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Back (Brake) In The Day

The most fun
Friday, March 27, 2015 - Saturday, March 28, 2015
Host club: 
Lexington Bike Polo
Contact info: 
1(800)Deez Nuts
Court size: 
120 by 60

Once again, we are hosting an back brake tournament. Rules are simple. Platform pedals, gas pipe mallets (no caps), and a rear brake (or fixed gear with street ratio, coaster brake). Oh, and it will be the most fun.


Coolavin Park
550 W. Sixth St
Lexington, KY
United States

Signed up

Hmm, i like this. Especially cause i'm shit at all those tricks enabled by clipless pedals.

Can weirdos who played front-brake only in 2008 be retro-grandfathered in, as long as they switch back to caliper brakes?

If i'm not moving that day, i'll come.


cones only! no wheelcovers! circle out!

hot tub time machine us back to the simple times!

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Sounds like fun


these are my kind of huckleberries.

keeping polo sinful.

is this also 'back in the day' in that there wont be any NAH rules enforced? tail whips and wrist shots for dayzzz...

keeping polo sinful.

Wrist shots aren't back in the day, the mouth of gas pipe is too small!


im starting to doubt your commitment to sparkle scoop motion aaron.

everyone knows thats what metal files were for ;)

keeping polo sinful.

no way. you can definitely scoop with gas piping.

^ correct.

keeping polo sinful.