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Austin Texas BFF bike polo tourny

Saturday, August 8, 2009 - Sunday, August 9, 2009
Host club: 
Austin Texas Bike Polo
Contact info: 

Austin Texas is proud to host it's first ever Bike Polo Tournament, and what better way then during the Bicycle Film Festival. The tournament will be the standard 3v3 format. If you can't make it out to the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, come to Austin instead!

There will be tons of stuff going on for the Film Festival

Tentative Schedule:


Registration at 11:00 a.m. $15 per team covers it all
Games will begin at High Noon
with a Round Robin style 1st Round Tournament
There will be some food and drinks provided
Games will be informal with pick up interspersed


Teams will be seeded based on the Round Robin Results
Game play will begin at High Noon
with a Double Elimination Tournament
Food and Drinks will be provided again

We will try and have some other random games going on to keep it fun, expect relay races, footdown, shooting games, etc. After each day's play we will have organized rides to some of our sponsors, local bars, and swimming holes. Bring what you need for these events and be ready to have fun.

Please email me your team info so I know what to expect.


Metz Park
Canterbury and Pedernales
Austin, TX
United States

Signed up

new orleans will bring at least 1 team, probably 2-3 though.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

>=R=< bring it on yall!




would one of those extra teams need a third? I think I'm going to this, but I don't think I'll be able to get a Jax team to go.

cherri, i am going to this...i think A.B. is gonna come with me....new orleans dudes are mad flakey so maybe we all can be on a team.....i met you in atlanta...anyways yeah............

You're a dick, Jeff. What happened to our pact?

will, you want in on jeff's suicide pact?

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

suicide pact??

cherri jeff and i,
would be very nice.
are you going to try to switch that gear ratio??

running catastrophe

bike polo hotline

actually I'm sorry looks like I might not be able to make it. sucks.

Hell yeah y'all bring some teams, we'll have several almost formed teams for sure if anyone needs an extra player or two...

hopefully a lot of people come so we can have a really good time and meet some good folks!

Fuck off

dude, i am down to play with my city, but i was sold out in the atlanta tournament
and had to choose an outta town team. luckily it worked out and i came out on top.
i was only trying to make plans cause new orleans is mad flakey dude... fuck my city.
and yeah, the suicide pact i have is now with myself....ending it all soon, so stop canceling polo so
i can have bit of fun before i pass away.....

I really wanted come to Austin for your tourney, but its on the same weekend as the north american hardcourt championship. I would say this might be a problem for many other polo players wanting to come to Austin.

Whos got the crack!

Yeah it's completely understandable to want to go the North American championships... the film festival just happens to come that same weekend here in austin. we're always playing down here though... next time if not this time!

im trying to get a phoenix team together for this.

rob, stop posting...your wrist is broken faggot!

you need to not be typing, might break it again pussy!

you are a loser. go back to school.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Jeff - Stop embarrassing yourself.

And you're not allowed to have the words "New York" in your avatar/photo, you haven't earned the right, and it's looking doubtful you ever will. No matter how much you like Judge.

AHHHH critter, pussy, faggot AHHHH

Good thing you're a paramedic so when your head explodes from all this crazy internet banter your buddies can patch you up, ya big ole baby.

ha, don't be jealous that I can type and play polo better, even with a broken wrist...

speaking of pussy... we're trying to get those videos of our trip to NOLA posted online... you know the ones where we beat up on you guys!

haha... watch it, jeff. you've angered the bike polo internet police. talking smack and using vulgarity is unacceptable in bike polo and internet forums. this is your final warning.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

hey hey hey.....i just thought the judge logo would be a hilarious avatar photo....

are you really that concerned???

i am gonna change it just for you johnny...

I'm gonna try to get a Baton Rouge team up for this as well.

Depends on a massive road trip I have in the works. Baton Rouge to the west coast, all the way up to Seattle, then fly back... should be great, if it comes thru.

If that road trip and ATX BFF don't coincide, I am almost 100% there.

