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Bench Minor Tournament

Saturday, March 20, 2010 - Sunday, March 21, 2010
Host club: 

Info about the draft: http://www.leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/tournaments/2010/01/02/announcing-...

Rules: http://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AX79vnJNQ88PZGduamMyMjhfMGRneDlwbmhy&h...

The Teams: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AoEwZGyVH38zdHFSVC0xOHZlQjVJUWt6...


The Pit
Broome and Chrystie
New York, NY
United States

Signed up

Please register yourself for the draft of this tournament in the signup window above. This will function as the offical registration for the draft. I know i said registration began Feb. 15th, but i see no harm in opening draft registration now. thanks.

Kev tu squat à la maison? J'aimerais bien te voir un peu en dehors du @%#&* de Pit...


And is Marlo coming for this?

you know the funny thing is that marlo will also be going to florida during this tournament.

FL RULES, but i really wish i could make this tournament.
another i will spend the weekend following.

bike polo hotline (call me)

bike polo hotline

Oh I give me a break! I'm gonna start taking this shit personally. Florida, Florida... what's so great about Florida?!

come to spring break and you will learn.

bike polo hotline (call me)

bike polo hotline

Hey what about players who want to get in on the draft and aren't online? I can think of one guy that wants to go but does not do cyberspace. I was thinking just make a profile for him or what?

I was thinking that each city should collect the names of players that are down for this but don't surf the interweb. Post those before registration closes.


Mallets Of Mayhem

Little Richmond Bros Of Prey

I'm not sure anyone is going to draft the general.

if i were to be nominated gm of the midwest i would select the general first round

It seems like there's a lot of you Midwesterners registering, which is fucking awesome. Can i get a consensus GM pick from the Midwest people??

also, you need to start thinking this way, if you're gonna win this thing...


Can't wait to see the brawl but more so to see the romance when Menace collapses into Ben Hunter's arms.


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

I sure hope I get my face bashed in again. Photobucket

If you can dream it, you can do it!

this can be arranged
where's the bobcat beer holder?

HA! I haven't been able to find him since october but I've got plenty more dead animals where that came from. Oh and get ready to lose your sheckles rolling the dice.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

This is gonna be the fun-est! And the funniest!


you are correct, Fiona.

Thanks for using this site for registration, everybody. i was speaking to Doug last night about registration and player profiling, and just wanted to relay a good idea he had in terms of player info.

In the next week or so, I'll get with Menace and we'll get the GMs/Captains chosen so that those 4 individuals plus Menace can start to think about who they'd like to draft. Still looking for a consensus Midwest representative from you Midwesterners.

Then, i'll email everyone from the list and get your name/city and a little background about you as a player so that info is available for those making selections. We know who the Kremins and the Ben Hunters of the world are, but it would be most beneficial to know more about the less traveled, less cute, less loudmouthed folks so that GMs can choose wisely, and get a solid and diverse lineup. As we all know, every city has their hidden gems (in NY, it's Frank, previously Brendan) that need a bit of an introduction to the larger community. So be on the look out for an email message from here regarding:

1) GMs/Captain selection
2) Providing more info about yourself, as to make you a more well known prospect.

Thanks for registering. We're stoked about this.


without putting it to a vote, its jake and me who have expressed interest. jake would not be a very good captain, and he will be recovering from a full frontal lobotomy at the time of the tournament so wont be able to travel. so that pretty much creates the consensus for me.

hey paul im in ny . ny. where you at?

Can we have each city compile a list of players who plan on coming but don't use this website? I know of a couple in Ottawa off hand.


Mallets Of Mayhem

Little Richmond Bros Of Prey

My name is Mark Capriotti. I'm currently the president of philadelphia bike polo, and i really want to be on YOUR team. please pick me! and then let me know when you pick me. i hope this makes me more of a prospect.

x2 if you agree

Ok, the word cometh down from Menace on high.

ALEXIS MILLS of OTTAWA, ONTARIO has been selected as Eastern Canada's GM/Captain.

That leaves 3 remaining slots.

ps. is Robbie from Ottawa coming to this thing?? i friggin hope so. get his ass registered.

I think he's one of the non-internet folks Alexis and Ange were referring to. All the more reason to get that list going. He's a slayer.

Uncle Clobber comes on now and then.

He's in hibernation now, spending all his time at the rink "rippling the twine". I will compile a list of luddite super secret slayers.


Mallets Of Mayhem

Little Richmond Bros Of Prey


whats my approach?
i live in cascadia but am an east coast player
robbie boards is the captain out here and i really HATE that guy so...

"This is the way it's always gonna be"

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

chances are someone out there thinks your good. dont worry, im sure youll be fine.


A Midwest GM is in the pipeline. I will announce soon.

RE: Jason
first of all, nice sticker on your helmet there in your avatar pic. clearly, you are taking it seriously. second, i'm stoked you are registered. Are there any other West Coasters thinking about making the trek? We don't have a West Coast/Western Canadian GM yet. 3rd, you've logged more hours in the Pit than most any out of towner. and you played at roller derby (remember that??). i think your style is well known and appreciated.

Getting consensus on a Midwest GM has proven difficult, so we've decided we will continue to choose the GMs ourselves.

I am pleased to announce the following player has been selected as a Midwest GM representative:

"Lefty" Joe Panizzo of CHICAGO,ILLINOIS.

also to reconfirm:

Adam Staudt of New York, NY is the Eastern GM representative.
Alexis Mills of Ottawa, ON is the Eastern Canada/Northern GM representative.

that leaves two GMs yet to be declared. . . .

Damn how the hell am I supposed to draft Joe if he's gm of another team?!


Mallets Of Mayhem

Little Richmond Bros Of Prey

after the draft you could trade for him then the co-captain would become captain

get ready to drop the gloves, fights will continue until a player falls off his or her bike


rule addition: GMs can not trade themselves.


WTF- man this should be call the NYC Nazi tournament control everything why dont ya. i guess adam is german...makes sense


thats ok jake, alexis is going to trade me for joe so i'll coach the midwest

not really enough interest out here in cascadia paul,so nix my participation... unless some folks out here pipe up.
also there are some rumors floating around of a similar tourney happening out here in e.van

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Jason, that's CONFIRMED. You'll be missed.


I'm pleased to announce BEN HUNTER of MADISON, WISCONSIN as the West Coast GM representative.

That leaves only 1 GM yet to be announced.

this is a joke right?

I like it.

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

I am proud to accept this position, and i do swear to put together the best team to win this tournament. adam, i look forward to facing you down. lefty i feel sorry for you, to have your players looking to another teams captain to see a true midwest hero.

alexis, this is going to be like another NHL, all the good canadians will play for the american teams.

That is not a joke.

Confirmed GMs:

East Coast: Adam NYC
Midwest: Joe, Chicago
Northside/Eastern Canada: Alexis, Ottawa
West Coast: Ben, Madison

Still looking for some Southern representation at this tournament. We have one GM left to declare.

ok ok
whats this now?
ben hunter?
i would still consider this if ben gives me a public apology on the interwebs
may be in NC conducting some buisness around this time
going to top of page now to see which left coasters are in

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

i dont see anyone from the west coast up there

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

who will ben be captaining?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

is anyone driving thru ohio going to this event. i wanna hitch a ride. and won't register till i know i can get there.

ok fuck this

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

jason, if youll accept my apology, then yes i will be your captain. thats how i read it at least.

ok i might still want to see my name get traded around in shame
i have been playing alot coach i promise
in fact thats all i do now
apollagy accepted
dont draft robbie boards

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...


Javier Garcia-Albea of BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS has accepted the role of the 5th and final GM for this tournament.

Jav's not a Southerner, which is what we were originally looking for, but we realized it was most important to get someone in this role who knows the talent pool, has good game, brings strong leadership to the team, and accepts the position with enthusiasm.

So the GMs for this tournament will be drafting players on Feb. 28th at Noon EST. Scouting reports are in the works.
Tell your compadres to get registered if they aren't already.

Confirmed GMs:

Adam Staudt, New York, NY.
Alexis Mills, Ottawa, ON.
Joe Panizzo, Chicago, IL.
Ben Hunter, Madison, WI.
Javier Garcia-Albea, Boston, MA.

getting stoked.

so awesome. thanks.

ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod this is truly going to be special. This with Spring Break is going to be an amazing way to get the season started.

I've got my scouting reports started in my gm's notebook. I count 58 registered on this site at this point.

did you really count them? i just saw that there were 4 across and then 9 down plus 2. but then minus you and myself and 3 others if there registered.

ill trade you your back wheel for two from wheels

did you really count them? i just saw that there were 4 across and then 9 down plus 2. but then minus you and myself and 3 others if there registered.

ill trade you your back wheel for two front wheels


holy shit that's a deep field. i dunno if i'm gonna get drafted but if i do i can offer all the lefty bullshit your team requires. ask anyone who knows.

watch out this kid will fuck you up on the charge.

dont think i'll get drafted either, but this will fun to watch

I'm in. See you there

Paul, with at least 64 people wanting to play and Adam saying he is busy with something during the time of the draft (he wants it later in the day) and the point someone made about lead time to buy flights. I want to see if you think its good to bump the draft a week earlier?

Also, I was thinking about how maybe some of those wanting to play might say something about themselves so the captains have more info when choosing. I know all the captains and they all know me but I'll give an example of what I'd want to see from players I'm not super familiar with. Or refresh me for the players I have not seen since who knows when.

