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kozy kitty 007.JPG
kozy kitty 014.JPG
kozy kitty 015.JPG
35 x 20
Rear brake

-Fuji Track, I picked up on the cheap
-1" threaded 26" BMX fork
-48h Chukkers laced to Profile hubs
-700x32 Kenda Kwikrollers
-MKE Pologuard
-ACS freewheel
-Odyssey twisted plastics
-Gusset half link chain
-Primo seat
-Soma Late-Risers w/ Stolen Money grips
-DiaComp Tech 77 lever

I can honestly say, I think this bike's done.....yeah right.

ah Yeah! that shit is smooooth like filted cigarillos

Nice ride brahh



Northern Standard

Ha! The fork is a good idea, I like it.

Bike Polo Ronin

when did you switch to the freewheel.

right after the espi's...that tourney was a big eye opener

victoria bike polo

how does the bike handle with that fork on there? awesome solution to our never ending bent fork problems.

it handles good. still nice and tight. this fork has a decent axle to crown measurement, so it didnt change much from the stock fork as far as handling. its beefy as fuck, i'll probably bend the frame before i bend this fork!