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Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Bruiser (small)

Rear brake

This is my new MBCo. Bruiser (sized small) with the grey GunKote finish built up with MBCo. 48 spoke hubs on Velo Deep-Vs, the newly redesigned Milwaukee Polo Guard and MBCo. bar end caps. After riding my Bruiser Prototype in the Medium size, which was a great bike that I kicked much ass on, this bike I believe to be the best polo bike I've ever played on. It's lighter, tighter, steeper, and my body is positioned better on it so my body moves together better with the bike it seems. There are fewer and more elegant gussets, the brake cable is routed properly with the added pulley, and it's lighter. Did I mention that this bike is designed to be indestructible? Other parts: odyssey lever and cable with a Fly U-brake and cable hanger, steel MTB bars, cheap riser stem, Chris King 1 1/8", Profile 160mm cranks with plastic platforms and a Profile spider (with the new pologuard) and White Ind. 21t F/W, and an Origin8 pivotal post with an Odyssey saddle (i'm trying this setup cuz the rails on my saddles always bend... these are supposed to be lighter and stronger, so far so good) I think this bike improved my game... idk, too early to tell i guess all iknow is that i've been SLAYING on this thing. I'll be riding this bad boy in Seattle in a couple days at the 1st NAHCBPC! See y'all there!

p.s. feel free to test ride my bike if you see me between games, i'll have a 20t fixed cog on the flipflop if you want to try it fixed.

For ordering and frame specs go to: www.benscycle.com and BUY ONE. support the company that supports bike polo

Looks good Joe! I'm Itching for mine to come back from paint!

Love those Bruisers! In my opinion, rails are way stronger than pivotal saddles. Pivotals are a product of the BMX world, so they were never intended to be sat on (most BMXers ride their saddle slammed to the frame). But, I haven't seen some of the newer models. The first models all used the same basic mold, which were pretty chincy. Saw plenty of them break fairly quickly. The pulley system for the brake is a great idea. Awesome set-up! Make sure to bring it to the Midwests in CoMO!

Well, I always ride a plastic saddle for polo and this one seems pretty solid. It's not the most comfy saddle but it's not too bad, I messengered for 10.5 hours on it last week (35x16) then played polo ok it for a few hours and my ass felt fine. Replacement pivotal are reletivly cheap too..
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I've ridden BMX for the last 15 years or so, and just never wanted to change over from my trusty railed saddle. It's funny how BMX has influenced the hipster (not saying YOU'RE a hipster) fixed gear scene, one of those being pivotal saddles. I figured it's folks that just ride a couple blocks to the bar to show off their expensive bike they barely ride. Haven't heard of anyone using it on their messenger set-up. I don't think my ass would last to long on one of them!

i rode it for work just because i had to go directly to polo afterwards... just rode this badboy into third place at NAHBPC this week end in Seattle too, the saddle heald up to plenty of wrecks soofar.
-hero squad * milwaukee, wi-

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

hope some monies from my damaged bikes comes in so i can order one of these bastards. wish id be seeing it in seattle but i wont :I

Solid build. I'd love to give it a test run next time I see you.

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hey, nice ride, i just ordered a bruiser and was wondering where i could find that brake cable pulley? doesnt seem to be commonplace.

if it doesn't come with your frame, you should be able to get one from Milwaukee Bicycle Co.
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- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Nice set up Joe. Just out of interest, how tall are you? Might get one of these but not sure what size medium or small. I'm 5'11

i'm 6' and my prototype that i was riding in Munich (don't know if you rode it) was a medium. I like the small way more.

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