Name: Doug D
City: NYC
Travel/Arrival: no travel to attend, will be around early
Bike: freewheel. no problems, works fine
R/L: Righty
Years Playing: 5
In the last 3 months, Days per week played: 1
Strong position: all around player
Past teammates: Paul, Zach, Chombo, Adam, Coach, Kremin, Ben S, Lefty Joe,
Notes: went 3 months w/o playing then went to philly cold and got 3rd. I can only take 1/3 the credit for that, at best. Teammates P&Z were on point the whole time but I did score 3 points on that bitch who sits-in-goal-and-people-love-him-for-it from seattle, in our 3-5 lose in the semi.
p.s. I'm an asshole. And, do you want to play against me?

....something like that. Man, if all 60+ people did a mini bio like that I'd feel super .

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

name: john from dc
city: come on now
travel/arrival: i gots a place to stay with non polo people
bike: freewheel giant tcr i got from a customer who needed a crash replacement. way nicer than a polo bike should be.
years playing: played a bit in 06/07, stopped, started again mid 08.
strong position: lefty bullshit
past teammates: shelley my office mate, nate who looks like a bike cop, patrick from slapdick.
notes: i will get you so high
p.s. if you don't get high, i will make you beer. and i make damn good beer.
p.p.s. if you don't drink or get high, i will make the team some rad guacamole or hummus or something, we'll work it out.

edit: REFERENCES: jazasshole knows my game pretty well. jav has seen me play, although probably not at my best. paul once saw me make a sweet shot once.

Name: Tommy/Oriole
City: Broltimore
Travel/Arrival: Chinatown/Bolt Bus
Bike: Leftside drive freewheel/ Fisher Kaitai/ 26" rear.700c front
Right handed
Years Playing: Started with the Eagle in 07. Stopped winter 08 until starting again Spring 09
In the last 3 months, Days per week played: Not often enough.
Strong position: Joust/Forward/Assists
Past teammates: the dirt merchant! hahaha tucker from savannah and several from the Lock-in.
Notes: Since moving back to Baltimore from Savannah I'm the only player while I've been getting people here interested in playing ("i'll wait till it warms up"). Great team player, lots of potential to be a stronger player than I am considering my playing status. Monthly pick-up shall fix that! I am super stoked that this event is happening and even if I don't get drafted I'm gonna try to get up for it anyway!

There are some great bios in the Midwest thread, hopefully they can cross post them here. Great idea.

D- i'm all for moving the draft up. I can't wait! Let me email Menace and we'll get a date confirm.

NAME: Paulie R from Jersey, bro
AGE: 32
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'11", 200 lbs
CITY: Brrrrrrooklyn
TRAVEL/ARRIVAL: i live out there, so dont go there
BIKE: beat IRO, in the best shape of its life. i may throw a chain, but thats why we have subs.
YEARS PLAYING: since fall 06?
STRONG POSITION: assist man, last man back, defense close to the goal, legal checking, can score when i push up
PAST TEAMMATES: Wang, Lee, Doug, Zach, Roberts, Quinn, Jen Ottawa, Alexis.ca

Cities where i've played: NY, Boston, Philly, DC, Ottawa, Seattle, Berlin, Toronto, Madison, Milwaukee.. i think that's it.

i've played repeatedly and competitively against most of the registered players. not stupid, physical, and i like to pass. i like to talk, and shower you with positive reinforcement. i'll be a good presence on the bench, and am down to grind it out for my teammates. also, home court advantage. i learned in the Pit, I know it well. long shots, bank shots, bank shots off the bird cage. I have few enemies, and enjoy playing with almost everyone.

weakness: i don't even like losing in pickup to people i love. although i keep it about 95% in check in polo, i've got a bad temper.

Copy and pasted from the Midwests Thread

Jakub Toborek
Age: 25
Height: 5' 10", 170 lbs.
Plays in: Lexington, KY since Spring/Summer 2007 (originally grass, then hardcourt)
Right handed, Freewheeled bike, Travel will involve driving (11 hours) or flying (2hrs if no stops)

Tournaments: 2008 Chicago NACCC, 6th Midwests in Dayton, 4th of July Pick-up Tourney in Pittsburgh 2009, Bluegrass State Games Bike Polo Tournament 2009, 2009 Worlds in Philly, St. Louis Dead of Winter Lock-In 2010.

Great defender, great shot and passing, fast. In the past communication has been an issue, but getting an ass whoopin' at Worlds helped push me to fix that. Good at directing play in positioning teammates and calling passes/plays. I have a tendency to stay back staying midfield, going forward only at opportune moments. If play allows for it, meaning I don't have to stay back, I will generally wreak havok in front of the opposing teams goal in order to make room for passes and/or shots. Good wingman. Will take shots as they present themselves, don't take wild shots (unless refering to drug of choice*). Not physical unless pressured into being so. I spend pick-ups in Lexington pestering Chris Simpson all day long.

Sadly no wins yet. Waiting.

*Drug of choice: ethanol (current beer snob, working on becoming a bourbon snob)

References: Birdie, Keith Evans, Ben (CHI), Kev, Doug D, any other Lexington player, Kerry (CIN), Javier (BOS)

Lexington Bike Polo OG - Retired (Still show up and heckle though)

copied from midwest thread. if you've never seen me play ask somebody from around there.

name: Chris Williams
location: Columbia, MO
playing since: Feb. 2008, 3x a week
tournaments you may have seen me at: 2008 NACCC, Midwest Champeenships 5-7, New Year's Championships in Madison, MMI 8 (2v2) in Milwaukee, Denver Bike Polo Open, Worlds, St. Louis Polo Lock-In.

I consider myself a well-rounded mid. My goaltending is fair, I'm a good ballhandler, and I'm fast. I can whip my bike around on a dime and sprint like a champ, I transition quickly. I have a large wingspan, long arms and a 41" mallet; I like to steal balls. I employ what Jarred FtL calls the "360 defense:" using my long reach to cross-over and making my mallet a threat on all sides of my bike. Good at man-on-man, I look forward to forcing turnovers for your team!

I'm comfortable playing "360 offense" as well, shooting with decent accuracy from just about any awkward position that presents a goal opportunity, and I've got a decent slapshot up my sleeve too.

I'm used to playing against St. Louis, so I'm hard to foot-down. I can take the physical play all day long, but it's not my style; I'm a clean player by nature.

I'm not an emotional player; I keep my cool on the court, but I am hungry to win this one,

I'm a pisces, I love quiet nights at home with a good book and I have a cat. Looking for a short-term open relationship with a group of 11 slayers.

Name: Chris Simpson

Hight: 6'2
Weight: 181

Hometown: Lexington, KY

Years Playing: 2 years 9 months

Plays: Right

Position: All

DOC: Greenery

Tournaments: 2nd Midwest Champeenships (Chicago), CMWC "08" (Toronto) did not play watched and learned, Lexington Invite, NACCC "08" (Chicago), Scum City Polo Tournament 2nd Place (Cleveland), 4th ESPI (Boston), 6th Midwest Championships (Dayton), 4th of July Pick-up Tourny (Pittsburgh), Bluegrass State Games 2nd place (Lexington), Worlds "09" (Philadelphia), 7th Midwest Championships (Columbia)

Traveled and played in many cities, have gotten to play against many different styles and have become good at adapting my play to contrast others. I have a ok shot, Great ball handler, Clean player will stay out of the box, great at setting plays up and passing. Spent my childhood riding BMX=(Im good on a bike), and somewhat in shape and fast.

I dont think i forgot anything.

Oh yea down sides to my game: I do have my off days, But If i can warm up before the game starts chances are i will have a good day.


His mug was also on the 2009 NAHBPC Brooks saddle and Sonadai shirt:
Saddle: http://www.brookssaddles.com/en/Shop_ProductPage.aspx?cat=editions+-+lim...


Original picture:

Lexington Bike Polo OG - Retired (Still show up and heckle though)

Jonny Hunter
30 years Old
5 foot 7, 190lbs
Madison, WI
ESPI 3-4, Worlds 2008-9, NACCC 2008, Midwest 1-4 and 6, NYC in Madison, MMI 8, BFF Paris 2008 etc.... my teams generally get 4th place.

I have been playing hardcourt small ball since spring of 08 and a form of bike polo since 04.

I'm not very fast. I never shoot unless it is a very high percentage shot. I like to dribble and pass the ball a lot. I like the left side of the court. I'm not a physical player even though i'm related to ben hunter.

I play up.

23 Years Old
6 foot 2 inches, 195 lbs.
Chicago, IL

Time Played: Since 05 with a 6 month Hiatus in 06.
Cuttin Crew Classic 07 (Grass), NSPI 2007, 2009
Midwest 3, ESPI 3, NACCC 2008, Worlds 2008 Toronto 2009 Philly, NYC MAD, Los Marcos Melee, MMI a few years back. . .My mom DQ'd from COG for having an ugly grill.

Former Chicago A team player current B side slayer.

I can play pretty much anything I need to.
I like to play aggressive and fast while maintaining my cool. I pedal like a crack head chasing a hooker in their sleep, and generally get up from every crash with a smile on my face. I make smart sacrifices and will play my heart out. When I'm on a strong team I play tight, pass a lot and score frequently. If I'm on a weak team, I'll play back and score on fast breaks.

My drug of choice is the look on your face after I score under your bb. A Pint and someTron will do after our showdown.

My weaknesses are pumpkin cheesecake and rainy days.

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

Hello My name is Jake Newborn. I have been playing bike polo in Milwaukee for 4 years. I have traveled to some of the biggest tournaments in the past 2 years and placed well in all of them.

My own style of play is mainly mid-field and forward. I have above average defensive skills in the open court but not great in goal. I force offenders to drop the ball hoping that my team can pick the drop and run with it. I communicate well with team and feel that team communication and chemistry is very important. I myself am good at picking passes. I play a more roving defense than tight man to man, but if my GM wants us to play man to man I will listen.

I make awesome shots and shoot when no one expects it, backhand under the BB for days! they call it "the newborn"

Seriously im a great passer and set up man. I be Quarterbacking!

