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Front brake

This bike rules and yes that is smoke coming off the drivetrain. Dura Ace is hot stuff.

The run down:
-Marinoni Pista. That's Italian/French for awesome
-Burly and heavy chrome fork. Custom drilled for a sweet Tiagra brake
-Crappy bars and stem
-Chris King headset
-Dura Ace cranks on Miche BB
-Alex rims. Strong but reasonably cheap.
-What's that on the stays? A little more chrome to up the bling-ness
-Fizik Pave saddle
-Miche seatpost
-Short wheelbase and low-rake fork. If I turn sharp enough I end up in the future

I never thought I'd see a free wheel on that bike.

I bet you never thought you'd see that bike on a polo court either.

Nope, I hope that tough paint holds up...haha
Also you need silver bars

Is that up at QE park?

Northern Standard


don't you mean if you turn sharp enough you end up in the past? every turn i make goes to the future... up to 88mph of course.