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Austin Texas Massacre-ade Ball II

Saturday, October 27, 2012 - Sunday, October 28, 2012
Host club: 
Austin Texas Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 courts

The Massacre-ade Ball 2012 - hosted by the ATXBPSC

Now at ::

October 27-28th

Prizes for 1, 2, 3rd places, and for best TEAM costume!

This is going to be a FUN tournament y'all!

Register at hardcourtbikepolo.org , or email atxbpsc@gmail.com for registration, housing, etc.!


South Austin recreation center
2401 Canterbury st.
Austin, TX
United States

Signed up

wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna .............can't ....Boooo

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Boss has you by the balls, eh?

Luckily I am the boss but yes your comment still stands and 99% sure that SF s 4th Annual Ball Whackers Tournie will be the same weekend(coz I'm the president too). Would ya like some aloe vera?
Looks like I might make it after all coz our tournament is 2 weeks after That. Hell yeah

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

same here....:(

so stoked I will probably attend this year

Weird, the club has heard nothing about throwing this tournament?

Fuck off

Yes they have!

Maxxxxxxx I know you hate leftys! You gotta Team for this?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

no team yet. we'll see if I can go because Its this, the SF tourney (I've never visited SF) and the crank gamble (which I am 100$ I mean % going to) and I'd love to be at all three .


"rubber side down boys"

nevermind his comment. it's a go. if you'd like to visit texas in the fall, this is a fun one!



i'll only go if i can play on 2 teams

better have two awesome costumes then!


The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Hmmm...wife, 7-week newborn and a polo bike through the airports?

polojoel wrote:

Hmmm...wife, 7-week newborn and a polo bike through the airports?

Sounds like an awesome time! ha

Fuck off

Ya gotta let the wee yin fit into your life , not let em change yours.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Rad ripz !!!!!!!

I'll be trying to muster peoples for dis.

I want to sign up my team, where do i do that?

Niños Dios, bike polo, gdl.

Registration is open on hardcourtbikepolo.org !!

Hit us up if you need a place to stay, costumes costumes costumes!!!

If anyone needs a team my buddy and I need a third player.

Looking for teammates....



did you have videos from this tournament?