I can play physically if needed but can also play finesse and ball control games. I'll stick handle around your momma and give her an orgasm before she knows what hit her.

any other questions? ...didnt think so.

Age 32
5’10 – 170lbs
From: Isle of Wight UK, Christchurch NZ
Live: Boston (Since Jan08) Playing polo 2 years.
Bike: Check the Rockhopper – it’s a beast.
Tournaments: BBQNYC08,Southie08,ESPI409
Played against a lot of the ‘faces’ on this forum with mostly little success. Mostly played with Nick, Javier and others in Boston pickup play. Probably scored the most goals in Boston pick up in 2009 (Javier and Nick may argue or confirm) I score lots of goals because I shoot a lot and hard from anywhere, plenty of goals are scored from my missed rebounds. Can pass well and link up once I connect with my teammates. Played rugby, soccer and field hockey as a kid so have a strong team ethic and good communication skills. Probably the best part of my game is fucking people’s shit up, and knocking the ball from you, taking it and scoring. The Rockhopper is fast - I wish I could keep up with it. A lot of my goals come from breakaways where I hover back and wait to intercept a pass or steal the ball. Weakness’s: Inexperience, sometimes reckless but never dangerous.

References: At the Boston Southie Tournie after a game against a team from RVA, Alexis said to me "nice shootin"

mad_sam (not verified)

NAME: Sam Jackson
AGE: 31
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5'10", 180 lbs
CITY: Madison, WI
TRAVEL/ARRIVAL: We'll see if I get drafted, prolly carpooling if I do
BIKE: Shiny Red Joust
STRONG POSITION: defense, offensive interference
PAST TEAMMATES: Pierre, Max, Jon Atwell

Cities where i've played: Madison, Milwaukee

Strengths: Well, I'm left-handed. I'm not as good as most of the players registered for this thing, but I'm not afraid of any of them. You can nearly always count on me to be the last man back, and to slow a push up-court. I've been cited as a favorite to play with/against in our local pick-up games.

weakness: When I'm off my game, I'm really bad. I do not score goals.

The reality is that I'm a plus defender and average mid, a B player on my best days and a D- when I don't have it going. If I was a pitcher in baseball, I'd be Doug Davis - a durable innings eater. I will at least give you a chance to win games. Nobody will mistake me for MVP.


Lee Todorovich
28 years old
6 foot 4, 185lbs
St. Louis MO
Tall loud and handsome

I've been playing polo since the summer of 08. In that time I have been to the NACCC in Chicago and all the Midwest Championships. You may also have seen me put Ben Hunter on his ass in super slow motion.

Here is why you should draft me:

I play fast, hard and smart. I'm big and physical. I score lots of goals but pride myself on doing what needs to be done to make the team I am on better. If my team needs somebody to dig the ball out of the corners and make passes, I do that. If my team needs somebody to shut down the other teams star, I do that. If my team needs me to play goal, I do that. If my team needs me to score five goals, I do that.

No one hustles more than me. I'd say I'm all heart, but I think that is selling myself short. I'm all heart, and fast, and physical with good ball control and a good shot. I see the court well and am not afraid talk loud and often.

I want desperately to be on the winning team in this tournament. I will gladly play whatever role I'm assigned in order to help my team bring home the cup/trophy/bragging rights

And I don't think anybody outside of the Midwest has any idea who I am.

And I thrive in party situations.

And I could go on.

x2. lee!!!!! i gotta make another trip out there

why are there so many nyc poloers i would potentially draft missing from the registration list above?

i'll make sure they get registered. don't worry, Frank's yours.


It shouldn't take more than 2 hours, you should be free by Valentines Day brunch.
This is changing because we want to allow people ample time to arrange work and travel schedules.
to repeat, the draft is now FEBRUARY 14th, NOON, EST.
Although you may be excitedly monitoring the draft, it's really only crucial for the 5 GMs to be available at this time. We will be posting the draft picks as they occur via a Google document. More on this later. Please make sure you and anyone would like to be drafted is registered here in this thread.

We will be annoucing the order in which the GMs will select draft picks this Sunday night. NY Bike Polo is meeting for numerous reasons on Sunday before polo, and during the meeting we will draw the GM names out of hat to determine the order in which they will draft. This will be monitored by the club. It will be random.

As a reminder, the draft selection order will go:

GM#1,GM#2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 4, 3,2,1,1,2,3 and so on.

any questions, please contact me through my profile here on the site. Thanks everyone.

that works for me.

NAME: Nick Vaughan
AGE: 25
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5 foot 10 ish/ 175 looking to put on another ten or so
CITY: Richmond, Va
TRAVEL/ARRIVAL: I will come there
BIKE: New one hopefully a newer one by then.
HANDED: Righted
YEARS PLAYING: Not sure... a few
STRONG POSITION: I can be offensive
PAST TEAMMATES: Baines, Ben Z, Ian, Sean Phenom, Ian, Jt, Mia, Mark C, Chris R maybe some others.

Cities where i've played: DC, NY, Boston, C ville, Philly, Milwaukee, Chicago, Pensacola, maybe another one or two

Strengths: I like to play hard and fast (that is what she said). I like making last second passes and sudden sharp changes of direction. I can handle the ball. I can play physical.

weakness: Puppies, Firestone Walker, and I have lost my head before.

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Rob Glatfelter
6', 175 lbs
Chicago, IL
Played in; Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, St Louis, Columbia.
Rum or whiskey straight.
Bringing more handsome from Chicago, as if it was necessary.

Been watching/photographing since winter of '07/'08 and playing since fall of 08.
First tournament experience was watching the NACCC here in Chicago, and then a 2v2 in Milwaukee. Played at CoMo in the 7th Midwests and at the STL Lock In. Picked up a new Joust that carries me a little better since then too.

Strongest on offense, best with the ball in hand, especially with a strong shot for a teammate.
I am fast but patient when I need to be. I have a great shot and wont screw with it by trying any fancy crap. I play with Chicago so I can take a hit and deal it back when it's needed, but I wont go around putting people to the boards and forsaking the ball.

I'm real good on the joust, but real bad at moving the ball up after a goal, and not great at being in goal. I don't talk on the court as much as I should and need to work some on my positioning for defense.

I've been improving in huge strides and think I can hold up against most of the better players out there now, I just want a chance to do that with a good team behind me.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Ryan Sauls
31 Years Old
5 foot 11 inches, 176 lbs.
Pensacola, Fl

Time Played: Since Summer of 08
All Florida 08 2nd, SESPI one, Coed worlds, ESPI 4, ATL, NSPI, Austin 1st, Worlds, LOS MARCOS 3rd, Fall Break, NOLA and many weeks on the road playing everywhere i can.

Love playing with the best always steps up my game. Im a great help from the bench also. Picked a solid squad and played the right players at the right time with help during the Los Marcos "all star" game that had the same change on the fly bench game as this will. Leading our team to victory by a large margin.

I love putting the ball to people on the move and have a knack for assists, can make some nice shots and can stay back to protect my net when needed ahead of time. Grew up playing hockey and soccer and can pick up the flow of the game and positioning.

Im a solid 4th line energy guy that will play when needed and can step up when needed. And will have a lot of play under my belt in already this season after Spring break, with a week of good games at BPSB Feb 22-28 and SESPI. Then going thru Coach boot camp after Spring Break down here.

I have also played a good amount at the PIT for an out of towner so far away. With 2 weeks before the worlds, los marcos and some games in the rain and then the snow during december.

Im also sober and a bartender so that means more beers for you!

He is good at playing in the rain!

I like your polo.

23 years old
5ft 10 150lb
size 10.5 shoes

Bats Right Throws Right

Passes very well, defends well, can play physical, shoots not so great, ball handling improving but not steller, goaltends moderatly well.

May have been seen at Worlds,StL Lock in, east side pick ups.

33 (when the event happens) years old
5ft 7
city columbus ohio, but used to live in nyc and play at the pit when things were just getting going there.

tourneys espi(nyc) teammates paul and wang, midwest in ohio teammates joe and karl, bluegrass 2 guys in lex i forget

bike old track frame-fixed with brakes but may have a new frame by then.

strong position: asst man, and i like to attack on defense (working on my shooting more with the 1.5-2 years off playing due to living on an island)

oh and i like to drink whisky and talk like i'm the best player on the court at times when i know i'm not.

NAME: Brendan Graham
AGE: 23
HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 5 10 ish / 150
CITY: Philadelphia PA
TRAVEL/ARRIVAL: I will come there
BIKE: Single speed Puegeot
STRONG POSITION: Primarily goalie but competent and comfortable all around - passing, shooting, anticipating
PAST TEAMMATES: Peter, Brendan M, Kevin M all from philly

Where I've played: Philadelphia, DC, NY, MD, Richmond

Strengths: Goal tending, smart passes, hard shots

Weakness: Poke-checking

Play on a regular basis with great offensive (Mark Cap+Montana) and defensive (Peter+Alex) players in Phila

according to paul everyone knows who I am. if you want to see what else i can do watch this video

Chicago vs Milwaukee from Mr.Do on Vimeo.