Andy Tuba
Baton Rouge, LA

Andy Tuba
Baton Rouge, LA

rob, how is your wrist??? call me soon...

maybe i will move to austin one of these days....new orleans is getting boring..

holla dude!

so whats the deal how many teams
n.o you going---curry---russ you need a third
cheri we played in DC reunion??



back of cherri my teammate! ha.

I'll be there. You and J.P. taking another road trip?

jp cant. maybe NO in november?
looking to come to austin tho need a team help me out


We're planning a tournament in Nov. Should have a date and flyer soon.

I'm down to play in Austin. Me, you and maybe Jeff. He and I had talked about teaming up in Austin, but he's been talking shit on NO lately. Will check on his loyalties and get back.

all you guys should make it out... we've got sponsors and prizes and will have a great time. I'll update the flyer soon with all that info. We've got some ladies teams forming for any females interested in coming out...

jp might be in 4 austin
he can be our goalie

i will talk to him today


Me you and Jeff. He's confirmed.

what day you getting there you know where i can ship my bike?


will i am down for austin with you and this mike dude.....sucks we all wont get to play and get to know one another before then!

rob...holla at me son!

Jeff, I got my cast off today, another week with a brace and I should be close to normal again...

glad to see you got a team, wish I could play, actually I may... we'll see how I heal from now until then.

check out the article the Austin-American Statesman did on us... even though they said we went to atl, when I told them we didn't, still nicely done though.


dude....thats awesome.....that article was cool too man!

you gonna be able to play in that thing in austin???

just text me....cause we are friends!

Are the court locations set yet? Is there camping nearby? Available housing?

if you dont give answers you wont get teams!!!
how many confirmed?


Met a team from Austin yesterday here in Denver, we 5-0'd them in about 3 minutes, but they're cool cats!

LBP_of_C0M0P0L0 ----[] o

pete wrote:

Met a team from Austin yesterday here in Denver, we 5-0'd them in about 3 minutes, but they're cool cats!

LBP_of_C0M0P0L0 ----[] o

I've got video of you guys, and I don't think you have much room to brag personally, but y'all did play well as a team, come try your luck again... maybe with an all como team this time.

yo....rob....this tournament is coming up soon man...let my boys know about housing dog!

ok ok ok, I was in Denver and not around a computer, but the court location is set, there is plenty of housing available and I will have all the other info up this week for sure!

It was great meeting you guys in Denver, I really want to come to this cause you Austin folk are way cool and i hear Austin is a fun town. rokreuzburg, is your wrist gonna be ready to go by tourny time?

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Hey Adam, you should totally come down for this, Austin is a great city to ride and hang out in... My wrist may be ready... but since I'm trying to organize this, I may not play. If anything I'll play on an underdog team... I want everyone to have a good time, like we did in Denver. Great job by the way, we all had a blast.

Yo guys, looks like I'm trying to get a rideshare to come down to austin and trying to set up a rideshare back as well. I haven't decided whether I am going to bring my polo bike or my road bike. let me know what it's looking like in terms of teams too, I may just be individually coming.

again, just me coming down, let me know what a team arrangement would look like. thanks,

Max, come on down, you know you'll have a place to crash for sure. try and bring a team!

there is plenty of room for everyone and we will all have a great time indeed!everyone should make it out if they can so we can all have some fun!

Fuck off

i wanna practice my ass for for the next 2 weeks then come down and play Broken Spokes again, that 5-1 loss still pains me.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I'm 90% sure I'm coming to this. I hear Austin is as hot as Phoenix but humid as hell. SWEATBOX!

I will be in contact with one of you Austin folks about lodging and such.

Adam wrote:

i wanna practice my ass for for the next 2 weeks then come down and play Broken Spokes again, that 5-1 loss still pains me.

I plan on scoring more than one goal next time around.

Hell ya guys, can't wait to play ya'll again, this time with Lonestar. It's all about home beer advantage...

"A pedicab today saves a pedicure tomorrow!"

sure thing man,just keep in touch! and about the game,it's all just fun!no hurt feelings cause we got our asses handed to us first and last game..haha..but this is our first tourney and i'm still pretty new to polo-i will be more prepared this time around and be practicing myself!hope to see you guys down here!

