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"Avanca 2014 Nacional" (Portugal's Qualifier for EHBC 2014)

Friday, April 25, 2014 - Sunday, April 27, 2014
Host club: 
Avanca Bike Polo
Contact info: 
PM to http://www.facebook.com/Avanca2014bikepolo
Court size: 

Avanca 2014 - Campeonato Nacional de Bike Polo.

-Int'l English-
The Portuguese polo community is expanding. For the very first time the "nacional" takes place out from Lisboa. Apart from the tourney itself, we will have three days plenty of throw-in's, free camping and of course, the dispute for a champion team to represent Portugal in Padova/Vicenza somewhere in June (hopefully).

Avanca 2014 - Campeonato Nacional de Bike Polo.
25 Abril (throw-in's), 26 Abril (Torneio) e 27 (throw-in's).
Camping gratuito perto do court. €0inscrição


Parque Municipal do Mato, Avanca, Portugal
rua doutor egas moniz

Signed up

Official FB page where everything happens (in "português" only):

The spot is located here: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Parque+Municipal+do+Mato/@40.808152,-8.576693,3a,75y,282.94h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sbMmd-tIeolMg_c82NWJaQA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x18e1e14512f34044!6m1!1e1

Avanca 2014 has ended.
24 People roamed from all corners of Lusitannia to gather in Avanca, a small village, situated some few km's south of Oporto in the North of Portugal, for yet national championship. The event was held to figure out which teams should apply for the designated slots (1direct + 1wildcard) given to Portugal.

1- Estrondeira! (Mosaik, Duarte, Vitor - Lisbon) - Direct acess to main event at Euros
2- People of the Sun (Zé Presunto, Pedro Moreira, Hector Cavadas - Avanca) - Will play wildcard one day prior
Reamining teams hold in the line -------------------------------------------------------
3- Let's Make it... again (Miguel Madeira - Lisbon, João Sousa - Oporto, Tó Chamonix - Penafiel)
4- Papa tintos (Orlando, Nuno Puto, André - Avanca)
5- Aliados (Miguel Reis, Antonio Cruz - Lisbon, Ben - Lagos)
6- Vila Armada (Silvestre, Bruno, Vitor - Avanca)
7- Porto Bike Polo (Paulo, João, Bruno - Oporto)
8- Cruzados (Bruno - Avanca, Laura Reis - Lisbon, Piotr - Lagos)

Official FB page where everything happened (in "português" only):