Sean from Richmond (JERSEY SON.)
-27 years old 6' 220lbs right handed
-play on a nice Joust build
-Playing since 2006/7
-Tournaments: Espi in DC, NYCBBQ, Summer Southie Tournie, Put Up or Shut Up, Turducken, NACCC's Chicago, Los Marcos (mvp!), Travelled to France to play in a Tourney, Worlds in Philly, SESPI maybe a couple Im forgetting podiumed in a couple, never taken first place

-Past tourney Teammates: Nick RVA, Ben RVA, Ian RVA, Erin, Kaycie RVA, Aaron Seattle, Chris Roberts, Jason DC, Jonny Midwest, Messman, Meg PDX and others

-PROS: fast, ballsy, fast shots, great defender, aggressive, difficult to knock me off the bike, good passer, love to create plays and pay close attention to positioning

-CONS: crashy, been known to crack under pressure and make stupid mistakes, injury prone, inadvertent ball hog, destroys mallets, inconsistent shooting

comments on my game appreciated, pro or con Im curious how people think I play. Please don't make me cry

NAME: Zachary Lee Rueter
AGE: 24
WEIGHT: 4 Tons
HEIGHT: 11' 4"
DOC: Four Loco - Blue
CITY: Milwaukee
SIGN: Libra
B.O.P.: Thunderbird
HONORS: MVP at I Polo N.Y. and "Most Improved Team" at Cog

PLAYING STYLE: I am a Lefty.I like to yell a lot. Also I lived in NYC and stole all of their secrets. I like to communicate plays through Star Wars and Indiana Jones quotes. Clean playing with a rough edge, nothing that will get called. Due to being a lefty, I can play right field well. Lots of passing and ball handling. Good at shots close and perpendicular to the goal. Full court shots and shots off the walls are my weak points. I keep a positive mentality, and will not lose my cool.

Backhand shots
BB Shots
Throwing the ball AKA Airplane

Jake thanked Paul (NYC) for turning me into a good player when he found out I was moving back to Milwaukee.

Joe (MKE) told my parents in Ottowa that he hoped my team would lose the game he was watching (that I was playing) so he wouldn't have to play us.

Ben Schicago in Seattle - "You get into my head more than most people and I still can't understand it"

Yorgo voted me for one his dream team in the 'dream teams' thread (all lefty team btw)

Chombo - "The force is strong with this one"

*Those quoted - feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

I like your polo.

best self-scouting report yet. come back

If I get drafted, I will come back!

I like your polo.

Oh you'll get drafted, don't you worry about that.

UPDATE: GM Draft Pick order. Selected at NY Club meeting this morning.

1. Lefty Joe
2. Alexis
3. Ben Hunter
4. Menace
5. Javier
6. Javier
7. Menace
8. Ben Hunter
9. Alexis
10. Lefty Joe

Decisions decisions hmmm...

you know you want this body

That's what she said.


As Draft Day is now Feb. 14th, the trade deadline has been moved to Feb 28th at 12 Noon EST.

You have those two weeks to trade after the draft. All trades must be approved by both GMs and cleared with "The Commish" aka me. On Feb 28th, the final rosters will be posted.

Let see some more scouting reports, people!

i didnt see this anywhere but has an "icing" rule been talked about?

for what its worth:

Name: Mike S
City: DC
Travel/Arrival: I'm in NJ/NYC so often, doesn't matter when it is
Bike: freewheel - Redline Monocog - rear brake
R/L: Righty
Height: 6'
Weight: 210lbs

Years Playing: 1.5 - Off and on in 2008, playing consistently the past year.

In the last 3 months. Days per week played: 2 plus w/ foolin round by myself occasionally

Strong position: power forward w/ speed. Dribbling w/ a short, light mallet head.

Cities where I've played: DC, Philly, Boston, NYC, Richmond, LA, Sarasota

Notes: I usually don't take polo 100% serious, but if I do and am on my game and actually paying attention and not laughing (lot of ifs there), I think I'm halfway decent, and surprise myself sometimes. I also like to play rough with those that do too.

what if i burned my draft card?.. can i still be eligible?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

I'm curious how the gameplay will work. I think there are some good matchups in bike polo and so i think this tourney is a good concept, but what is gonna keep this from turning into an unorganized shit show? So many good players and so many egos.. no one will want to be warming the bench. If i was gm, i would simply put in the three best all-around players. Or i'd put myself in the entire time, ya know?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

I can assure you that won't be happening on my team. My troops will be well-trained and highly efficient. Short shifts, maximum effort, balls to the wall, do up your chin strap, we're coming with both barrels blazing.

Alexis gets it. Ideally, the teams will have some unity and will be putting in a maximum effort together. In the end, it's about interesting combos of players, and trying things out. Just think fast paced, FUN big game pick up.

yea both barrels blazing.. sure. where are you going to get the time to do well trained and highly efficient? my guess is youll spend all your time up until the tourny smoking weed and playing video games youll be lucky to make it to your flight.

this chump is all talk. crappy one dimensional team. Rangers suck!

The winning team will not have bench warmers. GM's will have a team of 10 talented players to cover at minimum 50 minutes of play. The best GM is going to be one who makes it a group effort. Perhaps more than usual, people will need to leave that ego at home if they want their team to win.

NAME: Kev J Walsh
AGE: 32
WEIGHT: 75kg, 165lb
HEIGHT: 180cm, 5'11"
PLAYS: Right
RIDES: steamroller
TRAVEL: i'll probably be in NYC for a few days leading up to the tournament.
DOC: Whiskey if i'm my nerves are shot
CITY: Toronto, formerly Madison and Paris
POSITION: All over
YEARS PLAYING: 2 years of hardcourt + 3 years of midwest-style hardcourt & grass
TOURNAMENTS: 1st place at MWBPC I,II & III, 3rd place ESPI 2008, tied for 3rd at CMWC 2008, & 4th place way too often, including NACCC 2008, ESPI 2009, NSPI 2009, Midwest 7 2009, EHBPC 2009.
STRENGTHS: Fast, stickhandling, shot blocking, 10'+ wingspan, setting up plays, communicative, and I always seem bring my A game to the pit; its awesome girth fits my style.
WEAKNESSES: I'm probably not going to win any slapshot competition, I have my off days, I've lost my cool with teammates in the past, my 4th place curse might be really bad in this tournament.

REFERENCES: Any of the 5 captains. Though beware any attempt on their part to try lower my stock value so they can snatch me ... "Ya Kevin kinda sucks, i wouldn't pick him, did you see how he let Zach score on him at ESPI 09 with his super weak shot?"

Name: Clément
City: Geneva
Age: 24
Hand: right
Job: Student, bar tender, Polo association secretary
Perf: Organizing EHBPC 2010.
I won the EHBPC 2009 in london with Manu and Lukas from "l'équipe". (so im a kind of European Champion indeed).
Good place in the BFF paris tournament, with the "iron ponies" team.
Overall player, good goalkeaping.

Choose me because:
I can bring cheese and chocolate from switzerland for the whole team.
A lil' touch of "exotisme" in a concrete jungle.
Im playing european style of polo-> make your tournament an international one.

Oh, i forgott, i make some lil' clip too:

these bios are great, but lefty zach had the right idea by posting references.

i know y'all think you're great passers, shooters, ball handlers, defenders, but does anyone else?

and there are still a bunch of people registered who are a complete mystery to me due to their cryptic usernames and lack of an identifiable profile pic. if you want to improve your chances of getting picked(by me or another GM), please tell us who you are.

mad_sam (not verified)

I don't think I'm great at anything, and have the references to back that up.

I'm assembling a google document that we'll be using during the draft, as well as working with Kev to have some more interactive features. I'll publish this document fairly soon, that will list at least people's real or most known name and home city. When I tracked back to peoples' profiles last night i was surprised to find peoples origins etc. Maybe until the draft, modifying one's profile with at least a reference to Name/City would helpful to GMs. You can revert to "happypedaler" or "sexychick1989" or whatever you troll chat rooms with after the fact. Making yourself more recognizable is only helping your stock. I also encourage GMs to get in touch with any question marks in the draft to get more info themselves.

I just added your city to the signup list up to help decrypt this a bit, but most people still haven't supplied that in their profile. do it!

NAME: Jesse Gordon French
AGE: 24
WEIGHT: 165 lbs / 75 kg
HEIGHT: 6' 1" / 185 cm
PLAYS: left
RIDES: freewheel / rear brake
TRAVEL: coming from 3 hours north of the city, train or automobile
DOC: beer
POSITION: not goalie
YEARS PLAYING: one and a half, once a week pickup
TOURNAMENTS: ESPI IV in Boston, NAHBPC Seattle, minimal pickup at Worlds '09
STYLE OF PLAY: I like to play forward, although I'm not used to big-court play and tend to ride & shoot slower than most NYC players. I have an accurate pass, and will sometimes set a nice screen. Basically still a rookie outside of Troy. I generally keep a positive attitude although I'm pretty quiet on the bench. I'll be playing in the Pit when I can before the tourney.

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

fyi - i believe setting screens(offensive interference) is being called a penalty in this tourney

everyone is gonna be screaming at each other at this, I can see it now

They already scream at each other about this.

shit, i forgot about that. time to re-read the rules...

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

Name: Ben Zoller
Age: 22
Richmond, VA
180lbs/ 5'11"
Right handed
Free wheel w/ f. brake
5-6 hour travel from RVA to NYC
PIaying for about 2 years.
Tournament experience: ESPI 3 & 4, NYPWRRPT&BBQCMDE, Slapdick (D.C. Took 2nd with Ian and Nick from RVA), ATL MPI 09 (Took 1st with Baines RVA and Marco Philly) NSPI 09, BPSB 09, co-ed 09, Turducken 08 & 09
Previous teammates: Baines, Nick, Ian and Sean from RVA. Chris Roberts and Brendan from NYC. Alexis MIlls. Aaron Seattle. Marco Philly.

2 questions: where is cascadia? and when is the resgistration deadline?


1) Good question. I think we would all love to have some Cascadian players in the mix. Please encourage anyone in your club who hasn't yet and is planning on registering to so post haste.
2) Registration deadline is Feb 14th 11am EST. Draft begins one hour later at 12 pm EST.

