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Old Field Cycles - Blue 26er

Old Field Cycles - Blue 26er
Front brake

Old Field Cycles frame, fork, rotor guard
Thomson Post, Thomson collar,
Chris King headset
Thomson stem
31.8 Avenir bars
Avid speed dial 7 lever to BB7 brake
Fixcraft hub to NoBS rim, front, 48 spokes
Surly Ultra New to NoBS rim, back, 47 spokes
Ribmo tires
Deore mtb cranks
BBG bash guards, inner&outer
Time atacs

LOL @ "47 spokes"

RE: Tires

1.25" in front and 1.5" in rear?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

Good eyes, Alias!
(If I wore out tires faster, they'd probably both be 1.5.)