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Büppelmania Bikepolo-Tournament

Saturday, December 8, 2012 - Sunday, December 9, 2012
Host club: 
Bike-Polo Büppel
Contact info: 
Court size: 
ca. 15 x 30

Indoor-Bikepolo on Saturday & Sunday 8./9. December. Final Registration 10.00, games Start 10.30 on Saturday and 9.30 on Sunday. End of games about 18.00 Sunday.
Saturday night: tournament in the hall, music and jam session in the cafe in front. You´re welcome to join with your own instruments or jam with that what we´ve got.
The „Weberei“ has got a hall with concrete ground (perfect smooth surface) wich is about 18 to 38 metres. You have to use white tires if you have rear brakes.
There is also a lobby and some common rooms where you can spend time waiting for your next game (playing table soccer or billiard). Smoking inside is not allowed.
Fridayevening we got the possibility for some easy pick up´s.

We will have some drinks and food. But there are good possibilities to buy everything nearby.
Costs for the tournament 5 euro per person.

Please invite your friends!

The idea is, that everybody plays as often as possible and doesn´t have to wait to long. So we want to start as soon as possible on Saturday and play till late at night. Simple plan ;-). Sunday we start a little bit earlier and try to finish till 18.00.

Swiss rounds on Saturday and double elim on Sunday.

If possible, every guest should have the option to get private housing. Please inform us asap if you are in need of a private sleeping place, so that we´re able to plan (depending on when you´ll arrive and leave – see info below).

Registration for teams opens Wednesday 7th of November at 20.00. The tournament is limited to 12 teams (we need 3 spots for our own teams). For registration please send an email to frank.glanert@ewetel.net, with following information

1. Team name
2. Team members and hometown(s)
3. Need for housing
4. Which day you will arrive and leave


Oldenburger Straße 21
Varel, NI

Signed up

Teams (25. November 2012)
1. Büppel I: Rainer, Fabian, Ole
2. Büppel II: Niklas, Flo, Frank
3. Büppel III: Jörg, Buby, Steffen (Marie)
4. Inkasso Altona: Chris (HH), Didi (HH), Andy (HH)
5. Magicians: John (London), Max (London), Nils (Hannover)
6. Bike Syndikat: Mirko , Fabrice, Hagen (Köln)
7. Amsterdam Bike Polo: Erik (Ams), Ewoud (Ams), Bram (Utrecht)
8. Berlin I: Johannes (Berlin), Jakob (Berlin), Michi (Berlin)
9. Berlin II: Basti (Berlin), Marc (Berlin), Käthe (Berlin)
10. Vice President Clinton: Mark (Cologne), Timon (Cologne) Mark (Canada)
11. Dortmunder Union: Julian, Mark und Martin (Dortmund)
12. Knüppel I: David (Hamburg), Felix (Bielefeld), Michael (Dortmund)
13. Heatfluxes GSN: Jonas, Basti, Petra (Giessen)
14. BBB: Daniel, Dirk, René (Bremen)
15. Knüppel in Büppel: Dominik (Bielefeld), Martin (Bielefeld), Mario (Köln)
16. Stuntman Mike:Agatha (Danzig), Gitti (Berlin), Kropa (Dublin),