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Fixed gear
Rear brake

68cm '05 Fuji Track - Velocity Deep V's - ghost riding bike into wall = double bent front fork = fast and confident handeling - 5 or 6 different paint schemes so far - rear brake + fixed = awesome - no future upgrades planned

asstetikly this is my favorite bike, i mean, he puts all yall nyc kids to shame
nyc no dice

i'm liking the short stem

68 cm, jesus

oh yeah, i built those wheels and gave them too you guys after you lost the MWBPC in fall of 07. I fully expect miwaukee to return the favor when you win this fall.

Gary C

and I thought he was riding his English 3 speed to the park to have a picnic with Meg - a definite turn to the dark side of two wheeling.

Gary C

awesome, hiya gary! welcome.

how fucking tall are you holy shit.


thats gotta be a 58 not 68C bike

crandog is tall but not that tall 




no dice nyc...MKE!