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Bellingham Pre-LA5 Shitshow and ride

Bellingham shitshow
Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - Thursday, May 9, 2013
Host club: 
Bellingham Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
one fenced tennis court

Bellingham bike polo welcomes the poloverse to come and hang out between the Portland boot camp tournament and the LA5 tourney.

On Wednesday May eighth we welcome any and all interested in pickup followed by a toss-in tournament, starting at 5 pm. Before the tournament is a day of BBQ, Bike repair and swimming. Following the tournament is a night of heavy boozing, poor dancing, and some rock and roll provided by Bellingham's own Black Beast Revival; additionally anyone interested is welcome to join us on a night time unicorn tour of Bellingham. Sleeping accommodations will be provided. There will be no prizes for the tournament, but the winner of the kiddie pool wrestling tournament gets a commemorative statue

Thursday May 9th we welcome anyone interested to bike up to Ladies Army, on our polo bikes. The ride is mostly flat with two large hills and plenty of stops; roughly 40 miles total. Along the way is a six mile single track section, a pump track, the Canadian border and a skate park. Once we enter Surrey we catch the Sky train to Vancouver and are 6 blocks from the Grandview court. We are expecting a slow place and planning on a total of five hours on the road. If you are interested in providing a support vehicle, or have questions about getting to Bellingham, please contact me at skyhills69@gmail.com


the big box candy mountain
1108 grant street
bellingham, WA
United States

Signed up

Can't wait to get up your way and play polo and party!!!!

This is going to be awesome!

If I'm not working, I'm bringing my unicorn riding legs down for this!


Do it!

Tapped out for time off work and I'm building courts on Thursday! How is it possible that I have never played polo in Bellingham??
Can't wait to see everyone in East Van!

You had me at "kiddie pool wrestling tournament".

Crab shots.

Get ready to be starfished.

Biah, puh-lease.
Oh man... I went to find an awesome picture of a starfish... mainly one with Nicholas Cage's face on it... and found this: http://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/p480x480/318845_1015137863160... Nooooot quite what I was looking for!

Crab shots.

Also lots of costume wearing and music!

Holy Crap Blu! You just paved a rainbow highway to my heart!!! This sounds awesome! I'm going to see if I can make it up for the throw in and see if any Everett folks would like to come along!

please bring the everett crowd!

i always forget that this forum exists...thanks for setting this adventure up blu! i'll be flying in to seattle tues may 7 and making my way to bellingham that afternoon/evening i think. super stoked!

blu sneak me in where can we meet

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

blu sneak me in where can we meet

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

On your way up to Bellingham come join us in Olympia on Monday.