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New York City - hotels, airports, hostels, food, beer, fun

With ESPIs coming up a lot of us have questions about traveling into NYC or maybe its just me.

Lets ask those questions here so people can use this information in the future.

Katie posted this info in the ESPI 5 thread.

Katie wrote:

For everyone who has been in touch with me and is waiting to hear back about housing, I'm working on it. We do have more housing requests than spaces available so please beg any optional contacts you might have in NYC if you haven't yet had housing confirmed. I used a search engine called Google to find some cheap motels close to or kind of close to the courts.
The YMCA in Greenpoint

The Red Carpet Inn near Brooklyn Bridge

Super 8 Park Slope(ish)

Zip112 Hostel in Williamsburg

Hostels in Brooklyn

Here are two google Maps created by the NYC bike polo club.

NYC Bike Polo POIs



If I'm staying at a hotel or hostel that absolutely won't let you bring your bike inside for the night what can I do? Are there any safe places to lock overnight in NYC?

Should I take off the wheels and just lock the frame?

as long as both wheels and the frame are locked too something, you should be ok. Did the hotel tell you no bikes? Can you sneak it up the back? Will they let you lock it in a storage room inside? (that's what we did in Philly)

OK thanks. Thats what I figured but I couldn't resist asking about crime in the big city.

It was more hypothetical because we might be in a hostel Thursday night after pickup at the pit. We won't have our bikes the first night at the hotel.

Hey Folks,
If you're looking for a fun way to tour the city and see some of the most awesome places, check this out:


It's a public art project for the summer. The keys are only available until June 27, but the secret stashes will be up most of the summer.

Can anyone recommend a shuttle service that goes from JFK to near the courts?

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Or bus/train. Whatever is most affordable.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

I'm not from NYC so I don't know how good these are but you can use Google Maps to find directions on Transit in NYC. Here is an example.

Bus route from JFK to Brooklyn