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berlin:mixed co-ed tournament

Friday, July 29, 2016 - Sunday, July 31, 2016
Host club: 

- 3-day tournament (starting Friday morning)
- 40 teams
- Co-ed (teams have to include both female and male identified players)


Dear Poloverse,

registration starts Monday, April 25th, and closes Sunday, May 1st. We will post the link shortly before.

The most important information you need are:

- First come, first served!!! The first 40 teams that registered are in and will have to confirm by paying the registration fee of 60 Euros per team after the registration period.

- No TBAs!

- We will be asking for refs, too, so please make sure you can name at least one player in your team that will be reffing.


See you soon!
- Berlin Bikepolo -




Signed up

Register here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1LHDHn_-h2u2AsWDMR7itDc5L2T3-ySile46Gpdz...

Any place to crash for a few days?

Hey friends!

We know that there are so many more female* players out there that can't make it to the tournament. We understand the resulting struggle of some male* players to organise a suitable team. However, we wish to include as many people as possible in our tournament. Hence we decided come up with a solution for all the free agents and teams-of-two. The female* players will also like it, for sure.

The deal goes as follows:

You can register as a team of two and come and play. Of course, you can still look for a female* third in the meantime. If until the tournament you still cannot find your third, we'll have a lottery in each round and your third will be drawn out of the pool of female* players who are already participating in the tournament. Certainly, females* who don't want to be part of the lottery can drop out anytime and also re-enter (e.g. pause while you're off to grab food or take a nap). Of course, this might be quite tricky here and there, but despite these minor organisational challenges we think that this is the fairest solution.

You now have some time to get yourselves organised. The "new" registration link will be published on Friday, May 6th, around 11:00 CET. Check this site for updates.

We're looking forward to welcoming you all soon!

Hey guys,

We're two guys from Canada who will be in Berlin that weekend. We'd love to play (separate or together) on teams if anyone needs us.

We'll be there anyways, with our bikes. So please let me know if you need a third, or if we can still register the two of us,