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New Bicycle for a new player

New Bicycle for a new player
Fixed gear
Help me !
Front and rear brake

I'm new and I'm old.

First polo bicycle.

We'd be a little better able to help if you had a parts list or clearer/larger/more pictures. Anyway, welcome to polo.

Landing Gear forks, Milwaukee Polo Guard, make sure to buy a White Industry freewheel (what ever sizes you go for) 34-22 is good. And V brakes... Should be a good start. If you want any new wheels I would always go Velocity Chukkers. Hope that helps!

Sweet truck, And bike! welcome, V-brakes Are the best. Easy to adjust & repair. But 1/8th inch has a Great set of polo wheels if you need an upgrade in the future, called 'Beuler'. have fun & see you in future.

You live in Portland! Get off the internet and talk to your clubmates!