Dave Currence
AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 5’8”
WEIGHT: 150-158 (depends on the week)
YEARS PLAYING: 4, but it doesn’t show…
PLAYING STYLE: I spend a lot of time yelling at myself, and if I get tired of yelling at me, I might start yelling at you. I have spent the better part of the last few years playing on teams that included myself, Adam Menace, and someone else. The best tourney finish I’ve had was Northside in ’08. Pieter, Adam and I finished second to Doug, Paul, and Zach. I, however, was relegated to playing goalie the entire tournament and was given some sort of second-thought, last-minute prize for my effort. I enjoy playing defense but I like to be mobile as well. I played soccer through college, so that tends to be the way that I look at polo. If I’m having a good day, I might actually score every once in a while.

I come with FREE BURRITOS. And I like Pop-Tarts.

NAME: Matt Lane
AGE: 31
HEIGHT: 6' 1"
PLAYS: Right
RIDES: Joust, Free
CITY: Chicago, started in Boston

TOURNAMENTS: 1st place at MWBPC 5 & 7, finished somewhere in the top ten of Worlds, WHBPC 2009, NSPI 2009, COG and MWBPC 6. Played ESPI 09/08, NYCMAD, NACCC 2008 and MWBPC 4.

PLAYED WITH: Joe the Lefty, Ben S., DUMPTRUCK, birdseye

I think my game centers on passing and moving into open spaces. I like to create quick transitions and switching courts/sides, manipulating the opposing team's position. For me cycling the ball is huge, creating a rock/paper/scissors scenario on offense. In big tournament games I tend to be the one most often back to defend our end. Not one of the top goalies (don't think of myself as a goalie anyway) but can handle myself in net when needed. Will play physical when it benefits the team. I've got a hard shot, not a cannon, with my forehand, backhand and bottom-bracket and can one-time with all three. Played hockey and lacrosse so I'm comfortable with changing on the fly. I get out to NYC every 4-6 weeks with work and try to play at The Pit on Thursdays every time.

In the end it's all about doing whatever I can, taking whatever role is needed, for the team to win.

References: My teammates (Joe and Ben), The Hunters, Joe-Kremin-Bri-Jake-Matt-Zach MKE, Kev, Atwell, Chombo, Birdseye, JohnnyMidwest, Ackbar

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

please submit your comments about my game
thank you


Time code: 5:06 to 5:18

Whoah. Yah, I'm kinda slow. Sorry Hawkins, I obviously meant this to be posted below a non-existent peecoque post calling for references.

Even after I posted it I thought to myself, why would a GM be calling for references.

tis ok. flattered i am to be thought he

Chris is a good player for sure, A-team. Extremely frustrating to play against, good shots from all over, pretty fucking clutch, aggressive. Last time we played together I remember him having a hard time keeping his feet on the pedals but he was drunk, and I can't say if he's like that ALL the time. Plus he's a really good shit talker. That work for ya? bro?

This is in reference to C.Roberts call for blurbs.

Oh c’mon. you've got to submit your own profile too!

Pros: committed teammate, good court vision, scores frequently, big, much smarter than he acts, has established a far reaching network within the polo community, is always a formidable opponent, pretty effective shit talker, takes the body, pursuing a PhD in Philosophy, and likes Popeye's chicken.

Cons: is on that FOUR/Joose, to the detriment of his own safety. Seems naturally inclined towards conflict. is from the Philadelphia area.

oh i will, its going through line edits as we speak
but i have to fill up the back cover before i can publish this tome
and no mentions of my passing???

that falls under "good court vision". he's a good passer, people.

thanks paul. here's a little something to unsettle the rankings.

Names: chris, hawk, roberts, bro, baby-daddy-all-over-the-world
Age: younger than doug
Wingspan: 6'4"
Weight: trying to get to 195
D.o.C.: Green (not Four), Purple (Four)
City: currently infesting new jock city
Travel/Arrival: one of the widest known migratory patterns known
Bike: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/bike/the-hawkkkk/the-son-of-his-son
R/L: predominantly right
Years Playing: less than two
In the last 3 months, Days per week played: with other people: 2.5; all said and done: 4
Strong position: i can do it all. i try to emulate chris drunkie, pieter, and paul.
Weakness: mental frustration with teammates who don't look behind half-court. I'm not here to cover your ass all game, let's work together and make some plays
Past teammates: NYC: cecily, quinn, johnny paypal, brendan, ken, paul, menace, dave, zachstar; PHL: capriotti, al, montana; EAST: bainesworth, woadie, sean phenomenon, big werm, brolexis; coach, ianMID: dumptruck; WEST: leon, martin, kenny d, joey (inland empire)
Past tournaments: NSPI (08, 09), NACCC (08), Slapdick (1st place), Turducken (3rd, then 2nd places), Ramsay Bowl (3rd place), L.A. Picnic (2nd place), I Polo NY (1st place), NYC in MAD (2nd place, won knockout prize), Rouen (09), Oregon Champs (09), NA's (4th place), Worlds (7th place), East Van Crown (4th Place), COG (team baltimore!), Los Marcos (Last place), SESPI
Notes: (1) regular teammate of capriotti. (2) skeet skeet skeet
p.s. pppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

"you are an A player and I would play with you anytime" -- Brolexis, Seattle NA's

Name: Tiffany Morrow AKA The Wall
Hometown: B'ham, AL currently in Lexington, KY

Years Playing: 2 years 9 months

Plays: Right

Position: Killer D
DOC: Bourbon
Travel: I'll be there

Tournaments: 2nd Midwest Champeenships (Chicago), Lexington Invitational, NACCC "08" (Chicago), 4th ESPI (Boston), 4th of July Pick-up Tourny (Pittsburgh), Bluegrass State Games - 2nd place (Lexington), Worlds "09" (Philadelphia), 7th Midwest Championships (Columbia)

Lately have represented Lexington as team "Cash 4 Gold", one of Lexington's first polo players, started Lexington League play, pick-up play every Wed and Sun, traveled and played pick-up in Atlanta, St. Louis, NYC, Pittsburgh, Pensacola...

Best at defending the goal and getting in people's way defensively, not afraid to get physical. I'm a good picker, passer, and have a decent shot, usually long shots. Not much of a shit talker, but I'll bring the bourbon.

She will put you either over or through the wall.

Lexington Bike Polo OG - Retired (Still show up and heckle though)

Thank effin' god there's a woman in there somewhere! I can't make it. See you in NYC for The Ladies Army II - whenever that might happen!

I wanna see the profiles for whoever is reffing this mess. Rule set written test scores, video revue acumen, hand signals for all these penalties, whistle blowing decibel count...


this thread makes my pc molassas

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Name: Atwell (Jon)
Homeclub: Midwest Tricity (Madison, MKE, Chi)
Weight: 185
Height: 6'5"
Hand: Right
Bike: The slickest Joust you've never seen

I have been playing for a little more than 2 years. I have a wingspan of a dreamliner. I have been lifting weights in preparation for this tournament. I take this shit seriously. I took 4th at worlds. I will slay for you. I will become better at varying sentence structures before this tournament as well.

"I will slay for you".
I like it.
So, see you back here soon.

I am your paratrooper to your dreamliner Atwell.

NAME: Matt Hewitt
AGE: 28
WEIGHT: 175lbs
PLAYS: Right
TRAVEL: i'm hoping to be in the pit part of Thursday and all of Friday
DOC: Spicy Brown Sauce
CITY: Milwaukee
POSITION: Whatever it takes to complete the play.
YEARS PLAYING: Starting playing on grass summer '05
TOURNAMENTS: 4th Place at WHBPC '09, 3rd Turducken(RVA), 3rd MWBPC '09.
STRENGTHS: I can shoot, block, check, and have a good time. Strong offensively and even stronger defensively. Overall player rating: 8.9, Strong mechanical skills(for those in need of repair), Easily adaptable to many playing styles, Ability to pick garbage balls and take advantage of the play.
Favorite: Backhanded one timers.
WEAKNESSES: Occasional granny arms
Past Teammates: Joe Burge, Eric Kremin, Brian Dillman, Jake Newborn, and Guthrie Neumann. I'm looking forward to playing with 'A' players i've never played with before.
That's it for now.

you forgot Crandall as a past team mate... MKE A team No. 1

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Don't know who's in charge of housing for this but the usual suspects are expected at my place. Please confirm travel dates so that I might kick out potential tenants for the duration of your stay.

Oh, and Ben, about that vegan champagne feast, I'm ready when you are.

Draft on the 14th or is it being changed?

I like your polo.


I like your polo.

NAME: Ben Schultz
CITY: Schicago
WEIGHT: 165 lbs / 74.8 kg
HEIGHT: 5'10/177.8 cm
DOC: endorphins and adrenaline. With just a touch of bourbon.
POSITION: All. Righty.
EXPERIENCE: four years total, three Hardcourt.
BIKE: Double Barrell. Loaded. Ready.
TOURNAMENT TEAMMATES: Coach, Terra, Tucker, Lefty Joe, Doug D., Krem de la Krem, Capt. Jake, Ohio, Truck, IanRVA, Fiona. Coming soon: Alexis
CITIES TRAVELED: Milwaukee, Madison, Dayton, CoMo, STL, Sarasota, D.C., NYC, Boston, Toronto, Ottawa, Seattle, Portland, Philly. Coming soon: Pensacola, Berlin, MPLS.

BACKGROUND: The Pit is where I first played Hardcourt and have returned many times. Love the Pit. Midwest-raised so a physical game is fine but to me, there's nothing more satisfying than a precision team win. Organize the mayhem chess-style, always thinking ahead. My game is mid-forward but I'm always watching the field. I can provide strong mid-court defense, steer the opposition, force turnovers and capitalize. On offense, I love to draw out the defense and deliver the assist. But I'll put a shot on with the opportunity. In general, I talk it up, both for communication and support and can chase down a ball with fastest of them.

My weakness is the tendency to become frustrated with myself. That said, I haven't succumbed to that at a tournament in a long time. To paraphrase Paul, I'm 95% good.

That was fun.

What about Matt?

Midwest is best!!

Aw hell. Erased his name in editing, I'll bet. Damn, Matt. Don't know what to say. Off the team for this one, eh?

Matt Lane - one of the best.

NAME: Emilié Object
CITY: London, UK
WEIGHT: 66.6 kg
HEIGHT: 5'8"
POSITION: Everywhere. Righty.
EXPERIENCE: 2 years.
BIKE: 26" mountain bike, freewheel, rear brake, dialled.
BACKGROUND: Fuck filling in this self aggrandising bullshit. Ask someone with a more objective view.

Actually, we really want to hear about your game. This is just fun, not a way to accuse people of being haughty.

Sorry, just my sense of humour.

I'm a balls out, try to be everywhere on court at all times kind of player. I ride a dirt jump bike so that I can throw it like my BMX, that bitch turns quickly.

I'm the steal and/or pick up guy and try to feed balls to a player with a decent long shot, preferring mainly to score from up close and personal myself.

For me it's all about the fast games and though I'm small I'll hustle with the best, basically I play as hard as I'm played.

It's not a real day unless I bleed.


stupid. by the way why are you even reading this thread. after your self deprecating post i cant really seeing someone putting you on a team.

Somebody draft this guy, wicked shot, awesome on his bike, his play suits the Pit, and he's someone you want on your bench, not on the other team.

<3 you Kev.

Name: Hugo Laquerbe
City: Paris
Years Playing: 2
In the last 3 months, Days per week played: 2/3
POSITION: All over
Past teammates: Kevin J Walsh,Guthrie Neumann, Pierre Emm, Edouard J. Team: DTGP (Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau.)
BIKE:fixe, Gorilla
WEIGHT: 70 kg
HEIGHT: 185 cm
Tournaments: 1st place Rouen Epiphanie 2010, 3rd place GreifMASTER 2010,Worlds '09, 4th EHBPC 2009, 2nd BFFparis2008...
next tournament Pensacola springbreak
STRENGTHS: Fast, blocking, fast shots, good passer

Can't wait !

aw shit, someone put him on a line with me.

seriously one of the best shots in polo, and is always in right in place to receive a pass.

you guys play on the line way to often together.

Name: Pierre Emm "le lama"
City: Paris
Years Playing: 2
In the last 3 months, Days per week played: 2/3
POSITION: All over
Past teammates: Kevin J Walsh,Guthrie Neumann, Hugo Laquerbe, Edouard J. Team: DTGP (Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau.)
BIKE:fixe, GOrilla
WEIGHT: 70 kg
HEIGHT: 180 cm
Tournaments: 1st place Rouen Epiphanie 2010, 3rd place GreifMASTER 2010,Worlds '09, 2nd BFFparis2008...
next tournament Pensacola springbreak
Hand: left

So sick to see all these Europeans coming out and registering. thank you!


I am closing registration at 5pm EST on Friday 2-12-10.
Tomorrow. Please let any friends know who have not logged in here, that they need to register before that point in time.
I want to prepare for the draft, so we're closing up a day before. Please make sure you're and others are registered by that point.


Captains, we'll be sending you a link Saturday morning for a chatroom where the draft will take place

The rest of you: look on this thread for a link to a public chatroom for all your colour commentary.

There is also a master google doc that will be updated as changes take place, and as trades happen in the weeks following, which Paul will be posting.

"Captains"? Did i just get demoted? jk

thanks for making this happen guys. talk to y'all on sunday.

Name: Nick
Height: 6"3'
weight: 220+
homecourt: Paris, formerly Chicago
position: in someone's grill
languages: mostly australian....some english...less french
travel: will be in the US for a month before this. playing polo
in chicago and hopefully austin but maybe NYC and LA is possible.
teams: I used to be a FAG, I play in different teams mostly.

style of play: I think Im pretty sharp when sober, I can score and I can pass and I will for sure defend. I been working on my offensive game since I realized offense is the best defense. I like to pass to where you want the guy to be when he gets it not where he is right now.

NAME: Messmann aka Matt Messenger
AGE: 39 soon.
WEIGHT: 165 on game day
HEIGHT: 5'-11.75"
PLAYS: Right
DOC: Maryjane
CITY: 2ohsickness Seattle
POSITION: All Over and then some
Weeklies: 1-2 x/wk
SIGN: Pieces
B.O.G: Bluebird
ARRESTED FOR POLO: No---SKateboarding: Yes

WIN a few, lose a few.

PLAYING STYLE: I've seen it all. I can read you like a 5th grade novel. I Like speed, can sprint like hell and don't play to physical of a game unless some chumps are bringing it. you know who you are! I play fair and by the rules, unless those same chumps want a taste of there own meds. I might look like i'm gonna crash right into you, then at the last minute pull back cuz your dabbing anyways. I never take my eyes off the ball and love stealing the pass. I play a decent goalie, mostly a foward, passing, set up man on the screen or man to man playing 3 in the key. I will talk hella shit to you during the game, but not off the court. When peeps talk shit to me, it only puts me on a higher plain, so bring it. I have bunch of wicked fake shots. I go for the long shots too. currently have 6 polo bikes ready to go.!

Backhand crossover shots
Delayed BB Shots
.05 degree shot.
Balljoint to anywhere on the court.
wheelie shot, behind, under and head-on.
through your spokes shot.
mallet on mallet

a few.

Weaknesses: the smell of Maryjane of the sidelines during play. unless your shittalking me, then that helps.

Tourneys: 2009: NSPI, NA's, Worlds, almost all WSI, EVC 2007 and some others...12yrs of polo.

Favorite polo game is to 11 win by two. a Seattle last game ritual. AVerage playing time is 5-7hrs straight.

BOOM!BOOMBOOM! and COUNT IT! and all that shit.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Don't forget to sign up for the tournament up above.

Mess is comin'? Aw shit.

hells yeah, MESSMAN!!!!

sorry polo peeps, fate & a kid = not making this one! big wishes.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Plowdozer BIO:

Name: Ebbin M, AKA Ebbs, AKA "weeble-wobble", AKA "fuck you, dick"
Height/weight: 5'9" / 190#
R/L: Righty

City: Minneapolis, MN; NYC
Travel/Arrival: fly or drive

Bike: Azonic Steelhead w/rigid fork, freewheel & rear mech disk brake; mechanically rock solid

Years Playing: 3
In the last 2 months, Days per week played: 1
Summer/fall, Days per week played: 3
Where have you seen me play?: COMO - Butt City >top 10, estimate 7th< (Dustin B, and Trevor M); ST Louis Lock-in; NYC @ Madison - Minneapolis A (Dustin B and Jake E)
Minneapolis BFF Co-ed - Wake Me Up B4 You Polo >2nd place< (Dustin B, and Cait from Milwaukee) and All-City - Cosmo-polo-tans >Winners< (Dustin B and John)

Play style: Charge hard and aggressive, run them in circles till they puke and force turnovers
-OR- hang back, pick off downcourt breakaways, QB with crucial passes and make my teammates look good...

Notes: I can play an agressive, physical game if needed as I am hard to foot-down, and hard to rattle
-AND- I can play a technical, ball handling game; playing keep away, drawing out the defense and setting
up picks and assisting with well timed/placed passes

MinneaPOLOgasm -----------[] ((((O

See 2:26 to 2:28 of this video. :D

Someone do my credential sheet for me... no internet at home currently and i'm always too busy at work.

Don't bring cake to a donut fight.

Name: The Peregrine, aka, Ian Dunwiddie
Age: 30+
Height: 10 feet tall or 10 feet small, depending on the situation
Weight: skin and bones, all strength
D.o.C.: donuts
City: RVA
Travel/Arrival: very unique migratory patterns. will most likely arrive at this event in a rape van
Bike: ridiculous. if you don't know it by now, you've been going to the wrong parties. freewheel.
R/L: switch
Years Playing: enough
In the last 3 months, Days per week played: 1 if you're lucky
Strong position: don't act like you know what "positions" are in "bike polo". i'm a threat on the court, plain and simple
Weak spot in my heart for: breaking people's shit during games
Past teammates: alexis, quinn, nick rva, big werm, jt, baines, roberts, coach
Past tournaments: naccc, nspi, espi, sespi, cog, worlds, turducken, slapdick
note: I invented a move affectionately called by some the "chicken-wing".

Ok, i'm closing up registration. if some special person has not included themselves here, and really wanted to, have them contact me via email prior to Sunday so I can include. Not trying to exclude anyone. I just want to close this up for housekeeping purposes.

Again, draft is this Sunday, 2/14 at 12 Noon EST. More info on how to follow it live, will follow. Look for Kev's link to LIVE CHAT here at Draft o'clock.

Contact me through email/profile with any last minute probs.

** for example, Messman posted a profile but did not sign up. I'll consider him registered for the draft. Anyone know anyone else in this catergory?

Just want to remind the captains that I'm registered for this tournament. Mess, if I'm on the same team as you, will you pass to me?

just heard silent majority was a captain. you know what to do SM.

Right, I would be down. Busy working on the WORLDS. Sorry.
6 feet long laying on my side.
Played in more coutries then most people have played in other cities.
I can drink 7 beers in 15 minutes.
Pictures of me are not safe for work.
I've recently learnt to use a brake.
I ride a bike and can hop like a bunny.

That about it. Give me the job, I work for cheap.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

OK, just in under the wire for registration...here's my info for the GM's.

