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April ClusterFun Tournament

Saturday, April 21, 2012 - Sunday, April 22, 2012
Contact info: 
Kenneth Webb - 425-985-1426 or email at silver.webb@gmail.com
Court size: 
The "Four-Courts" is a set of 4 fenced in basketball courts. We intend to have full boards on at least one court. For anyone that wants to decorate or help build, show up Friday April 20th.

The ClusterFun Tournament will officially start on April 21st, but the courts will be open for pick-up as early as Thursday the 19th. Friday the 20th is scheduled as "court building" day and we strongly encourage players to show up for a day/evening of construction, painting and an afterparty.

This event is intended as a Spring polo celebration and to help the Pullman-Moscow polo community build some better courts!

There will be a multiple scoring categories and events including:
-Standard tournament bracket
-Bench games - two 20min halves, 10min half time and most points wins
-Constant pickup
-Possible midnight/all-night games
-Anything else we (or you?) can think up to make this a Cluster@#*% of Fun!

Overnight lodgings including showers and laundry will be available at a local residence with a suggested minimum donation of $10 per person going toward house electricity and water bills (please RSVP!). There is plenty of couch and floor space if people bring sleeping bags and/or inflatable mattresses. It is a short ride away from the courts and could easily sleep 20+ players with storage for bikes/equipment.

There is also a covered area adjacent to the courts suitable for 10-15 hammocks. this area will be available during the day but cannot be guaranteed as overnight lodging.

**UPDATE** We will probably be having a pretty laid back weekend due to a low turnout. But don't be discouraged, we will still be playing lots of polo! If anyone's interested there is also Moscow's 16th annual Hempfest on Saturday, 10am-dusk. Music, art, generally chill people... maybe we'll organize a ride over or have lunch? Looking forward to seeing all of you on the courts.

For details involving parking and overnight lodging for the weekend please call Kenneth Webb at 425-985-1426. Thanks!


The Four-Courts (4Courts) Pullman
United States

Signed up

If you want to practice your new format game bring three or more players. The best court(with boards) will be used for bench games; two 20min halves, 10min half time and most points win(CaptainWebb may have meant; when saying, King-of-the-court elimination games).

P/M Hardcourt

Actually I simply forgot to list the bench games... that's been corrected! The King-of-the-court elimination game will be a single event for as many people on bikes we can cram on a court. Every man or woman for themselves. The rules for eliminating opponents will be announced when (or if) we get enough people on a court. Play will continue until one player is left...

Prepare yerselves Pullman, Missoula started our team practice schedule today. Were coming for ya! Haha

We will welcome you many goals!

P/M Hardcourt

Nice! How many should we expect? And will you all be needin a place to stay?

Oh, and apparently there is a concert that friday night... just one more option for fun events that weekend!

I'll be there. I am a free agent at this moment and need a team.

Wish this was not the same weekend as Fresno tournament!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Darn, it would be great to host some cali ballers.

P/M Hardcourt