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Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Bruiser Prototype

Rear brake

Here's my Milwaukee Bruiser Prototype. I've been riding this bike for over a month now and thought I'd post a picture of it before i get my new Bruiser in the smaller size. This is a polo beast! I've ridden this frame to third place at Pologamy in Munich and second place at NSPI 3 in Ottatwa a couple weeks ago. This frame is an indestructable polo machine... I'll write more about this bike when i post pictures of my new one soon.

the thing i like the most about this bike is the tiki torch/xmas/astroturf combo.

yeah joe that looks kinda white trash---you been hanging out with julian, Randy, and MR Leahy too much

i wish, those guys are my heros. thats my balcony dubbed "Tiki Paradise"
-hero squad * milwaukee, wi-

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

haha thats better than living in a car and growing dope in the backseat

you bringing that to NA's???? hope so, I want to ride it.

since 1998

Matt Messenger
since 1998

well you didn't want to ride it at NSPI... but yes, i'll have it in seattle
-hero squad * milwaukee, wi-

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -