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3rd Annual Flour City Invitational

Third Annual Flour City Invitatational
Friday, August 26, 2011 - Sunday, August 28, 2011
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 court 120'x60', room for third for pick up.

Sorry for the delay in updates. There have been a lot of personal goings on that have derailed a lot of things, but luckily this isn't one of them.
We've got a shit load of fun stuff lined up and plenty of room for a mess of teams to stay for free. This is "old polo", for friends and for fun. No complicated rules, or red tape. Just riding your bike, hitting a ball with a pipe nailed to a ski pole.

Pre registration is open. We're capping out at 24 teams.

Or go here: http://flourcityhardcourt.tumblr.com/invite
and paypal can be sent to Krist.worthless@gmail.com if thats your thing.

There should be at least two courts (hopefully 3), lights, food, a bike shop offering nice discounts to all participants with mechanics on duty.

and a case of four loko.
friday will be critical mass, pick up at Thunderdome and an alleycat.
saturday will be a round robin for qualifying/seeding sunday.
sunday will be double elimination and possibly a throw in tourney.
breakfast provided and lunch specials for both days.
we're working on places to party friday and saturday.


Towner's Bike SHop Rochester, NY
United States

Signed up

i'm coming back for that trophy

woke up this morning with the sky as my roof



Oooooh. I bet Grand Rapids can get a team out.

me tom and bren are winning this year

you'll have to get through delaware first, REPRAZENT! lol

-my stomach is a pickle-

brian -bwin- wrote:

you'll have to get through delaware first, REPRAZENT! lol

P.O.D. !!!


we all know the real winners take their glory in the thunderdome friday night.....



That sounds great!!!

I could probably make another trip home for this.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

updates please

i do a lot of stupid shit

Hope ya all enjoyed that one

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

i think i want to come to this....

team needed!

hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. i'm just now getting things straight. there was a loss in the family that i'm dealing with, but the event is on track. new info will be posted in about a week.
i did get a few prizes already, including a case of four loko (still caffeinated), some stuff from hold fast, a chris king headset for high scorer, some cool stuff for female mvp and a reeeeaalllllllly sweet surprise for mvp.

At least 1, if not 2 teams from Cleveland will be there. Delaware will be there? Nice, I grew up there.

karate jon wrote:

At least 1, if not 2 teams from Cleveland will be there. Delaware will be there? Nice, I grew up there.

There was a DE team at ESPI. I forgot to mention it to you.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Thinking of coming to this. Anyone want to team up?


If you can dream it, you can do it!

nick red beard wrote:

Thinking of coming to this. Anyone want to team up?

I'm in, Nick. I'll be on my Marco for this too. So pumped.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Montreal will come with one team for sure.

Total chaos is in
Sara -nyc
Mac -nyc
young adam- nyc

the needle just got pinned on the FEAROMETER.


stoked! we just picked up a handful more sponsors!
MKE, DZR shoes, VP pedals, Eastern Bikes/ Grand Royale.
And some local artists are chipping in to make some weirder prizes!
Fun-o-meter has also been raised.
Shitty attitudes stay home.

I wanna play, who wants to play? + how many hours does it take to get there

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16


I'm pretty sure we're not FWENDS!!!


also from nyc it's about 6 hours depending on where you are in the city and driving conditions.

we will be setting up a registration page in the next few days.

California is far from Rochester....shucks to your asthma

...those days are over.


child predator 69 is featured VERY prominently in that flyer. Nice.


super stoked, was wondering though about housing? hoping to stay thru til monday?

testing free agency


projectile vomit contest, lux friday night. all challengers accepted.

chuck please come back to bike polo. there hasnt been nearly enough albany cake switching or frankford sauerkrauting going on.


plan to see these grifts and all the others tonight 8/3...my bike misses you guys...

I may also be freelancing this.

team Swank Love is officially in: Monica, James and maybe Cyrus? Maybe we can scoop up a stray? We'll see. Either way, swank love wants in.

team registered...and i wanted to pay via paypal to get it done with...is there a cost listed somewhere that i missed? i don't see what the reg fee is.

can't wait! and yes, housing? is there an option for this or are we on our own?

Same question as Chandel. I registered and clicked the "Paypal prepay" option, but never got an email or total cost to send it to. Guess it's cash day-of.

wait!!!! the poster says $45 a team!!!! i think i've solved this...
confirmation from the organizers?

sorry, i'm not good at the internet. i have no idea why the pay pal thing didn't work....
it's $45 per team. you can paypal directly to krist.worthless@gmail.com
i have a lot of room for people to stay here, and i'm working out a second location to stay for free also.

any questions feel free to email me.

hey who needs a team besides me?

Anybody need a third still?

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.


TUCKER! ...it's your turn to go down this time if you come out to this, remember that!~
hope to see you there, otherwise kill you next time.

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

i'll be at this teamless it would seem. people need to stop getting married. will play on a team for strawberry cream cheese.


"joe don baker christmas special"



Couple things, I think Krist is sending an info email tomorrow out but just wanted to reiterate a few things...anyone who needs a place to stay, we have tons of room. An extra mattress, two couches, armchairs and tons of space where people can set up air mattresses and sleeping bags. And a sick roof if you want to sleep under the stars or something. Email me at nicolepaige136@hotmail.com if you are planning on it, just so I can keep track. Shower and stuff, safe place to keep your bike, parking garage behind us thats free on the weekends.