Fuck off

^^^for sure, no hard feelings at all. scoring goals affects me like crack cocaine.

Austin Chris just friended me on myspace, speak of the devil.

Hopefully I will have my van by then so I can drive there.

edit: I'll ask PBP if they'd be interested in coming.

yes please ask them-they are a good group of family to be playing together! and we all wanna see mvp mike in action again!

Fuck off

im coming, nola i need a team. don't make me play with AB. ass barf

im thinking of coming if a flight to seattle doesnt come thru and someone wants to take me, but i wont have much for gas money but will make up for it in yelling enough to get you a prize!

if my foot is sufficiently healed by then, i want to play. i've been walking on it with very little pain, so i should be alright to play by then.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Bring it... we've got lots of players here ready to play, ladies teams included.

ok boys booking my tix tonight getting in fri
looking forward to it



why are you not going to seattle mike?

no ends
no team
no time
going to PEI after too long of a trip!



rides to the bar!! local swimming holes!!! Foot Down!!! this tourny looks like its shaping up to be FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!! I will know by this weekend if i can make it. fingers crossed.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

get yer ass down here! you have nothing else to do..haha..but yeah,you denver folks should try and make it sown here!

Fuck off

yo you bringing cheri?
fla team down 4 this



baton rouge is working on a team for austin. hoping to improve from atlanta.

Damn, I just found out we are getting tons of prizes and help from the BFF for this so expect some cool shit... We have 38 local bike shops and lots of them are pooling stuff for us. Our court is going to be shaded, we'll have bike support, food, and drinks this is going to be awesome, no doubt!!!

just bought my plane ticket! rob, got a couch/floor/backyard for me to crash on? i might be coming solo, not sure if any other Denverites are coming or not. Max, you coming??

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

yeah I can find a place for ya for sure, Max said he was gonna try I think, hope he does.

yeah! lol.....

ugh,hurry tourney and get here!!!!1-2-3 POLO!!!!!

Fuck off

its official, im driving to austin for this with two of my local cycling friends. they dont play polo, but one of them rides a fixed-gear bmx and they love alleycats.

i will need a team for this. any takers?

its offical! DUS is a loser and not going to Austin. he decided he would rather hang out with a bunch of hicks and drink beer.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

well adam confirmed that he is flying in for this already and i think max is going to be here aswell-but we will have plenty more people here that may not have a team together.so i say just get here and we will get something going!

Fuck off

i have one word of advice for the Austin kids...don't let Dus borrow your belt. that is all

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Ok, so i am buying my plane ticket very soon. I will be needing a pick up from the airport/ride back there and a sleeping spot. Any takers?

Rahja, I'd be more than happy to pick you up from the airport, and we will find you a spot to crash for sure... get back to me closer to the date and I'll have all the rooms available figured out. And we got some ladies here who might need a third if you're interested.

BR(p)OLO is coming in on Friday, leaving either Sunday night or early Monday morning. So far we have 4 coming, so Frazer from NOLA, you've got one teammate. BR has had some kickin polo as of late, so we are looking forward to coming up to Austin and doing some pedaling!!!

Housing for 4?

Andy Tuba
Baton Rouge, LA

Andy Tuba
Baton Rouge, LA

Awesome! what ladies you got there? i want miss annie to be on my team!

I don't think she has a team yet, so possibly.

team complete im ariving the 6th at 1055
austin here i come!!


I'm flying in sometime Friday. Should know when this week. Lando thinks he has a place for us at his friend's place, but is waiting to hear back. It's like 7 miles from the courts.

im staing at an old coworkers at least for the first bit i think
other than that i dont know
shipping bikes got an addres!!!s


Let me know if you guys need another place to stay, we might have some peeps who have space and are a lot closer to the courts...

ill be arriving friday night atound 10pm, leaving sunday at 7pm. ill hit Austin up when its closer to tourny time. I CANT WAIT FOR AUSTIN!!

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Looks like my tentative plan is to leave around 5AM on thursday and hopefully arrive in austin around 9-10pm. need to get some peeps to pitch in on gas and if there's two then I might just bring my own damn team, will also try to bring both of my bikes so I can ride polo, and ride city, so gnarly.

can't wait, this is going to be fun!


Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

i am building some mallets so if anyone needs let me know as i understand material is hard to come by i am using canadian ABS for the head they are almost the same as alexis's 15$ per lemeknow!



I am officially on the table for trying to make it to austin. seattle flight bailed on me and sadly my first option to austin was pulled out from underneath me. looking for other options and team.

fear not i might have it worked out. check nobikes (temp at http://herecia.org/nobikes/f/) or give me a call. ur skillz are to good to leave at the beach, har har.

I didnt find shit! (yet). but i hope you have it figured out nicely. will call saturday!

OK so i am buying my plane ticket tonight
i need to know
1. who can pick me up from the airport and back there ..ill give you times if your interested
2. place to stay?
3. teams? can i hop on a girl team? should i mention girls who are good, can pass the ball, can hit a mean ball, when they fall get up fast.. or is that too much to ask?


what color are those mallet heads mikethebutcher?

Fuck off

black ABS


I think I need a place to crash too. Mike, where you staying? Room for one more?

Is anyone getting picked up from the airport on Friday? I'll be flying in then without a bike. Would love a ride.

i am going to talk to her on monday i will ask prolly not the best place tho but its something for now



I can pick anyone up from the airport, depending on arrival time, if I can't do it then I will get someone else to... let me know when you all are coming in... also, I can give rides back. There are several places people can stay at that I know for sure, I'm thinking about 6 people +/-... for sure! There will most likely be more rooms available or at least other places you can crash if you don't like the person who offers first... ha...

Rahja, I'll find out this Sunday which ladies haven't finalized a team yet, and I'll get back to you on that....

Mikethebutcher, bring some mallets if you want, but we have plenty of materials right now, but we could always use more, and who knows your mallets may be better than ours and you might sell a few...

pcola, is your name Ryan, I can't remember... either way you can probably get on a team from Austin if you want, I'll know for sure who hasn't formed a team yet on Sunday

good luck traveling y'all! See you in a little over a week!

das mista ryan to you
RVA polo

i will be arriving in austin 08/07/2009, 10:15 PM and will be leaving texas 08/09/2009, 07:45 PM so a lil before that time so i can check in and all that shit!
let me know if you can do that! i also believe adam will be needing a ride ... we have the same flight so that will be handy.
Ill be looking forward to hear about what girly teams are open!
woooo texas!

I got a few rideshare offers, so I'm still working my details out-- I need a team and I would love to join other out of staters who are at least B players and I can definately help make any A players better with my presence. Does any other out of towners want to join with a fixie polo rider from Denver? hit me up. I'm not saying I'm an A player, B at best, but if we win this tourney then you can be sure I'm an A player after that ;)

rob....looks like this is gonna turn out nicely...

i just hope you can play dog!

have you found out if jordan is playing???


I'm playing.

I can host a few at my place. Get in touch if you need a spot to sleep. (850)345-2306

Super Stoked.

I need a place. Where you at?

Dont let this guy in your spot... ewww
RVA polo

what courts are we playing on? will there be boards? just noticed that yall sometimes play with open ends.

cant wait to HOPEFULLY make it to austin!

we are playing on a big basketball court and we are going to have 1' walls around it and possibly some kind of plastic fence behind each goal.not too sure about the fence,but the wood is for certain.

Fuck off

I regret that I won't be able to come to Austin, it's mostly a money issue. I'm positive it will be a blast.

YA, you should regret it big time.
Disappointed in you dus! I thought we were part of team Pegleg!

can i get a place to ship a bike?? i need to pack it tomoro!!!


Mike, if you still need a place to ship your bike, just send it to my place.

206B E. 31st
Austin Texas

thanks man its in the mail be there thurs or fri
my # 703 501 4764 let me know and i can grab it i owe you one


hey man any word on the bike fedex just told me they cant find it



excited bout playin in the shade! best make them backboards behind the goals tall! dont want to chase shots into the woods! breaking my 5 years Austin Free chip with this trip.

Ok so this is the room info I have,

I am housing 2 already
Jordan can house 1 or 2
Dan and Ben can house 2 or 3 or maybe 4
Miguel can also house a few
Chris said he could house a few

how many people still need to know where they are crashing...

Andy and the 3 other BR guys?

I just talked to Jordan. He's got a place for me with his friends down the street from him.

Im on my own this weekend staying at random friends houses to catch up. and remember

Submitted by Ben RVA on Thu, 07/30/2009 - 2:36pm.

das mista ryan to you
RVA polo

ya Rahja and I need a place. we are flying in same flight so probably be easiest to stay at the same place too. rob, shoot me a text or call with the address where we should go to when we arrive. Max is driving our bikes so no big boxes to get in the way. 720-363-3123 adam

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I need a place to stay rob, nice to meet u btw. I'm bringing two friends from Mobile and they need accommodations as well. Their names are Paul W and Kaylee

Oh damn, Adam's got it under control. I am all set! see you on the 7th Austin, Texas!

rob, i need a place. i'm riding with jeff there, so somewhere close to where he's staying would be nice, but not necessary.

i broke my foot 5 weeks ago, but i think it's well enough to play (conservatively at least) if anyone still needs a teammate.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

I think your staying with me...

I got 13 stitches in my leg last night. One for every goal I'm going to score Sunday.

haha, that's awesome, if you actually score one for each stitch I'll give you a prize for that!!!

to bad thats one to few goals to win the whole thing.

uhhh ohhhh someones starting to talk lets see where this takes us



Adam and Rahja,you two can stay with me and Annie and I can also get you from the airport.Just let me know what time to be there and I'll be there. 512-367-9196

Fuck off

thanks miguel. can we go to Mellow Johnnys too?

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

I'm flying standby and probably arriving at 01:28PM, Friday. Is anyone around the airport at that time? It's just me and one bag. I would call from Atlanta when I get my seat confirmed.

Will, I can pick you up from the Airport at that time, give me a call when you get in and I'll be around. 512.423.5008

will, why are you already talking shit??

member what happened in atlanta???/

i cant wit to see my austin dogs jordan and rob

what happened in Atlanta?
RVA polo

Anyone from Pensacola, or New Orleans driving to this and have room for 2 girls/bikes?

Team Boner Jamz '03 wants to go!

how are you making it here? no room but if you can make it here you can make it to austin obviously.

Alright me and ryan and my two Mobile homies are leaving around 9am, should get to Austin around 8pm. Drizz is teaming up with us. Team FreeJazzTchocabouffaSmash. Most excellent...I'm looking forward to this.

Is it better to take hwy 290 from houston or interstate 10??

we have a team now, so there's NO backing out and NO switching teams at the last minute.

ryan, i played several matches last night and was getting around alright with the broken foot, so i won't need to stay posted in the goal the whole time.

frazer and i have played a lot together, so i think we'll make a solid team. the 3 of us should get together and play a few pickups beforehand to get used to each other as a team.

jeff and i are getting there around noon tomorrow (friday), so let us know when u guys get there.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

Will there be a cordless drill at the courts? I need to make some not as worn mallets. or maybe one i can get up with on Friday night??

frazer.....you should go I 10 all the way to hwy 71 that starts in colombus texas.
take 71 from 10 and that will take you all the way to austin...

the 290 way is okay too, but you gotta pick up 290 off 610 in houston, and there are like 3 or 4 different 610 exits on 10 in h town..

just holla

there will be drills there and other tools so don't worry about that stuff!

Fuck off

JUMBO COOKIEZ FIRST PLACE!!! (pcola sauls, paul drizz, frazer)
Squid Ink (Mike the Butcher, Jeff Deff, Will)

JC beat SI first game in the quarters 5-4
then SI beat JC in the first champ game 5-1
then JC beat SI 5-3!!!

fun nice small tournament. thanks rob and austin.

appologiez for being an asshole.

pcola sauls wrote:

fun nice small tournament. thanks rob and austin.

How many teams?

