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alleycat and bike polo tournament in Fano, Marche,Italy

fano bikepolo torneo italy stellarossa red mallet
Tuesday, September 29, 2009 - Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Contact info: 
+39 380 4242 239 or pigpainter@lycos.com
Court size: 
one of 60x40meters

Hi, here is the flayer for the Fano meeting that will be on in october, the 3rd and 4th.
Fano is in central Italy, on the Adriatic coast. Nice spot.
The bike polo mob is small but quite active. There are plenty of upcoming events.
It,s a good occasion to spend some time visiting a nice spot while playing bike polo. The area is full of interesting art and architecture, food and vine- sort of italian stuff.
Informations on the october meeting are on fixedforum.it
Hope to see you soon,
Pierre rm


circuito ciclistico "Marconi"(area Paleotta) e Sportpark
area Paleotta and viale Alighieri 115 ask for pista Zengarini
Fano, PU 61032

Signed up

Sorry, Signups are not closed, everybody can come, ride and play.
Signups at circuito ciclistico E.Marconi at three pm on saturday for the alleycat, Sunday at 12.30 at the restaurant "il Pesce Azzurro",next to the port.