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Australasian Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014 - Sunday, March 30, 2014
Host club: 
Sydney Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Three courts 34m x 20m

The Australasian Championships is the largest and most significant hardcourt bike polo tournament in our region, attracting the best players from around Australia, New Zealand, and guests from Southeast Asia, Japan, USA and Europe. Sydney will be hosting the 2014 Australasian Championships (AHBPC 2014) in March. This will be the sixth time the event has been held and the first time Sydney will be hosting it. This event is the recognised method for our region to qualify for WHBPC14.

The tournament will begin on the morning of Friday the 28th of March and finish at sundown on Sunday the 30th March. The grand final will be played at 5pm Sunday evening.

We recommend coming a day or two early as we’ve got a few extra events planned in the lead up. Court building will begin from Wednesday morning until Thursday afternoon with food and drinks provided for those helping out as well as preferential accommodation for the inter-state travelers that can assist.

Wednesday 26th March 2014
9am-6pm – Court construction

Thursday 27th March
9am-6pm : Court construction
4pm : Polocat, slow points race around Newtown
7pm onwards : Registration Party/Dinner @ The Vic on the Park Hotel, Enmore

Friday 28th
830am – 6pm : Tournament games, swiss round format
7pm onwards : Dinner and drinks @ The Alexandria Hotel, Alexandria

Saturday 29th March
830am – 6pm : Tournament games, swiss round format
7pm onwards : Dinner and drinks @ The Golden Barley, Enmore

Sunday 30th March
830am – 5pm : Tournament elimination games
5pm : Grand Final
8pm : AFTER PARTY @ The Imperial Hotel

Monday 31st March
9am-6pm : Court deconstruction and recovery breakfast/brunch/lunch/afternoon tea
After courts are down, pickup at pick-up court @ Alexandria Park court

Please Note: Anyone can register and your team can consist of players from outside Australia and New Zealand. However, to qualify for the World Championships 2014 your team must have at least 2 players that are considered to be from this region. That is, they currently live, have lived or will be living in the region up until WHBPC 2014.

Tempe Recreation Reserve in the suburb of Tempe, Sydney.

Next to a separated bike path. Riding times below:
Sydney Airport Terminal: 15 mins (3.8kms)
Alexandria Park, our pickup court: 23 mins (6.2kms)
Newtown, hub of our club for food, drinks, homes and backpackers: 15minutes (5kms)
Tempe train station: 5 mins (1.2kms)

Three full sized courts that are 35m long and 20m wide. Surface is relatively smooth, not too far off courts in Timaru. All courts will have 1.2m plywood lining. Standard pallet construction similar to that of Worlds in Geneva, EHBPC and Champs in Timaru. Map search for “LOT 7022 Holbeach Ave, Tempe NSW 2044“.

Public toilets
BBQ’s with gazebos next to courts
Bike tools and stands on site for mechanical assistance
Food supplied during court construction and deconstruction. Food trucks will be present for the three days of the tournament
Supermarket & Bottleshop 10 minute ride away
A sports club and a pub within 5 minutes

Number of teams is set at 40.
1st day: Random seeding into two equal numbered groups. Swiss Rounds used to achieve a rank (4 rounds)
2nd day: Rankings from first day used to seed teams into two separate groups. Points reset. Swiss rounds to achieve final ranking (4 rounds).
3rd day: Top 32 teams taken from final rankings after second day (top 16 of each group). Double Elimination format to determine the champions.

The current AHBPA rules will be used at AHBPC 2014. These are the rules that have been in place prior to Timaru. Visit the Sydney Bike Polo website for the link.

If you wish to stay near the courts, there are a number of hotels available as it is very close to the Airport. Hotels in Tempe or that advertise as being at the Airport will be within 10 minutes riding.

The pre and after parties, as well as the after game dinner locations we’re organizing will be located around our pick-up court in Alexandria, Newtown, Redfern, Enmore and Erskinville. There is a separated bike lane from our pickup court that goes all the way to the AHBPC location and it takes 25 minutes to ride on a polo bike. Most of our players are located within these suburbs.

If you find a place and would like a second opinion, please comment below or email us at info@sydneybikepolo.org


Tempe Recreational Reserve
Holbeach Ave
Sydney, NSW

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heck yeah, 1 weeeeeeek to go!!!!

Yes, they do play with shorts as shirts and shirts as shorts down here and hit the ball with the handle of the mallet.

My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

will there be a stream?

unfortunately no video stream. just podium. plenty of pics and vids after.


My cup runeth over with blood and not wine

Results from Podium:

1st The Fist (Andy, David MLB, Sean SEA)
2nd Alchemists (Ned, Scott, Jordan PER)
3rd The Sentinels (Erin, Ollie, Max BNE)
4th C4 Christchurch (Jeremy, Andy, Dave CHR)
5th Lemons (Brook, Stephen, Marty SYD)
5th Majestic (Jamie, Jordan, Robert BNE)
7th #susanalbumparty (Nicholas, Jon, Tom BNE)
7th #GigatownTimaru (Sam, Ash, Ash TIU)
9th Sons of Apathy (Jack, Robin, Kent SYD)
9th Wellington Might (Nathanael, Sam, Stuart WLG)
9th Yeah Buddy (Vive, damon, Ramon MEL)
9th Auckland Justice (Alan AKL, Matthew, Pat AUC)
13th Team Zissou (Dominico BNE, Daniel, Ben SYD)
13th The Village Bike (Richard, Michael, Robert TIU)
13th Polo swagg'ns (Punk, Michael, Harley PER)
13th Meat & Yoghurt (Jonathan ANC, Morag, Kristine BNE)
17th Where the Magic Lies (Dave, Elliott BNE, Simone MLB)
17th baguette Magique (Ashley, Simon, Carlos SYD)
17th Yeti Ghetto Slang (Rainer, Alexander, Nick BNE)
17th Freewheel Burning (Will MLB, Wes OTT, Francesco SYD)
17th Melbourne Boards (Tom, James, Adzy MLB)
17th wtf (Fleur, Darrell, Michele HNZ)
17th Yeah Nah (Claire, Adrian, Robbie MEL)
17th the 51st State (Colin, Stephen ADL, Andy MEL)
25th Going Postal (Niki, Lachlan, Peter SYD)
25th Polonoscopy (Mattie, Mike, Nick PER)
25th BMSO (Sam, Lukas MLB, Andrew SYD)
25th Irish Wristwatch (Jordan, Dante, Conrad MEL)
25th C U Next Tuesday (Virginia, Tom, Danny SYD)
25th Blue Malaya (Fuad, Ismail, Azhar KUL)
25th Men Without Beards (Will, John, Bernard NTL)
25th SLIP IT IN (Rob BNE, Nikki, Jesse SYD)

How many of these teams will go on to represent Australasia at the WHBPC? I can't recall what the break down is by international region.

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

It changes each year depending on what the tournament can fit. But we've had at least 4-6 spots since Berlin.


My cup runeth over with blood and not wine