Minneapolis Bike Polo.com

Got media, tournament, or bike polo news? DM me at twitter.com/bikepolo

12 teams saturday 11 sunday




This weekend was a blast! Thanks for coming out and playing some great polo ya'll, it was very fun to watch and nice meeting everyone! Come back to ATX and play with us anytime!
Hopefully we will start travelling to tournaments in your neck of the woods!

great weekend. thanks to rob and mo for the hospitality and putting up with a group of bickering deep south idiots. it was great meeting, playing, and partying with everyone. you guys are always welcome in new orleans.

get ready though, austin. jeff and i are going to move there come the new year, become common law husbands, and live happily in sin.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

what happend to mikes head?

5-0 happend



ur memory sux mallettobrains. 5-1!

Untitled from Adam Sampson on Vimeo.
rogue mallet barely misses max

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

PCola Sauls got a little crazy with his mallet. Took an accidental small chunk out of the top of mike the butcher's scalp. Not crazy deep....pretty certain it was innocent. Sweet bloody mess dripping down his face, really brought out the gold in his eyes...ha!

Mike, I was riding around in a fuzzy haze today and saw a (*yelling through a tinny megaphone speaker*)Scraper Bike straight mobbin' in the ATX, for realz!!!

wast it a cactus bike???



The results are posted, thanks everyone for coming out and playing, next time we won't hold a tourney the same weekend as the North Americans. I'm glad you all came out, I had a blast watching.

Y'all are always welcome here in ATX! See you soon.

1)id like to thank everyone in austin for making it a super chill tourney
2)rob--stop apologizing for things you did a great job thanks
3)i would like to vote mo as the offishall ambassador of austin you made my weekend
4)thax to every one who helped put my head back on especially isreal
austin needs to rent a bus and go on an east coast polo tour..long stop in DC make it happen


mikethebutcher wrote:

austin needs to rent a bus and go on an east coast polo tour..long stop in DC make it happen

i second mike's idea! rob, that can be our biggest social club outing to date! fuck Texas' ongoing heat in the fall, let's head east for some cooler temps, fall foliage, pick-up games, and sightseeing! who's in?!

I'm down Mo, let's make it happen!

^^^you guys should come to CoMo for the midwest championships in november.
i hear missouri is pretty in the fall.

rent a school bus and drive up there!

as long as that doesn't conflict with the Nola tourney the same month!!!

tour ending at the big easy tourny?? can i get a lift??
i will quit my job again and roll with yalls


alright, i say we rent a van- rob, cyrus(?!?!?), me, and whomever else wants to go along with this...
we head to CoMo for their tourney early Nov, then tour polo club cities up and over to the East Coast (DC included), pick up The Butcher then head south to NOLA for their tourney around the 20th. how's this for a rough plan?

i'm coming, save me a spot. can definitely catch a ride to austin early nov and get dumped off in my nola at the end. ya'll start a thread or emails me (frazer.mayson@gmail.com) if ya'll r serial

good rough plan... looks like I'm gonna have to quit my job for this one! Looks like the MWC is going to happen on the 7th and 8th of November... then Nola said their tourney was going to be around the 21.... so that gives us 2 weeks to travel from Columbia to DC to Nola... and anywhere in between!

Wasn't the 6th midwest championships already this year in Ohio... so why another in the same year in Missouri? seems a bit much, but i do like to play polo and hopefully by then I'll be back to 100%...

the midwest use to be twice a year thats why their number is so high.

this trip better end up on our gorgeous beach right before the nola tournament!

thank you everyone for coming down and making the weekend a blast!i had a lot of fun and learned a few things-(play onto others as they play onto you) haha..but all in all it was great to meet everyone and have an awesome tournament!im sure some of us will see you all sooner than later-next stop for me is san fran,then stl! everyone thanks again and have a great week!

Fuck off

Thank you Austin! I had a blast! sorry i didn't get to say bye to all you! me and adam were running late for our flight! Special thanks to anni and miguel for the great hospitality and showing us around 6th st.! Hopefully we will see you guys at some more tourneys!
xoxo rahja

i saw a lot of people taking pictures. will there be a flickr pool or something?

