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Masi revised

Masi revised
Masi revised
Front brake

This bike changed a bunch in the last few months, so here it is again.

Masi Speciale Fixed 56cm (love this frame), Surly Crosscheck fork, Scuzzy Logic ProTank headset
Avid SD-7 brake/lever w/ noodle mod to prevent kinking (thanks, Greg).
Surly/Chukker 48H front & rear, Schwalbe Big Apple 29x2.0" / Ribmo 32c
Cheap SPDs, Sugino RD 165, Surly steel ring, BBG bashguard, White Industries 22t / All City 17t fixed cog street gear
Thomson post, Bulletproof dropnose seat

Easily one of the funnest (yeah, funnest) bikes I've ever ridden.

freaking sweet. love the monster front tire.

"rubber side down boys"


Big tires. Big dreams.

when pigs fly.