difference from their games.

At 9am on Sunday, the 12 best players will be seeded into 2 semi finals, each 20 minutes long (including changeovers). Then the 6 winners of those games will be shuffled in the final, 20 minute long (also seeded). The winners will be the 3 players who win that game. There will also be an award for the person with the most points.

There will be a heated area with mattresses, sofas, and coffee and tee for relaxing. There will also be cheap beer.

All players need to bring a black and a white t-shirt (or dark and light if you don't have those). When playing you will either be on the black team, or the white team.

There will be a £10 entry fee, which will go towards the cost of electricity, heating, and fixing up the warehouse.

Further details will be announced later.

For international visitors, if you want to come, we can provide housing in London for Friday and Sunday night, and there will be plenty of polo in London the week before and after, for anyone who wants to come for longer.


Cambridge Indoor Court
Harvest Way
United Kingdom

Signed up

Wish I could fly over the pond for this! 53 games where played by David (polonie) Wells and Leon in 24hours when we hosted a similar event in Pullman, we had 33 players register. Hope someone can set the bar higher, and good luck!

P/M Hardcourt