Basically, email me even if you've already emailed about a place to stay. Our house is going to be sort of a catch all for the weekend, if you're coming early on Friday or need to stay through til Monday, etc you can just come on over. Obviously there will be pickup all friday night if you are getting here early. Just let me know and I'll send you the address and our numbers and stuff.

We live downtown right across the street from the Rochester Plaza Hotel, and the Hyatt and Radisson (lets all pitch in so a team gets a room and we can all use the pool yes?) if instead you want to get classy. And we will be using the pool for real.

also i want to buy polo shirts from any city with any shit on it. guys size small or girls size large please. bring stuff to sell, there'll be tables and room and its sharing a parking lot with the bike shop where tons of rich skanks might buy junk.


Wanted to come last year & now a team was scraped together is there room in Supermans four wheeled ass for another former garbage platter splatter team? I know its really late for rul but we will B there for Rul-Rul.

Cyrus is out, but James and I are still coming. We need one more!

there are most likely some people here to jump on a team monica. ball grabber, there are still open spots.

Looks like I too will be looking for a third. Had a player bail super last minute...

Two solid players, like to pass, defensively minded, no tricks, polo fundamentals. Looking for someone who will keep their head in the game even on a big whiff and not get pass out drunk. Loosey goosey drunk is fine—into fun, not into shitshow. We're registered and paid up (you play for free) and will be there late tonight.

Post here or email brad@urbanvelo.org

Here are some pictures of what you missed by not playing or watching the Flour City Invitational!

In 2012 The Flour City will be even more exciting and fun!

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

Besides a River, a Canal, a Great Lake, a whole bunch of bicycling events, & music all around town coming into your ears Rochester NY now has an established Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament.

Next year we might even have a late Spring and early Fall tourneys.

After the match, tour NYS or the Great Lakes by Bike

hey could you post the Challonge link so that we can take a gander at the results?

Thanks for hosting this.

her are teh brackets. the scrores on the finals weren't recorded. my bad. http://challonge.com/flourcity
thank you so much to sherri, and everyone that helped with our hurricane swept courts.

congrats to our mvp-charlie who got a nice frieght hip pouch, and some girls gone wild vhs tapes.
our most impressive lady player-sherri (sorry if i spell the name wrong) who got a pair of DZR shoes, and some other goodies,
our classiest player, greg, whose sense of sincerity class and charming smile one him a beautiful out fit from outlier.
AB won himself a Us Vs. Them frame from SE bikes, but managed to lose the fork already.
and over all sweetest dude award-chombo got himself a new joust frame.
and our least classy player, who earned it with the most loveable annoyance, and overwhelming crowd support was Johnny Crash. he wone a stunning dew rag, jean shorts and wolf t shirt.

mostly we ha a blast with people staying, it was great to have everyone at one spot so we could actually meet everyone.
hopefully we'll be able to do it again next year. only next year i don't think we will be able to offer anyone a place to crash. a few things of ours came up missing. which is crazy to think, after hosting bands and shows at my homes for 10 years, i've never had a single thing taken. this weekend we've had a few things come up missing, nothing too grand, but enough that after replacing them it leaves us in the hole.
in fact it's going to be an extra week before we are able to pay off the balance on Chombo's frame, because i have to wait for a paycheck. i put way to much energy into hosting this to have not only my things taken, but sentimental things of my girlfriends also.

i put up some pictures of this weekend on the facebooks...
i don't really know how to post the album link if you aren't my friend so just friend me if you wanted to see some pictures of chris roberts wearing the pony head, AB cheesing with his frame, max sleeping off the fire escape with his hammock and a few excellent games of polo played by some lovely new and old friends.

chombo, thanks for the shirts!!
thanks to everyone that hung out on the roof all weekend with us. lomax, greg, rutger, brad, max, you dudes from les meat that i cannot remember your names I'm sorry!!!, everyone. it was fun. <3

if you're ever going through rochester or want to come up for a weekend of polo, let us know.

Thanks a lot Rochester for this so good week-end.
Nice polo games, nice peoples & vibes.

Big-up Krist for everything, from Les Smoked Meat (Jesse, JB, Franck) ;-)

thank you krist and flour city bike polo!
that was fun weekend. and i'm really sorry you had things go missing...that is a real bummer and a really bad look on bike polo. :/

you did a great job with everything though! it was super fun!
so good to see some of my faves there, and meet some new ones. see some of you in seattle next week!
thanks to my team. bros we did well. congrats to the other philly team, and all the teams for that matter.

glad i went!!!

heres the finals breakdown.

on the plus side most of the missing items were recovered. there are few small things missing, that i'm not worried bout ( a couple small tools and a few tubes and a used tire) but all in all i'm happy everything has been recovered.

thanks to every one that came.
hopefully next year we will have the last few kinks worked out and we can have another super fun tourney.


There was the right amount of everything that make tournaments fun.

Congrats to Chombo for being a rad dude as always.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.