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Dumpster Baby

Dumpster Baby
Dumpster Baby
Fixed gear
Front brake

Frame: dumpster frame (24" boys Roadmaster from walmart?)
Fork: Surly 1x1
Brake: Tektro Mini-V
Crankset: no name BMX crank
Stem: Specialized Mobius
Front: 32H Rhyno Lite / Shimano Deore M590 hub/ Serfas Drifter 26x1.5"
Rear: 32H Salsa Gordo / Surly fixed free hub / Tioga City Slicker 26x1.5"

All other parts are no name and no parts left from the original bike.

It's silly and stupid and I love it.

God I can't wait for you to be on something better.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Mine Now