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3rd Annual Interbike Polo Tourny

Wednesday, September 22, 2010 - Thursday, September 23, 2010
Host club: 
IE Bike Polo Club
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Fenced in parking lot with boards.

Every one coming to Inter Bike and anyone else who can show up is welcome! Location and other information TBA.


TBA Vegas Baby, NV
United States

Signed up

We got the spot confirmed!!!!!Yaaaaa! Working on other logistics. Will post google map soon.

Thanks Brad from LV !!!!!!!

Cool.! I'm in for playing and I have a booth #4811 www.modrobes.com. It's our first Interbike booth and we make cycle gear made from recycled plastic bottles and eucalyptus trees. Anyway, if you want a place for people to grab info about the location and such...I volunteer my space for coordination purposes.
let me know.

I will be in contact with you

Just got one of the Mod jackets at NSPI. It's awesome. Steve, you rule.

Glad you like it..you deserved it...great playing in Ottawa!

Wahoo! It's on. Was worried for a second there that I would be stuck somewhere without polo for 4 days. Much thanks to Joey and Brad. See y'all in 2 weeks.

Team Gravy Pants (from SF/oakland) will be there!
Bring extra padding for your poor goalies!

Lefty Bullshit!

But we didn't pack any chocolate pudding.

I think we might be able to swing out there for this.. i wanna play with some othere people though..

I wonder if PHX is coming?

Doesnt look good for PBP this time. Too many reasons.
Had a blast last year. Diverse crowd. Enjoy.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

I'll be showing up Solo to play some Polo. Check out the FV wunder bike at the Waterford Booth while ya'll are there.


First in bike polo, made for bike polo.

If you've got flyers, I'll pass them out in the Velocity booth #3400. Also, send me an email (matt@velocityusa.com), I might have some prizes to send.

We will be playing here. Behind the building. We have the whole parking lot.

620 Fremont St
Las Vegas, NV 89101

Possible pick up at UNLV Wed. night.
Oh and a burlesque dancer has volunteered to help us.

{confirmed} Velocity is sponsoring this event!

Come and get it

Thanks again Matt!

****Everyone who is coming please email me with your team information and phone numbers before this weekend. ****

Next year's Interbike is going to be in L.A.'s backyard! fuck yes!! http://alturl.com/kvuoe


I was excited when I noticed this yesterday. I am planning on having a indoor demo for this. It will be part of the show in 2011.

Well, the tip of the Team Gravy Pants spear has departed for Vegas... the rest arrive
in the next 36 hours.
We will crush you and break your mothers.


Lefty Bullshit!

Small amount of people with some good prizes! We will make the best of it. Cant wait to play polo while visiting the best bike show around!

Is there anything going on a interbike this year? This will be my first time at interbike and my first time playing polo out of state... Lookin forward to it.