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

There will be eventually, for now check out thyneighborsbike.com, the link is on there for the flickr page.


thanks again i made it back on the greyhound. ouch.

mikes head was a stupid follow through and him in the wrong spot at wrong time. and it happened in the last game and it was 5-1 not 5-0 in the first championship game! ask frazer!

Hey man thanks for the shirt, and I can vouch for the 5-1 score, I have it written down! Glad you made it back, I'll bet that was a long ride... thanks for coming, see you soon!

ball Smash!!

already did that-thanks! the shirt looks rad-so i guess i'll be see you cats soon!more skill,different gearing and my game face- haha-i'm still the same nice guy underneath my polo outfit!

Fuck off

miguel, are you playing polo in STL?! when? my family lives there...we should talk about those plans, maybe I'd be able to go with ya'll, see family and meet the polo club there...

Let's go to Baltimore, Miguel, you know what I'm talking about!!!

only reason i lost that last game was cause i was depressed the entire weekend, and smoked cigarettes and got drunk.....thats why i acted like a maniac on the court......when i said fuck austin after i beat miguel and cyrus, i felt bad. i love austin and will continue the shred everyone in any polo match though...thanks to my good friend rob and his creepy roomate kate...hahaa

yeah anyways on that note, fuck austin! hahahahahahahahaha

feels good to be #2

depressed because you couldn't cuddle with me in my bed??? I knew it, you Nola boys are a bit fruity! Or did you want to cuddle with Kate?

I think secretly Austin loves you Jeff, you will be missed, until of course you come back to "shred everyone in any polo match"

#2 ? how about top goal scorer, that's a number 1

thanks buddy for coming here and whooping ass! see you soon!

haha jeff their bestest playa has only ONE EYE!! all u atx foolz should take a lesson, cus that fool dont need no depth reception hes a REAL TEXAS RANGER. thanks rob, syrus, danben hosts, people i screamed at, people we enraged, team fast folks and rajas asses on saddles, thats it peace

oh come on now frazer, us ladies gave a little more to look at other than our asses. we played some decent and exciting polo....right?!

fo sho yall got class to back up that ass

wo wo wo thats my austin mother your talking about here


austin mother?!

...there were no ol' ladiez on the court!

i think mike meant to say "lover". whoa! zing! haha...

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

woah easy there sir sleeps alot i meant it in the nicest posible way she really took good care of us if memory serves me right you had no where to go tell she helped you out.... and then put you to sleep with a nice warm glass of milk and rubbed your tummy..nighty night little buddy


ok simmer down now dudes. man, why do i suddenly feel like Wendy Darling dealing with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys?

I don't like aggro internet talk. let's keep it mellow fellas!

peace, love, and all that bullshit,

and p.s.
it was my absolute pleasure to meet you, and hang out, and talk and talk and talk... and i hope to repeat the whole experience again real soon!

I like how you said Miguel and Cyrus with no third person! haha-tell you what Jeffie!Let me get someone else besides Owen and we can rematch son!This time i'm not letting that bullshit get pass me-it's sad that your skills have to involve cheating!I can say that you have skills when you play,but your cheating is not going to get you anywhere but possibly kicked out of a tournament or something-

Anyways,see you soon!

Fuck off

i will play


word. miguel, cyrus, and mike.
could be pretty great...

S+h = polo
keepin it real since you came along
pcola i love you butt.
sH polo blood = better polo
cheap= better polo\
dirty= better polo
cheap and dirtyy = your fucked
we dont play to win we play to have themost funn
so we never lose............

wow. that is quite a creed!
Austin, i presume everyone is taking notes...
we need slaughterhouse polo players to bleed in order to have better polo. check.

my bad.. how did you know i was drunk ..
pay no attention to me ..

humbra? i can usually interpret drunken ramblings, but half of those statements are lost on me.

mike, can you translate?

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

he is saying we can get heated but not out of control
SHP always has the best time
looks like we are going to the worlds 2 on 3 all weekend long!!
see yalls there


Thanks for coming to the ATX, ya'll. You guys were all great.

Thank YOU Austin. Baton Rouge had a great time! Rob, your the man. hope to so you fools soon.



