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barnyard bikes 26" polo proto

BA end of 2011 tourney champs ;) photo credit: Garga, Underdogs SP Brazil
better side shot also by Garga
Mini mallet brake bridge and mallet holder seat stay top (Barnyard original)
squarebuilt type bars with integrated stem
too may photos?
three many photos!
just one more...
Rear brake

Barnyard Bikes (me) Proto 26" wheel Polo Frame
Fillet Brazed Steel (don't ask what type it's just a prototype)
Fork 1" treaded, yeah well it's what I had handy :P
Fork needs to be shortened to correct geo (on to-do list)
Bars also fillet brazed steel with integrated 1" quill stem

wheels: double wall rims with shimano cassette hub (single speed conversion)
Kenda K-Rad 1.95 tires, rear hasn't worn that well
Deity 3pc cranks with Profile Racing chainring
Platforms are switched to SPDs when I feel like getting serious
parts bin rear V-Brake with Avid lever (thanks Juan)
hand me downs make up the rest of the parts

turns nice and tight even though the fork needs shortening,
should be super turny when done, but not twitchy.
700c proto on it's way with about the same wheel base and geo
but from nice true temper steel, V1.2 26" will follow that
thanks for looking...

so damm nice bike!!!

felicitaciones bernardo!

Gracias amigo!

I'm not sure I get the integrated stem/bar thing (less adjustability, more susceptibility to cracking under stress rather than just slipping), but that frame looks really awesome.

yeah true, I had built the bars and was using them on my previous bike with a regular alu stem. when I was assembling everything to this frame I built the threads stripped so what better solution than braze up a stem.
its kind of a ridiculous set up cause its a quill stem and the bolt sticks up a mile, haven't been on the receiving end of it yet luckily, I'll sort out a better set up in time.
glad you like the frame, I finally took the fork down by about 35mm and pulled in the rake so the frame is sitting where I intended it to, angles are spot on and the lower centre of gravity is better (even with the saddle way up there).
turns super fast, minimal toe overlap and solid.
i'll be starting into my 700c proto for POiO next week, really looking forward to that one :) should be putting updates on my FB (barnyard bikes)

linda mula