NAME: Brian (OHio)
AGE: 25
WEIGHT: approx 170
HEIGHT: 5'7"
PLAYS: Lefty (I took lessons from Joe)
DOC: equal parts caffeine & whiskey
CITY: Chicago
POSITION: Sweeper/spotter/fast break
BIKE: Paké 'fashion model'
Weeklies: 1-2 x/wk
SIGN: Taurus

PLAYING STYLE: I'm a solid B+/A- lefty. I talk a lot on the court. I can thread a pass through tight quarters and put one right in front of the goal. I play a controlled defensive style, lots of pressure, force the other team to make mistakes, and capitalize on them. I'm a fairly strong rider and can catch up to a play quickly. I can read a pass and jump on it pretty well. Better than average in net, good eye for stopping tricky shots.
Good energy and focus on the court Off the court I'm a booster. If my teammates get rattled, I'll try to calm you down ("one goal isn't the end of the world" "we're having fun, remember? fun?" and all that...)

Weaknesses: I can get caught out of position, and I take dumb shots more often than I should.

Teammates: Tucker & Keith (fangboner!), Dumptruck, Ben Schicago, Lefty Joe, Abraham, Ryan Sauls, Cecily, Alexis (2 games or so). Cleveland Charlie & Pcola Jeremy (murdercake)

Tourneys: NACCC 08 chicago, MMI 8 2v2 MKE, NSPI & ESPI 09, NAHBPC Seattle(brooks style award), WHBPC Philly, Los Marcos 08 & 09(3rd place)

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

you forgot to mention me for one game at cog?

That's right. I'm sorry Johnny. Don't know how I ever could have forgotten..

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Be my valentine

Let's just hope that you, coach and I all get on the same team. The Brian Line!

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

SO EXCITED! And that's just for the draft, never mind the actual tournament itself.

We're having a draft party in MKE. You all are invited!

I like your polo.

live video stream from the party?

hope someone has me in their back pocket!

Public chat room is open: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/bench-minor/draft/everyone

It's kind of untested, and i'm not sure how well it will handle a lot of users. If it fails, we'll just use this here forum thread.

Send bug reports to me using the contact form. Also, if you're having issues, you might try restarting your browser or using different one.


I'll be updating this google doc live during the draft. Please let me know if any of your personal info needs correction/updating or if i've left anyone off the list.

PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!!!!

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Name: Joe Burge

City: Milwaukee, WI

Height/ Weight: 6'/ 195lbs
Position: up- but i am always aware if i'm the last man back and am a great defender if i'm moving.

Playing Style: I'm a ball handler and shooter. I make a conscientious effort to pass 50% of the time... the other half i take it in myself and usually score. I play a very "milwaukee" game.. agressive but usually clean with out being stupid about it, lots of great passing... the point is to have fun by winning.

Bike: Milwaukee Bruiser (of course) FW

Playing since: 2005 (MKE style, big ball on concrete)

Cities played/ Tournaments: Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, Dayton, St. Louis, Seattle, Columbia, Toronto, Ottawa, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Richmond, Boston, Paris, Munich... 20+ tournaments, not gonna list them all because ya'll were there too.. but it's noteworthy to say that my team has been on the podium for the majority of the tourneys i've played in.

Past teams/ team mates: MKE A1 (me, matty, crandall), MKE A2 (me, cradall, jake) HERO*SQUAD (me, jake, kremin), Beaver Boys (Me, Kremin, BriBri), Browaukee Browers, (me, kremin, matty)

Favorite part of the game: hitting my team mate with the perfect play making pass to score.. or vice-versa. i think i'm the best passer in MKE, but i'm also a bit of a ball hog, (i won't pass to you just because you're "open" <--those people don't get it) that said, i play very well with players that know where to be on the court and see the play in MOTION.. and i'm excited about this tourney for that reason.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

last minute bio

Name: Nate Mumford
nicknames: natred, natenatenate, naterade, weirdo beardo

City: NYC

Stats: 5'11, 150lbs, all beard
Position: winger and mid/defense

Bike: FW right handed

Playing since: March 2009

Style: I was born in the Pit. I like setting up fast passes and plays from the wings and have a pretty accurate shot. I talk a lot and am conscious of where my team mates are. I really like fast games and leave it all on the court. Ive improved a whole lot since I started and try to play every chance I get.

Cities Played In: NYC, Boston, Philly, Ottawa

Awards: Most Spirited (Ottawa)

People say:
Doug D: Nate stop getting so good or Ill have to hurt you.
Ian RVA: Whoa Nice shot!
Fiona: I like playing with you nate!
Jas: nate mumford ladies and gentlemen!

Too late to register? I dont intrawebs enough but was hoping I would be eligible for this draft and was tryin to register myself. Someone let me know if this is still a possibility cause Id like to do this.


JT, i'll sign you up.

also adding Johnny Midwest from NY, and Sean McDonnell from MKE.
any other last minute additions, contact me please.

sign up guth from mke

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

a thousand BROS and a thousand thanks dawg.


a thousand BROS and a thousand thanks dawg.


Name: tommy, golden child, t-pain, (other stupid stuff i'm sure)
Age: 24(16)
Height: 6'
Weight: 165...putting on 25lbs of muscle by game day

D.o.C.: something vegan
City: born in dirty detroit, residing in brooklyn
Travel/Arrival: bridge

Bike: freewheel rear break white
R/L: right right right

Years Playing: a good year
In the last 3 months, Days per week played: 3 days or more a week including shoveling the pit
Strong position: i'll be bringing it with that ol' dirty insulin...i got them sprints, passing on the dime, chip shots, half court defense,

Past teammates: who gives a shit!
Past tournaments: who gives a shit?

ask anyone from nyc they'll let you know what's really good.
1 hour before draft...i'm someone you'd be happy to have on your bench

Tommy's in competition w/ Nate for NY rookie of the year. Good game, better attitude.

adding Nicolai Egnell from Fort Lauderdale, FL who just completed a 9000 mile journey to the 818 for the SoCal winter picnic 2 and back. Likely in shape.

Biggest day of the year. Captains, make the best choices so that we can have/see some of the best games possible. SHYEA!

I really had faith in this one, but it took a shit on itself.

I took a shit on the draft, and came out with a team smelling like roses

Congrats to all the GM's for a quality draft and to all who participated Bloody Sunday will continue.

i'll be updating this thread as trades happen.

Trades commence tomorrow at 9am, end Feb 28th at Noon EST.
Sorry for the crash, hopefully people were able to follow google doc.
Lots of great teams. Should be fun.


west coast team after draft

Ben Madison
Paul Rauen
Kevin Walsh
Jonny hunter
Ben Schultz
Jake Newborn
Chris Simpson
Johnny Midwest
Chris Baines
Pierre Paris
Fiona NYC


That was highly entertaining. I sprayed a bunch of shit all over twitter. Teams, chat transcripts, and the like. Read tehm and others by searching for #benchminor on twitter.

NAME: Nicolai Egnell
CITY: Fort Lauderdale, FL
HEIGHT: 6'4"
DOC: Miller High Life, chased with Krypto
STREGNTHS: Goal, Defense, Steals.
EXPERIENCE: a lifetime of 20" freestyle - 1.5 yrs on hardcourt polo
BIKE: Leader 61cm... specifically built by me, for me, for Polo
VENUES PLAYED: Holiday Park, The Pit, NoHo, Burbank, Pensacola Beach
PICK-UP WITH: Dave, Dave, Alex, Alex, Jared, Jason, Christian, Mikee, Ben, Kelli, Sam, Sam, Tim, Guy, Alexis,
BACKGROUND: Started playing twice a week at Holiday Park, where the weather is always nice. did that for about a year.
Went on the road to promote BikePolo and learn from others about 2 months ago, made it to the 818 and came back for more east coast action. I love the game and I play hard (but nicely)


Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

Draft is over, holmes.

well it looks like it will bee entertaining!

Bike Polo is Our Language,
Good Will is Our Motto,
Friendship is Our Goal.

Play More Bike Polo Together!

Nice work to the coaches. Thanks for picking some of us European players.

Now to sort out flights.

Nice work to the coaches. Thanks for picking some of us European players.

Now to sort out flights.

I created a new topic in the forum with the team listings.

That link.


It will be awesome! Thanks !
can't wait to see you

are yall just staying in the usa after spring break?

Flights booked. See you all there.

awesome! that's what i wanted to hear! looking forward to playing with you.

Javier wrote:

awesome! that's what i wanted to hear! looking forward to playing with you.

Cheers for taking the gamble.

yes, it'll be good to see you again and play on your team... will this start your tour of USA? will you still be rolling through Milwaukee?

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

This can only really be called recon. Will be heading back out after the Euros & Worlds in Europe.

Been too long since I've seen you on court.

Emilié Object wrote:
Javier wrote:

awesome! that's what i wanted to hear! looking forward to playing with you.

Cheers for taking the gamble.

that aint no gamble. Like a hooker in a whorehouse, you're a sure thang.

I'm stoked too!

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

boston! boston! boston!

hey nate, did you know your GM offered you to me in return for literally nothing?? daaaaaamn.


to be fair i offered either you or cole for the open slot. nothing personal, i just wanted Jamie in the tourney.

anyway Adam is just mad cause he's finally realizing just how badly he fucked up his draft. lol

seriously though, Adam you should really draft Jamie, he plays well with Gus and might help you squeak into the second day of play in your own tourney.

i knew you just felt bad for menace

Jav seems to be going with a few of his tried and tested stalwart hustlers. If todays pick-up at Allston is anything to go by he' may have more in hospital than on the bench.

will there be any pick-up associated with this weekend? i still want to come up to spectate

yes, but newyorks pick up courts are in brooklyn and queens. so...

there are a few P/U courts on this map

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

can i get some pay pal action?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

ha ha what's the total amount we need to fundraise?

probably the entire amount.

