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Bench TO Apr 7-8 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012 - Sunday, April 8, 2012
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
A hockey rink

Read this:

  • Five eight-person teams, $50/team.
  • Teams can be larger than 8, but you can only have 8 dressed per game.
  • Team rosters are due on Thursday March 29th, post them here.
  • Teams must have matching jerseys.



10am Toronto X vs KDUB
11am Ottawa vs Toronto Y
12pm Montreal vs Toronto X
1pm KDUB vs Toronto Y
2pm Ottawa vs Montreal
3pm Toronto Y vs Toronto X
4pm KDUB vs Montreal
5pm Toronto X vs Ottawa
6pm Toronto Y vs Montreal
7pm Ottawa vs KDUB



Sunday the 9th

Location: Dufferin Grove Park

11am 1st vs 4th
12:30pm 2nd vs 3rd




Signed up



Stay on target!

yip, yip
luv the bench minors... just played one in the pit last month (with young Adam).... i just dropped a line on the Kitchener/Waterloo club site to volunteer my services.....

oh shit, wrecked again!

yo perry (and anyone else thinking along these lines).... we're going to enforce some kinda eligibility requirements here. yeah they'll be vague, but the part of the point of this event is to get our clubs organized and united, so no ringers, sorry!

what is dirty adam's status?

he's moved to toronto permanently.

well maybe you guys can teach him some class


slime time

A few announcments and changes:
* We're going to up the bench size from 7 to 8.
* Teams can be larger than 8, but you can only have 8 dressed per game.
* Team rosters are due on Thursday March 29th, post them here.
* There's going to be a wicked party on saturday night to fundraise for the crew heading to Ladies Army.
* Teams must have matching jerseys.

class?! shiettt ....

Poster posted. And a schedule, look up top.

One more week to submit your roster. We'll be posting soon about housing, shouldn't be a problem to host everyone.

I might be able to attend this event....I'm not from any of those cities....I love a few of them though....can I pretend? anyone need a free agent?

sorry but i will challenge this

Yeah the whole point of this, supposedly, is city vs city.

get him to ref!

do our jerseys have to be a different colour from the other teams? Or do we just show up with jerseys and hope they don't clash with another crew's. Any other teams got a colour? we were thinking blue maybe but that could change.

Toronto is red with black. Ottawa, Montreal? you all have jerseys yet? probably makes sense to get this set straight.

i mentioned this on the call yesterday, our strategy for ESPI 2012 NYC is to instruct each club to bring two colours of their choice. even if two teams choose the same two colours, they just dress opposite for their match against each other and every match is guaranteed not to clash. worst case, get a white shirt for every member of your team if you're forced to deviate from your primary jersey colour and don't have a backup. or play shirts vs. skins.

Team rosters are due this Thursday night!

Oh and Saturday April 7th come party in support of the BPTO crew heading to Ladies Army. 9pm, Bike Pirates
1292 Bloor St West. If you use FB, there's an event page.

This ain't skin polo. Bring 2 colours, mofos!

Hey K-dub's roster:
Thomas V, Kris P, Shawn S, John H, Neill S, Mike R confirmed
Rob R might come but not likely
Tyzun and Stephen would like to but can't make it

As far as jerseys we have a plan just wondering if hockey jerseys or t-shirts are recommended. So, Toronto is red with black....there are two TO teams are you sharing the same jerseys? Are they hockey style? We talked about t-shirts last night.

Representing Mallets Of Mayhem:

Robbie, Angelo, Coach, Alexis, Johnny Crash, Seamus, Brodie, Hayter, Matty, Dana, Albert, Jizza

judging by the online silence, do I understand correctly that Montreal and the 2 Toronto teams are disqualified for not posting rosters. this will be Ottawa vs K-W right?

yeah ill update the schedule. its just going to be KW vs Ottawa, all weekend.

edit: There's a bitter contract dispute between BPTO and a Russian Superleague team that's claiming 2012 rights to one of our players. Once that's settled, we'll announce our roster.

what was the point of making a roster deadline if you guys and montreal are going to blatantly flout said deadline? this smells like the CFL "salary cap"

BPTO has a larger TV audience that MOM, so we're allowed to cheat. Seriously, though, tonight.

unacceptable and you wish and we're still waiting!!!

gonna be up shortly coach!!



