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honest abe the joust

honest abe the joust
Front and rear brake

-56cm joust wide w/ 31.6 seat post
-70mm thomson stem and tioga flatbar
-paul duplex lever and motolite v brakes w/ nokon cables
-ergon gs1 grips
-surly 48h hubs and chukkers w/ 2.0 panaracer ribmo
-profile 36t spline drive w/ white industries trials freewheel
-profile 170mm cranks w/ 6" spindle and profile outboard bearings.
-shimano 520 spd pedal
-thomson layback w/ Selle Anatomica Titanico X

I've been thinking about those style ergon grips. Do you find them more comfortable or do they help with hand pain?

Really solid build, time to tear it up!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

the cosmic write up i was talking about.

"rubber side down boys"

If you dont mind me asking does the light pull action for those levers really help vs something with a large lever like these? http://www.sickbikeparts.com/Images/Products/Duel-Pull-Brake.jpg

i've got normal road calipers so im not sure if the easy feel in the article is done more by the lever or the brakes.

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

i wouldn't use that lever. i have seen plenty of those break and fail. if you have pretty good brakes already, just shell out for the paul lever. it will run short or long pull brakes. you will know where the money went when you use it!

"rubber side down boys"

Yes and yes! I think they make a world of difference. Holding your weight up with just a regular grip puts a lot of stress in a line across your plam. Ergon style grips give you a lot more contact surface to support weight. Check out cosmic bike polo they have a write up about using them.

"rubber side down boys"

Evidently you read their post on brake setup as well :P

i know paul comp. makes some great stuff but i really can't explain how amazing this brake set up is. its not for everyone but if you can bring yourself to shell out the money... why not...

"rubber side down boys"

Yup, I was pretty tempted for a while after reading that as well. Then I remembered that I'm a tiny featherweight and not even very good at polo anyway.
Still, nice to hear that you like the setup!

bringin sexy back

Get rad

the nicest bike in russellville

Ill throw my 2 cents in here:

Beauty of a whip! Love the bronze color carried through to the pedals ;)

RE: Hell yes, Paul lever - worth the $ VS anything else you can buy, except maybe the St Cago (if you can find one) or you can build one without janky shark edges from a high quality lever.

RE: Ergon - I have found I love having an Ergon on the left (I play right handed, so left hand is always on the bar), but it did not work for me AT ALL on the right. The extra material in the back/palm area just got in the way. Id say get a second set of non-Ergon lock-on grips, a lefty bullshit friend, and split the two sets of grips them with him/her.

MinneaPOLOgasm -----------[] ((((O

yep. having a weirdo friend with his arms on backwards is the way to go with ergons.

"rubber side down boys"