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Colossi Polo build

Colossi Polo build
Colossi Polo build
Colossi Polo build
Front brake

Finally putting up my bike (3rd polo bike derp derp)

Colossi Polo frame and fork.
Chris King headset, Sqrblt bars, We the People cranks, Profile BB, Chuckas, White Ind freewheel.

For a full bike check: http://www.goalhole.com/2012/11/01/lookin-at-ya-bits-ollie-wykeham/

Damn fine bike, so stoked to ride it.

Check out http://www.colossicycling.com/ for one. Great hand build bikes by the people who make Cinelli and Colnago in China.

The blue is gorgeous and the parts are amazing, nice frame too. do you also have a weight of it?

The frameset wasnt listed on their website. Maybe I missed it but i didnt see it.

Yeah, what's the name? Or was this custom geo? If so, would you share?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang