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Bike #1

RIH build in Amsterdam
Front and rear brake

My first try in building a bike..

Is this RIH from Amsterdam? Did they ever make cheaper frames? I've only seen their fancy Olympic track frames.

Yo Will,

RIH is in fact from Amsterdam. The guy still builds the frames at the shop, in the center of the city. He's almost retiring though, so he's teaching everything to a former Messenger that will take over. They have cheaper frames. I've had a couple and never paid more than 40 euros for each.

By the way, I'll be in your city early March. I will not be able to bring the bike along, but I would LOVE to play with you guys.

Awesome! I have a bike you can borrow when you come down. Email me beforehand and I'll be sure to help you out.

I stopped into RIH when I rode through Amsterdam a couple of years ago and spoke with that guy for about an hour. He told us how the Olympic committee made racers on RIH bikes cover the branding because of some corrupt system. He was super cool. I guess I only noticed the $2000+ bikes in the shop when I went through.

I think the 40 euro's is for a used frame, not a hand-build new one.. ;) I've got two of these, one is build in Amsterdam and the other (but has a slightly deformed rear from when they tried busting the lock) comes from Venlo. Have a new bike now though, it served a good purpose in getting into playing polo.

You mean frames like this one? http://link.marktplaats.nl/415150033
If you did and you're interested I'd be happy to help out (where possible). :)