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Marino Custom

Marino Custom
Marino Custom
Front and rear brake

Thomson 80mm X4 stem
Thomson Elite seatpost
Paul Comp. Moto-BMX V-brakes
Paul Comp. Brake Boosters
Paul Comp. Duplex lever
Profile BMX 165mm Spline Drive cranks
Tree Bike Co. 30T Chainring
White Industries Trials 18t freewheel
48h Salsa Gordo rims laced to MKE hubs
Panaracer RiBMo 26x1.5" tires
Easton EA-50 Lo bars
Oury Grip-Lock grips
Specialized Phenom Comp-gel saddle
Time Alium pedals


stunning beautiful !

id hit it

Get rad

fuck, polo bikes are getting expensive.

but damn, what a fucking nice bike.


Bike people always like nice bikes, that's true for road, mtn, and polo. Plus a rusty one with a good player can still compete with this. I love our DIY spirit the most but who doesn't like a shiny new toy now and again?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

agreed! i was merely pointing out, the average price being spent on our bikes is slowly increasing.
it makes sense though.
i'll just have to deal with it and start playing on non-trash bikes. hahaha.


Good point about price increasing, ive even noticed in my own!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

now just come and play on it!

so spanky. i want some brake boosters too!

"rubber side down boys"