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Beer Point v1.0

Beer Point v1.0
Beer Point v1.0
Beer Point v1.0
Front and rear brake

Designed by me over the past three months and custom built.
Polo specific frame and fork.
Very nimble and very strong.
AC bicicletas FTW!!!!

Yikes! tight squeeze fr yr tyres...
Ace bike.


you deserve an award for tightest tire clearance, awesome build!

fucking nice bike, lose the cheater mallet ;P

and cheater brake lever!

Muy bonita!
Es una buena polera?

The result is random the performance No

Yes! es una demoledora!

*Somebody please think of the children!!*

Sick looking bike.. I like the Triple triangle.

"We don't need no education"

GT is going to sue!

GT doesn't do wishbone triple triangle seatstays....

*Somebody please think of the children!!*