1 r/t ticket that is all pdx-laguardia around 200. i told joe to take me out but... can i get some slayer love?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Hellz ya!!!!

slayson wrote:

1 r/t ticket that is all pdx-laguardia around 200. i told joe to take me out but... can i get some slayer love?

roberts was saying if you showed up to this tourney ,with out paying him off first, you wouldnt live to make it back your west coast home. sounds like 200$ bones would go a long way to make your balance level.

but hey, ill chip in 10$.

i, too, would chip in $10.

just stay at the NY polo nest after pensacola

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

Announcing the match schedule:

Please get yourselves together, at the pit and ready to play at least 30 minutes before your scheduled start time. If we screw around too long and let it get dark, everything will go to shit. so help us out and keep it together, thanks!

Trade deadline has passed, and no one was traded.

Please contact your GM privately and let him know which number you would like on your jersey. They are being ordered this week. If you are on Ben Hunter's team, your number has already been chosen for you. My bad.


i let the number choose the player. it was very zen

Ok, i need help!
It seems that continental airline sucks for bike flight, 100$ each way.
So i need a bike for the tournament.
I can maybe take my wheels :
A classical 700 fixed rear wheel. And a 650 vtt big tire front.
In can also take my pedals, and my crankset, saddle, handlebar, chain.

Indeed, if i can take my wheels, all that i need, is a lil' frame (im a short guy), with a fork who can support a vtt front wheel with a big tire, (front v-brakes would be a living dream), and a square bb. And the frame need to allow fixed wheel.

If somebody have this kind of frame and could rent or lend it to me, please contact me.
If somebody have this kind of bike and could rent or lend it to me, please contact me.
At least, if somebody have any kind of bike and could rent or lend it to me, pleas contact me.

somebody hook him up with a bike


i would ship up my bike if somebody wants to take responsibility for shipping back/getting the bike shipped to them.

its a road frame with semi-horizontal drop outs, so you could run a fixed wheel on it. front wheel is 700c, but if you just brought your rear wheel (and pedals if you don't like platforms)

if nobody else can offer up a bike in the nyc area, then i will do this.

also, bike has a rear brake, but if you brought a front (road caliper) brake, you could easily set it up to have front rather than rear.. i won't be at the tournament, that is why we would have to ship it. if somebody from another region or from new york could let him borrow a bike, it would probably be easier.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

vtt = mountain bike = 26"

what size frame?

Thanks for tranlation kev :)
Thanks for answer Ryand.

For the frame, i don't know, any frame for a 1meter65cm man. My actual frame seem's to be a 50cm. but any kind of frame who can support me is cool, juste don't need a too big one.
if i take my crankset, i need a bike who can handle a 170 crank.

My polo bike is like a 51-52cm, I think it would fit. The crank is 170mm. All you would need is a rear wheel. If your cog is around 18t, you won't need a different chain. I will look to get my old rear wheel back so you wouldn't need one.

If you want a front brake, I can probably find one to send up as well.

That is if nobody else can come through.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

I'll get w/ Zach and Adam as well and see if they've got something for you. Otherwise, thanks for the generous offer, Ryan.

yeah, i sometimes lack to check this forum, so get in touch with me through ryan [AT] slapdickpolo [dot] com if zach and adam, or the rest of ny, dont have anything. i think in the past people shipped things to your work?

well figure out details over email if you need it.

also, if zach or adam have a spare fixed rear wheel, that would save him the trouble of brining his wheel with him. i will also try to source my old fixed/free wheel.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

Front break would be cool, but if the bike is only rear brake or breakless, that's could be ok too. Less ok, but ok.

Thanks for your quick and nice answers guys!

oo..that gave me goosies!


If you are looking for arrangements, please email through my profile here. I'll do my best to match you with someone.

In case you were unaware, the Pit's walls are made of brick. This is great for bank shots and clears, but not so good for your hands, elbows, shoulders, face and head. So, i'm encouraging you to take a little extra precaution in protecting yourself for this tournament. No one who plays here regularly is in the habit of running people into walls, but it does happen, and you will definitely enjoy yourself a lot more if you take the care to wear some protective gear. I don't have word from the insurance company on whether helmets are mandatory, but I for one am strongly encouraging you to wear one, especially if you are unfamiliar with the brick walls. At this juncture, come prepared to wear a helmet for the tournament.

The NY club is really looking forward to having you all in the Pit.

Here is a map of some spots around The Pit. Coffee, food, shops, ect.


Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

that's awesome.

adam, will there be camping courtside?

Como style. I like it.

ben wrote:

adam, will there be camping courtside?

I'm sure if you'd like to sleep on a park bench with the addicts and bums, your more than welcome to. Just don't cry about getting; robbed. woken by cops, arrested, harassed, sick from freezing all night, etc, etc...

i was making fun of messman from another post on nahbc thread. well not really making fun of mess, but more like making fun of transferring his idea of camping to this tourney.

but dont you think instead of just pointing out the problems in your city dont you think you should do something about helping them. be part of the solution man

Sorry, I missed the reference. And they're not problems, they're character.

the last time i was at the pit chris broberts was harassing a crazy drunk chinese guy

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

chombo? he's not crazy, just drunk.

Hey NYC, Who's handling housing?

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Clément (uolmo) from Geneva is looking for a bike or maybe just a frame to borrow, he's coming in from Geneva and his airline wants to charge him 100 euros each way. 50cm or 51cm. he could bring wheels. he'd even consider buying a bike and then leaving it with his lady who lives in NYC.

Still offering to send my bike up if they send it back.

Let me know what needs to happen for this.

Also, I just thought of this now. The bottom bracket is pretty low and I DEFINITELY get a lot of pedal strike.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

Paul and I are working together to get my bike up there and back.

slapdick bike polo - washington dc

Thanks a lot guys.
Im just checking tomorow if i can take my bike in piece in a normal suitcase. I tell you what i do tomorrow night, does it works for you?

See ya soon!!!!!!!!!

They fit nicely in a large C bag or duffle bag. Most airlines don't charge if you say it's an art project. I've heard adding feathers and calling it mixed-media really sells it.

Your wheels may not fit so have a friend hold those until you've finished checking in your art project. Furthermore, it may be necessary to attempt to carry those on. They'll stop you at the gate and make you check them in but it won't cost you anything. Good luck!

2 from Troy coming down to spectate, looking for housing / a cheap hotel recommendation for Sat. night.

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

email me paul dot rauen at gmail for housing info/requests.


Friday night: People will likely be playing pickup in either the Pit or in Brooklyn. Check in with your GM about Friday practice. Later, come by Second Chance Saloon. We'll be collecting registration fee ($10) for the tournament, passing out jerseys and answering any questions you may have about the schedule or rules. Separate from the registration fee, the cost of each jersey is $15, and this fee will be paid to your GM, who has paid in advance for his team. Because Saturday will be an early morning, please come by the bar to get these logistical things squared away on Friday.
Second Chance Saloon is located at 659 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Saturday Morning: Get to the Pit ON TIME. First match is at 10 am, Joe's Team versus Alexis's team. In order for everyone to have sufficient time on the court, it's important that we start on, or as close to on time as we possibly can. Shoot to be there by 9:30 am, especially if you are in the first match of the day.

Saturday night tba. . .

Friday, we'll be at Second Chance after 9pm.

Also, Saturday night looks like we'll be in Red Hook Brooklyn, checking out both the Red hook Crit, and Ken's unbeatable karaoke skills at Hope and Anchor.

just for curiosity's sake, do you know who throws the red hook crit? sounds like a sketchy fun thing to watch

dave trimble, its his birthday thing. lots of sharp turns on cobblestone

I'm flying out in the morning, see you at the pit tomorrow night.

Sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. West winds 5 to 10 mph.
» ZIP Code Detail

Thursday Night
Partly cloudy. Lows in the upper 40s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

Sunny. Highs in the upper 60s. North winds around 5 mph... becoming west in the afternoon.
» ZIP Code Detail

Friday Night
Partly cloudy. Lows in the lower 50s. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

Sunny. Highs around 70.
» ZIP Code Detail

Saturday Night
Mostly clear in the evening...then becoming mostly cloudy. Lows in the mid 40s.

Mostly cloudy. A chance of showers in the afternoon. Highs in the lower 60s. Chance of rain 30 percent.

Sunday Night
Mostly cloudy with a 50 percent chance of showers. Breezy with lows in the lower 40s.

... sounds good to me, see ya'll tomorrow

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

hey arriving players--

quick heads up! We have an agreement with the local community that we don't use the Pit expect on Thursday evening, and Sunday day.
We're covered with a permit for Saturday and Sunday for the tournament, but it would be in our best interest to play elsewhere tomorrow (FRIDAY) if we are in town and getting organized. the kids we share the Pit with are really into baseball, and this as close as it's been to baseball weather so far this year.

Our two main alternate locations are the Cherry Street Rink, or the Brooklyn Court, at N.Oxford and Flushing. Any NY polo player knows how to get to these courts.

thanks for understanding this delicate equilibrium.


getting on the bus in a few hours! I intend to play at the pit all day long tomorow!

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

Just called the cab to get me to the airport! I intend to play at the pit all day long tomorrow!

I like your polo.

Hey so it sounds lilke the kids had the Pit all night tonight, and people had good games in Cherry. Talk to Adam about where you should play tomorrow. See you tomorrow night at Second Chance for registration.

Someone throw us a bone! Post some results to twitter and use #benchminor as a tag so we see it.

how it went, do we have any info/reports??

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

we have a bunch of jumbled tweets

does this mean the peacockz won?

bike polo hotline

Peacock wins. Black team second.

Amazing tournament, thanks to everybody. Thanks Paul and fourth green (don't remember more than 9 names:( ) for the wheels set. Thanks to zach and adam for picking me up and let me play. Thanks for all teamates, and everybody else.

The bench minor style gonna become a classic i think. Maybe just to have team whit a lil' more less players, like 9 for example.

Closing this thread it's too long. Go to http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/tournaments/2010/03/21/bench-minor-recap