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4th Annual Tanked Givin Alleycat and Polo Tournament

Friday, October 8, 2010 - Sunday, October 10, 2010
Contact info: 
Court size: 

1st Different Strokes WPG: Mark Harper, Kev D, Eryn
2nd Reverse Cowgirls WPG: Aren, John, Robin
3rd Three Sheets to the Wind WPG: Dan, Jay, JB
4th Stick It In WPG: Trevor, Fabian, Dave
5th Melo Velo Saskatoon: Duane, Bryn, Matt
6th Duluth, Minnesota WPG: Denae, Graham, Dave G, Greg, Scott (lots of subs)
7th Polo Park Maul WPG: Mark Loeppky, Cory, Doug, Amy, Greg (Also had some subs)
8th Riddle KicksWPG: Angus, Aimee, Erin
9th Boosh Bawlers WPG (absent from day 2) - Al, Jean, Dave

Winnipeg is hosting the 4th Annual Tanked Givin' Party Weekend extravaganza!
Alleycat race now with two day Polo Tourney.

Friday October 8, 2010 Alleycat/Party Schedule
7:30 PM - Registrations begins at Ragpickers Annex (216 McDermot Avenue)
8:00 PM - Alleycat Party Race begins (all entrants must be registered at Ragpickers prior to the start of the race)
Race Finish until late - Awards Ceremony/After party with bands and Djs at Ragpickers Annex (free for registered participants or $5 for guests)

Saturday October 9, 2010 Polo Tournament @ River Osborne Community Centre (101 Pembina Highway)
9:30 AM - Players Meeting (Mandatory) and Registration
10:00 AM - Tournament begins (format dependent on number of teams)
6:00 PM - End of Polo Tournament Day 1
9:00 PM until late - Party w/ DJ at Estudia Luna, free for participants/donations accepted from guests (220 Mcdermot Avenue above Ragpickers)

Sunday October 10, 2010 - Polo Playoffs @ River Osborne Community Centre (101 Pembina Highway)
10:00 AM - Polo Day 2 begins (format dependent on number of teams)
6:00 PM - Polo Tournament Awards Ceremony @ Polo Courts

Registration Cost:
$10 Alleycat
$15 Polo Tournament
$20 Both

Free Housing is available!

email bikepolointhepeg@gmail.com for Registration and Information



Signed up

i will spread the word here in saskatoon and see if folks want to come down. when on friday would the alleycat be starting?

We were thinking 8 PM. However, if a 9 PM start would help you folks make it down we could be flexible.


ill ask around at our game tomorrow

sounds great.


There is a wedding of some polo friends here in Minneapolis that weekend. That is going to reduce a lot of our numbers as a good many of us are going to that wedding.

We all know about it since Aren has been playing with us this last month, but I'll make sure to drop a line to our listserv.

Thanks Sven. I totally appreciate that. Aren informed me of the Wedding. Hopefully some of you can make it. Is anyone from the polo crew heading to the CMWCs in Guatemala?

Well if all else fails and you want to relocate the wedding we would be able and happy to accommodate you all! ;-)

PS, yeah saskatoon!! Come on down! Sorry you may have to drive through regina on the way... Haha... ;-)

why go through Regina? Yellowhead all the way. 50Km shorter, and as a bonus you don't have to go through Regina!!! How many players you have Saskatoon?? I might be convinced to go to this, I'm originally a Saskie (grew up near Melfort) If I went I'd need some teammates.

Would you be driving?

we will yellowhead it.. looking like i may in fact be able to make it :) maybe..

we have at least 6 players coming out once a week. i think max was ~11 one week. if i go i will try and round up a full saskatoon team.

I'll probably fly if I go Chris....but I don't know if I'll go or not....looks like I got snubbed by the Saskatoon crew. Maybe we should team up Bottles....an Alberta team could probably show SK & MB how to play!! (even if theres only two of us ;-) )

Bring it Justin. I would like to see what Alberta has to offer.

no snub.. if you can make it to saskatoon by friday am you can roll with us. we are a go :)

- also im pretty sure this will be a learning polo event for us. all of us are newish and only played eachother..

I agree yellowhead it. Also, Justin you should come.

Just as a heads up, the yellowhead is less distance, but taking the #11 from saskatoon to regina and then on to winnipeg is faster. Higher speed limit, less towns to slow for, double lane all the way. 50kms isn't that much when you're coming from Edm/Sask. Although there still is that pesky regina..

Just my 2 cents guys. Really i don't care which highway you take, just as long as you come! Hope to see you there!

its looking good.

this is my first alleycat/polo trip, other than capital punishment in 2005 but i didnt know polo then.. do folks bring two bikes? that seems a bit excessive. or one and wheels?

Some people do and some don't. It sort of depends on the person. If you can race on your polo bike, or polo on your racing bike then you only need one. I would also mention that this is a party style alleycat. It is a race but the checkpoints involve drinking and thanksgiving themed activities. It all depends on how seriously you take either polo or racing.

Sorry if that is not a lot of help.

If all goes well, no one will be able to ride straight anyway. I'd say polo bike! Haha! Glad to hear it's looking good for you to come!

PS, nice logo saskatoon!!

woot! we have 3 driving down from saskatoon.

Amazing. Do you want housing? Email me at bikepolointhepeg@gmail.com if you do. Free housing is available.

I just posted the schedule with some locations announced. I should be confirming the location of the polo courts within the next couple of days. Everything should be pretty close together including housing.


two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

If Chris does not come I should be able to hook you up. We do not have printed colour versions yet but we should later. I could always mail it to you.

Doesn't look like I can make it. Injuries and a lack of time are saying it is not in the cards. I so want to play in the prairies more.

Not totally surprising. We are pretty far away. Perhaps you will make it some other time.

road trip tomorrow!

woot woot

goodtimes? how did everyone do?


Saw some really good polo this weekend. It was Reverse Cowgirls vs. Different Strokes in the finals. Was a very intense game 4-5 in the end. Just before the finals started a thin mist rain came down on the court. We are pretty stoked to be coming out to TO after this weekend. Better hide your daughters!!!!!!

wife/kids/husbands, all hidden.


Excellent polo & party! Very intense finals!!