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Univega Gran Sprint

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25 x 17
Front and rear brake

Mid eighties Univega Gran Sprint 25x17fw driven with 160mm Profile Cranks. Installed after breaking numerous other cranks and bending chainrings. New head tube and old Paramount lugs installed after cracking the downtube/headtube lug in DC at the ESPIs. Too many head-on collisions. (See youtube: "Joe Meets Fence" and hardcourtbikepolo.com) Dual front and rear levers on the left side of my bars. (although i use the rear brake almost exclusively, the front has come in handy eg. in TO on that slick ass hockey court we were playing on) My side kick Mr. Kickass. The crash that possibly cracked my lug? One of many at ESPI 2008 in Washinton DC. (note: i was riding brakeless fixed then)

hooray mr. kickass!


MKE -> PDX | wednesday sundown @ ne14th & killingsworth | sunday 3pm alberta park @ ne22nd & killingsworth

probably too seriously...


who did the repair work for ya

matt kaminecki of Milwaukee did it for me. he's done work on a couple of my other frames too.

http://www.kaminecki.com/ check out his site.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

pretty sweet, i think ive gotten all the work out of jonny for the old frame that i can. if he replaced anything else it would be a jonny cycles

well you should have him do a couple more "repairs"... slap a stainless star on the headtube and sell her for $2500!

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

or just get him to give me twnty 5 large for being his bitch