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Amsterdam BeNeLigue Weekender

Saturday, October 20, 2012 - Sunday, October 21, 2012
Host club: 
Amsterdam Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
20X40 meters

Polo at the official Amsterdam Bike Polo court on Saturday & Sunday 20th and 21st of October. Games start 12:30 Saturday-afternoon.
Of course everybody is more than welcome to come on friday for some throw-ins.

We will organize food and some drinks on Sat&Sun.

Beer and other drinks can be bought (at reduced prices) from our Tennis neighbors.

Please let us know below if you need a place to sleep. Costs for the tournament will be between 5 and 8 euro's per person.

Please invite your friends!

As free housing is limited in Amsterdam and you might want to be sure about having a bed we have two tips; http://www.campingamsterdamsebos.nl/ (10 euro's p.p. if you are with 7 others) if you rather stay down-town check out http://www.flyingpig.nl/ (starting at 22,50 p.p.).

1. TBA - Erik, John, TBA
2. Polo Prospects - Raul, TBA, TBA
3. Neuken neuken niet betalen - Pedro, Alex, Moggi
4. Robbi Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt - Marc Björn Mark
5. Power Rangers - Robert, Philip, TBA
6. Octoberfist - Phil, Pedro, Eddy
7. Bike Syndikat - Fabrice, Mirko, Hagen
8. Heatfluxed GSN - Jonas, Basti, Petra
9. GSN Stunt Action Show - Lukas, Clemens, Christoph
10. Team Utrecht - Jelle, Martin, Rob
11. Pitponies - Michael, David, Nils
12. Team Fishsticks - Simon, Arnie, Koen
13. Simon Says - Chris, Nicky, JAOUAD
14. Guacapolo -
15. Brussels 2 -
16. 1/2 watt oranges - Rutger, Lorenzo, Bram
17. Pink Ponies - Mark, TBA, TBA
18. Smoking Paint - Benji, Miki, Thomas
19. Random Polo Gentlemen 1
20. Random Polo Gentlemen 2

Reserve List:
1. Detlef Rainrad - Hannes, Nico, TBA


Blue Lagoon

Signed up

Enschede will be there (4-5 players)


The dates on the picture aren't right, huh? It is the 20/21. right?
Looking forward to this!

Güacapolo/Brussels (Antoine, Sacha) is looking for a power sub, since neither Molo or Vincent are able to participate to this.
Will also need a place to sleep.

sasha ça me tente


Yorgo, merci pour ton intérêt, cela nous honorerait, en plus d'être synonyme de bcp de fun et de qlq attente.
Avant de te confirmer, faut d'abord que j'en parle à Antoine et aux autres, of course, dès que j'ai leur avis et que les derniers points épineux concernant cet évènement sont clarifiés (je te passe les détails, mais il s'agit en gros de savoir si ce tournoi peut déjà faire partie de la nouvelle saison de la Beneligue ou non), je reviens vers toi.

Je te confirme, Yorgo, on va avoir besoin de toi et de l'entente franco-belge! (Tu me confirmes à ton tour?)
(Si besoin, mon adresse mail est: sacha_piehl@hotmail.com)

Any slayers looking for a third?

Hi Jacob, yep, Brussels could need you. More infos soon. Stay tuned. THX

Any news?

Still waiting for confirmation from Constant and Maxence (Team Brussels 2). Won't be long anymore. Keep you informed.

Hi Jacob,
Yesss we need a third teammate
Pleased to meet you ^^

thomas and me are also looking for a third , unfortunately miki cannot make it :(

Pitponies aka. Michael from Dortmund and me are searching for a third!

Power Rangers (Robert - Hamburg and Philip- Hannover) are looking for a thrid...

Pitponies (david + me) now got Rob from Enschede, so we are complete

1st - Pobocops (Johanna/FRA, Robert/HAM, Philipp/HAN)
2nd - Simon Says (Jaouad, Nicky, Ward ANT)
3rd - GSN (Lukas, Clemens, Christoph GER)
4th - Octoberfist (Eddy, Phil, Fabian MUN)
5th - Bike Syndikat (Hagen, Fabrice, Mirko COL)
5th - Polo Phonies (Alex, Masami AMS, Jamal EIN)
7th - Smoking Paint (Jacob, Benji GVA, Thomas PAR)
7th - Pitponies & Others (Michael DOR, David HAM, Robbert NL)
9th - NNNB (Make Love Don't Pay) (Daniel DUI, Stefan GER, Pedro MUN)
9th - Purple Pain (Mark, Chris, Philip NL)
9th - Team Green Amsterdam United Beer (Tycho, Raoul AMS, Ab NL)
9th - Büppel (Jörg, Ole, Niklas GER)
13th - Team Fishsticks (Simon, Koen, Arnoud ANT)
13th - VPC (Marc, Timon, Mark COL)
13th - Nigga Please (Ewoud AMS, Erçan ANT)
13th - Drunk On Power (Erik AMS, Alex GER, John LDN)
17th - Team Utrecht (Jelle, Rob, Vincent NL)
17th - 1/2 Watt Oranges (Bram ARN, Rutger, Lorenzo EIN)