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A Midwestivus For The Rest Of Us

Saturday, May 25, 2013
Host club: 
Contact info: 
goshornc@gmail.com - will I respond? Who knows.


Columbus is home to a bunch of courts, and none of them are actually being employed for the Midwest qualifiers this year. So given that all that space will be open, we thought it might be a treat to have a mini-tournament day one of Midwest. You would be missing the swiss rounds. Note that the courts aren't close enough that you'll be able to poke between both events with any real ease. Day two will be reserved for those wishing to bear witness to the slaying taking place on the big kid courts. Also you get all the fun polo parties with the big tourney.

Midwestivus is a sacred time, though, and not to be taken lightly. As a secular polo holiday, we will observe the following:

- 3v3
- 16 Teams
- Swiss rounds followed by single/double elim depending on time
- Little to no prize pool (Maybe some pennies? Maybe. That sounds expensive.)

So all the joy of witnessing a major polo event while enjoying the smoking-jacket-lifestyle elegance of competeting in a tiny polo tournament? Yeah, I know, it is an awesome idea.

I can't make any promises for housing at the moment, preference will likely rest with the Midwest Qualifier players.

Hey Guys Update: Registration is now open... at I dunno, let's say 8pm EST (not long from now). I will only start to create the roster at that point, so note that I will ignore early submissions. So if you would like to register for the event all you need to is email This address with the following info: Your 3 players, your team name, method of payment (paypal is preferred so I may get stuff like food prepared in advance), and if you will need housing. I cannot make promises yet on the housing until I see the demand for it, but I think we'll be okay to house/provide shelter-ish to everyone without any real issue. $5/player registration fee ($15 a team), due on arrival, or through paypal. I will have a more up to date information on this facebook event. Of course, feel free to direct any questions to my email with your registration information. Registration is first come first served, so get on it... at eight, that is.


Courts @ Lane & High Columbus, OH
United States

Signed up

I obviously don't know the details about this, but seems like the qualifier has ton of sponsors (and therefore prizes). why no throw a couple towards this tournament?

edit: unless this would draw slayers from other regions... just thinking of distribution of wealth.

"Polo is its own reward" - Ghandi

In all honesty though, we may have some scraps. I have to look into it.

i am totally fine with that:)
cody, i have prizes for this♥

Maybe i can throw some pint glasses in for a prize while we're on the subject.

I'm taking a shot out of a Sprinks shot glass from Austin just for this. Yr the best sprinks

Nice Narwhals.

By the way, my legal team has been working on changing the collective noun for Narwhals from "Blessing" to "Lance". Lets get a solid buzz going, maybe it'll influence some future jurors.

That's an impressive lance of Narwhals you have on that poster!

Hey I think this is such a cool thing for you guys to be doing. A lot of talk lately about how fast bike polo is growing with very little empirical evidence. The competitive structure has changed in the past couple years to really create a lull in the amount of things new players can get involved in and efforts like this do more for the sport on a whole than anyone really knows.

Big ups, CBUS.

looks like fun, might have to come play.

the Narwhals sold me.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

look at 'em they're so happy.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

You mean the lance of narwhals sold you. Also, I looked at them and yes they are happy.

Come play! Bring many Northsiders!

ive got a long weekend from army life might come up from raleigh nc. WHO NEEDS A GOALIE!?

Proud member of the Bike Dad Alliance of America.


i may make it up for the hell of it.

You should talk to Annie

I'm planning on being here and playing in some capacity!

Yea dude I'm going! I think Ali is too. C'ville huddle!

-DFL folife

I am going !!!'

sprinks.. let me know if you are coming up and need a team. would love to slay w you

If anyone's looking, I'm a free agent!

This looks fun. I'm total n00b, but I would love to play!

Go for it! This will certainly be a much more laid back tourney than its counterpart. Also, you'll get to see some top notch polo at the tourney the next day if you can stay.

pick up this free agent!!

a good up & coming player and the coolest woman in polo as well.

you're welcome, poloverse ;)

just do it


Haha, Thanks, Do. ;)

Yeah, pick me up!

So, I know it's lame, but if anyone wants to actually SLEEP Friday night, I have room for a team or two. I'm 6 miles from the Midwestivus courts, and a few more from the main event, so not close to the party scene, but indoor plumbing and rice krispies for breakfast.

You're the best Grandpa.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Everyone in the midwest not going to the qual's should go to this. Just saying.

Getting my team together... Hopefully, there's room!

There is plenty, register some shit.
all you kids, email poor cody before he loses (more) hair over this.

Team Team Team! Who wants to make a team?

I want a teeeeam!

Balls for balls!

also looking for a team.... ladies? @kacie and @jasmineb

first lady

Ill be your team. Ill be your lady.
I was trying to figure out a good serenade for you.


Anyone looking to be a free agent, you might want to check the Facebook page. It has a link in the description.

Anyone looking to be a free agent, you might want to check the Facebook page. It has a link in the description.

I am happy to say I found a team with some fantastic gals from Columbus. I am so excited!

This tournament is a great opportunity for some greener members of your clubs to get some tournament play, and I am grateful for the folks pulling this together. I encourage everyone to recruit such players from your clubs to get their buns to Ohio for this.

Thanks Jenn, can't wait to see everyone on my turf.

I'm a free agent. Who wants to form a team with me?

Housing/ Contact info.
If a name has no phone number, call me and I'll set you up with who your looking for, map of locations to come.
Note that this also applies to players coming in for the MWRQ
Andy Lane-9377281696- Chicago/Virginia/North Carolina (if your from one of these places I'm your contact)
Cody Goshorn-5132066340-Cincinnati
Calyin Driscoll- -GreenBay
Fletcher-6143160997- Milwaukee/Half-o-Lex
David F.-3303981441-Bloomington(this may change)/Pitt/Half-o-Lex
Jeremy-6308498531- COMO/STL
Sarah K-6143273789-Louisville
Kevin S.- - Indy/Michigan
Justin Brown-3305094362- Cleveland/Minneapolis
Suzy- Contact Justin Brown-Layfette/Fort Wayne
Andy Willis- -Mankato
Jon Blake- -For anyone wanting a good nights rest
Josh Direen- Overflow (if your house is too full)
Did I not house you?
So sorry.
Please contact me and I'll fix that.
Going to hotel/Into camping, also let me know.

How do I contact Jon Blake?..for a good nights rest.

Pony express, maybe carrier pterodactyl.

Grandpa has some contact for you, Slowmax

Someone had to! But anyways, give Steve some sleeping space. He's a good guy, and he won't break stuff.

Edit: Please and thank you.

rough touch and I are coming. we may bring a third, if not we will snag a free agent


i also have a nice house. it is not a party house. sorry. but i live in an apt and its a complex so you have to be reasonable and respectful with noise levels. i have space for maybe 3 more:) it is close to jon's so a 6 mile very flat. all flat ride. so like jon said if you wanna sleep:) i have some more living room space.

Anyone have room for me on a team? Or can we form up another team? (I also posted on the FB event)

PICK HIM UP! He's awesome.

But is he heavy?

Maybe for you. (winky face)

Team'ed up with Ryan from Greenbay. Looking for a third!

I was just going to suggest that. You'll have a blast playing with him!
Anyone who wants to be the lucky person to play with these two should do it now!

still looking for a third?
im your man

imp7 and ryan ill play with you guys.