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Saturday, October 8, 2011 - Sunday, October 9, 2011
Host club: 
Bordeaux Bike Polo
Contact info: 

We are happy to annouce the first annual BDX Open in Bordeaux France.

This will be a 16 team tournament at the coolest courts in Europe: Caserne Niel

We will provide food (one meal a day, plus more available for sale), beers, good times, good polo and a party.

We're working out lodging now. We'll give priority (couch surfing) to teams who've made longer journies.

enroll at bordeauxbikepolo@gmail.com



Caserne Niel Bordeaux

Signed up

Peinture french In !

which date is correct? the one on the flyer or the one in the description?
Greez from zurich.


The date is the 8th and 9th of october, they move it because there's the Imperia Tourney in Konstantz the first week end of october... And they didn't change the flyer

thx...i asked because I go to the Imperia Tourney. Maybe I can find people to come to Bordeaux.


Enrolled teams:

Ma Couille (Bordeaux) [ Guigui, Rob, Rémy ]
Los Coderanos (Bordeaux) [ Louis, Edgar, Antoine ]
Les Fistons Farouches (Bordeaux) [ Greg, Pat Titouan ]
DK Gulls (Dunkerque) [ Vincent, Xav, Gau ]
Les Chevals (Perpignan) [ Greg, Kostia, Tristan ]
Les Sangliers Sauvages (Montpellier) [ Piks, Mass, Yann ]
Call Me Daddy (Tlse,Gre,Lil) [ Paul, William, Johan ]
Peinture French (Paris) [ TomTox, AlexBUMP, JF ]
G.A.F.K (Paris) [ Julien, Ben, Marmou ]
Blue Sox (Paris, Seattle) [ Greg, Hugo, Seabass ]
Saint Exupery Polo Club (Rouen, Paris) [ Simon, Henri, David ]
Shaf Punk (Toulouse) [ Alex, Rémi, Félix ]
SCP (Paris) [ Léonard, Mickey, ? ]
Smoked Meat (Bordeaux, Montréal) [ William, Valentin, Mickael ]
Biffle Mamy (Toulouse, Nantes) [ Brice, Floris, Norbert ]
Cosmic (London) [ Todd, Mat, Rupert ]

Waiting list:
Jean Polo Gaultier (Bern)

Yeah, Let's go les Smoked Meat!


1. Blue Sox (undefeated)
2. Cosmics
3. Ma Couille
4. Pop corn
5. Shaft Punk
5. Sangliers Sauvages
7. St Ex
7. Mum Lovers
9. Smoked Meat
9. Les Chevals
9. Peinture French
9. Disciples de la poire
13. Coderanos
13. DK Gulls
13. Fistons Farouches
13. Missing team