Nick Savage

Rosters, schedule, and standings are all on this doc: http://t.co/OosurcoE

hey apparently Luke was supposed to be on our roster. can we add him?

ya for sure, added him.

I petition for the removal of Luke from the MOM roster on the grounds of submital after the trade window had closed. Proper release waivers had not been signed, nor appropriate press releases made.

I thought Luke was supposed to be on our team.

this from a club which blatantly flouted the roster deadline

One addition to our roster, too. Adam Dirks will be on one of the BPTO teams, his player rights have just been acquired from the NYC club. We were going to announce it with one of those jersey-over-the-shirt-and-tie ceremonies but the jerseys are still in the dye bath.

that fucking turncoat. dirks, you're dead to us. DEAD.

don't even think about showing your face in NYC. i'm not joking. it'll be a race between us and the NYPD to eviscerate you.

Sorry we're late!


Olivier Tarbes
Germain Couët
Taylar Reid
Jean Berberian
Jesse Forrest Nelson Bourns
Paul Donald
Alex Garcia
Heidi Strohl
Franck Jnckr
Frederic Bouin

Saturday night

K-dub will be wearing black...where do we go on saturday?

Location is 90% Dufferin Grove, we'll let you know tomorrow.

Meanwhile, there's a new draft NAH ruleset that we're going to be using this weekend. Read it over here: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/rules/2012/04/03/nah-ruleset-v2-draft

This ruleset is just a draft, but it'll also be used at the Midwest bench format thing this weekend, and bench format event in NYC event the weekend after. There's nothing revolutionary in this, but you should read it.

Location is confirmed.

Regarding rules, we're using that ruleset, but with the exception of allowing people to high stick the ball in order to get possession of it, if the ball is in the air.

If you're interested in reffing (with this new ruleset!), lemme know.

Not bad

T0x 17 - 6 KW
OTT 10 - 9 TOy
TOx 10 - 3 Mtl
T0y 18 - 3 KW
OTT 17 - 8 Mtl
TOy 11 - 8 T0x
Mtl 24 - 5 KW 
T0x 10 - 9 OTT
TOy 9 - 7 Mtl
OTT 24 - 8 KW 

OTT 3W-1L 60gf 35ga +25gd
T0y 3W-1L 47gf 28ga +19gd
T0x 3W-1L 45gf 29ga +16gd
Mtl 1W-3L 42gf 41ga +1gd
KW 0W-4L 22gf 83ga -61gd

10am MTL vs OTT
11am TOy vs TOx
12pm finals


Right on guys, that was fun. We're getting better so watch out ;)
Have a good one today.
~Kdubber John

PS...the "bike angel" is not around today. Watch ur bikes

Great to see you guys yesterday, and another hero shoutout to Shaun for recovering a stolen bike. Hell yes.

Big ups to Ottawa for taking this, 9-4 in the finals over TOy, holding us scoreless in the second half.

Uncle Clobber led the stat sheet, scoring twenty something goals... more stats later maybe

See you all soon.

Thanks Kevin, Sara and Chris for all your work this weekend.

Placky for bringing the goals.

All the ladies for the party.

All the other clubs for bringing it.

Toronto y for some awesome, intense games.

Congrats to Ottawa but don't forget you only beat half of Toronto!

Let's do it again soon.

Good times. Thanks TO for the classic pre rules, player regulated tournament with no major disputes.

Any time, anywhere Lewis.

Awesome polo all weekend. Thx to the KW/OTT/MTL/BPTO clubs.
Lets do it again for sure!! See ya'll in Mtl next month.


Awesome weekend. Awesome polo. Thanks everyone. SICK PARTY.

Thanks TO for this awesome weekend. thanks everybody for great polo.

Great to see you guys and thanks for the tough match saturday afternoon. Looking forward to the weekend in may!

Big shots from Luke and Robbie, bigger saves by Nick, junky goal by Dirks and me, triple head fake by Ngaihon, in 60fps or maybe more? http://www.frankmaidens.com/BPTO/bench.mov