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All Florida: Lady's Choice

All Florida: Lady's Choice
Saturday, April 9, 2016 - Sunday, April 10, 2016
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Court size: 

6 teams, 5 person teams, 3 players on the court. 40 minute games made of two 20 minute halfs. Round robin followed by single elimination.

Anything in the back of the net counts.
Helmets and mouth-guards required (even if you are wearing a face cage) (mouth gaurd included in $10 registration)
All else standard NAH rules.

Teams will be decided by a draft. Draft will be lead by a Florida lady captian. 6 teams = 6 captains. Captains and draft pool will be determined by first to sign up.

Registration will open Tuesday 2/16 at 7:00pm. The link will be posted to the facebook event. First 6 ladies who register will be captains. Everyone else will go into the draft pool. Registration will close 2/23 and a draft date will be determined based on the availability of all 6 captains. If there are not 30 true blooded good looking vitamin D rich Floridians registered by 2/23, registration will be opened up any and everyone. Floridian defined by organizer discretion as current resident or past resident for a minimum of 10 consecutive years. All females in the draft pool must be drafted.

Price: $10 per person includes mouth guard. $8 if you have your own mouth guard. Mouth guards are mandatory.

Full tournament schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Qdmm6QqRADv2yZ8ONf-ICG-hgZLdOBeB...


Gainesville, FL
United States

Signed up

NO CHECKS! love it...you get your ankles broken you get your ankles broken. may the best ballhandler/bikehandler win!

Irony: no checking tournament has an illustration of woman finishing check on dude.

"Helmets and mouth-guards required (even if you are wearing a face cage)"

Why face caged players still need mouth-guards?

There links between wearing a mouth guard and not having concussions in addition to a helmet.

Same reason you wear one in American football even though your face is caged. Also helps to prevent teeth from coming through lips in a bad wreck or biting your tongue off.

Actually there is no proof that mouthguards help prevent concussions, and Sean walked that language back. Here's a blog post by the mouthguard company Fixcraft is partnering with: http://blog.sisuguard.com/what-do-mouth-guards-have-to-do-with-concussions

But yes they can be good for preventing dental injuries.

I'm all for dental protection but definitely wanted to nip this concussion thing in the bud before it becomes the next big thing and the next NAH safety requirement...

On that note, helmets also do not prevent concussions in any way, and are really only good for localized injuries such as skull fracture.

This comment is completely irrelevant to everything.

I've see more than a few of my peers leave accidents with traumatic brain injury. It is the worst. You aren't wrong in saying that a helmet won't prevent concussions, but to imply a helmet isn't a safety device that can save your life while participating in extreme sports, is just irresponsible. Respect your dome, friends.

Ya but what if you woulda landed one on Tobi, that would have been traumatic brain injury too.

My fault. Want aware of that.