Thank you Rob for putting together a super smooth tournament, and for all the hospitality. You really went out of your way to make sure people were comfortable.

So glad I came out and met everyone. Rob, Andy, Mo, Jasmine, Jordan, Cyrus, Keith, Casey, Owen, Miguel, Israel, Adam, Raj, and anyone else I'm forgetting -- you guys are always welcome in New Orleans.

That was one of the funnest weekends ever! A big thanks to everyone who came from out of town to play in our first tourney, especially Denver who make the furthest travel sacrifice. You all brought skills we needs to learn individually and as a club. NO and BROLO you guys rock! We need to play each other more this fall. Yes, the one-eyed Texas Ranger with monster tires will be rockin your polo world. Get ready! Ryan, your a crazy bastard. I can't determine if I had more fun laughing at your trash talkin/theatrics, watching your game or playing against you. Good times. Mike, thanks for making the trip down. Your game is intense and I had a blast playing against you and learned a lot. If I make it up to DC this winter I'll give you a holler. Last, but not least by far...Rob your the man. None of it could have happened without your organization. ~Cyrus

finding some photos


Here are a few more pics:




i hope that you aint being serious miguel.....i would be down for a rematch anytime!!!!


you fools will get handled.

but, i like you dude, and i think youre awesome....i cant wait to play with you again!

that was a blast dog....holla soon!

The denver peeps, the two of us who drove, was me and ryan. ryan had no license to drive so it was me just hauling ass 19 hours to Austin and 23 back to denver. we took longer breaks on the way out of texas so that's why it took longer. Didn't get pulled over by the police once, so I consider the trip a success. All of the events were fun, saturday was not a good day for me personally because I had stayed up drinking a bit with Jordan, Ben and Dan on Friday night and it turned out to bite me in the ass because I needed more sleep to recover from Driving solo Denver to Austin in 19 hours. My polo bike was working well but the humidity and heat was mindblowing, as we had only been in denver a short time before, so we struggled to find our swing, but on sunday the games were fantastic and we were a hair's length from finishing high with the other teams. the final game was absolutely awesome and all I can say is, this game with bicycles playing polo can be pretty incredible to watch.

in retrospect, the tournament was fantastic, getting to play every team was worth the price of admission and it was a great learning experience that will probably make all of us who made the trip much better players here in Denver and in the future.

I was wishing all of you going to the Worlds the best of luck, you're a pleasure to play and we learned a lot about Polo play and the rules in games. I would suggest that Denver is going to implement "no lifting by the bottom bracket via mallet" rule. It was competitive and physical-- like hockey, and I would hope that rules and observance of the safety of others will help make this game much more popular in the future. Although many players brought polo specific bikes, I would like to point out quite a few other players had their regular every day fixie/road bike (which was fine) but a small mistake can turn into a big one. To us, it's important to have fun first and foremost. the rest should take care of itself.

great tourny rob! gracias to Miguel and Annie for driving rahja and I around, staying at their super cool house, and showing us a great time for our first trip to Austin. wish i could have stayed longer, i missed the final game and the awards ceremony and the afterparty. (last time i book a flight same day as the tourny) :( and im most bummed about not getting to say bye to a lot of cool people i met, hopefully ill see you again soon, and it was all you fine folks that made my trip so much fun. i took a lot of videos and will post them as soon as i have time, but here are my pics to check out in the meantime.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

i seriously have to get back to my bmx bike-polo is taking over my life! haha-

Fuck off

pcola oct.23-25th
san fran oct.30-nov.1st
columbia,mo nov.7-8th
st.louis jan.16-17st
pcola feb.22-23rd

This is what i want to do!Let me know if anyone else is interested in doing this.It's not a for sure thing,but it's definitely in thought and process!

Fuck off

don't forget our tournament in new orleans the weekend of november 21-22. we haven't posted the tournament here yet, but we should soon.

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

yeah you should! I'm coming for sure! and playing too!

OK BUTCHER YOU asked FOR IT...S+H=polo

Ugh. Ewwwww. I can't look away, but I'm gonna be sick......

just like when people watch our polo


ha. yeah, something like that...