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2nd Annual International Heat Stroke Tournament

2nd Annual International Heat Stroke Tournament
Saturday, July 13, 2013
Host club: 
St. Louis Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Mt Pleasant Park

Historically the second week in July is the hottest weekend of the year, we thought we would throw another tournament. Building off last year's success, this year is sure to be a blast.

Double elimination tournament.
Mt Pleasant Park

Teams from outside the USA get free admission
BYO Everything (Shade, Water, Beer, Meat)
Housing can be provided upon request
Full day of Hardcore Polo.
Largest Trophy Ever Given at a Polo Tournament.


BBQ Pit (Bring Your Own Meat)
Tire Throwing
King Deweys

Amenities Supplied by Mt. Pleasant:
Motorcycle Wheelies
Full Contact Football
Shade Tree Auto Repair
Register with your team by sending an email to heatstrokestl@gmail.com


Mt. Pleasant Park St. Louis
United States

Signed up

Fuck yes!


Looking for a team for this hit me up if your interested!!!!!

Count me in!

My body is ready.

This sounds lovely! Looking for a team!

This was a blast last year. I want to see a bunch of teams signed up for this year!


Free agent. Works for beer and bratwurst

Bike Polo Ronin

Hell yeah I'm bringing a Texas team to this! Bring the heat!

Anne and I are looking for a third to complete our fun triangle filled with beer, jokes, and love of polo. Come at us, bros.

Lookin for a team anyone need a third?


Lookin for a team anyone need a third?

you should hit up Tim D. You would make a good combo!


I may be coming to this if you're still looking for a team.

Sign up sheet for this tournament


Big Tides!

This is a one day, right? Can I request Friday night housing for the Megan Stanton/Chris Williams/me team? Mick, how are you getting down there? We have a seat in the car, I believe. If Mick rides with us, can he have housing with us if he hasn't worked it out already?

Still need a third! Tiff or Neil? Who's in?

Still need a third! Tiff or Neil? Who's in?

Our third broke his wrist in Colorado. Anyone interested in playing with two Texans?

when and where is everyone meeting Friday night?

ummm ok guys so is this a qualifier and will we be using Seattle Swiss?

Heartland Regional Rep

Let's just pick 4 captains and make it a bench tournament. With how few teams there are, we might have time to do both.

10:30 PM Meet and party at Bar 101 http://goo.gl/maps/A7UqK 1724 S Broadway, St Louis, MO

Saturday: Mt. Pleasant Park. http://goo.gl/maps/s6G1
10:00 AM Registration ($10 / Person) Everyone must bring old used bike tires for tire throwing fun.
11:00 AM Start Tournament.

What to bring, shade, chairs, Beer, Mountain Dew, Meat for Grill, Fun!

Big Tides!