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super-cycle = super-polo

super-cycle = super-polo
super-cycle = super-polo
Front and rear brake

Supercycle Gemini

a match made in heaven

Astrological Compatibility:
Capricorn (I was born Jan 1st) with Gemini

Gemini's care-free, anything-goes mentality meets opposition from conventional, steady, conservative Capricorn. Capricorn worries about security, while Gemini frets about losing its liberty. Order and routine keep Capricorn content, but drive Gemini to distraction. Gemini's need for a stimulating existence does nothing to make Capricorn feel secure. And Capricorn's sober outlook puts a damper on Gemini's high spirits. This isn't an affair with high voltage-but Gemini can help develop Capricorn's sensual potential.