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Big Blue Veiny One

Big Blue Veiny One
Big Blue Veiny One
Big Blue Veiny One
Front brake

RC frame and fork
Front wheel - Dodici 48 hole rim, Fixcraft Core v2 hub, 2mm spokes
Rear wheel - RemerX 36 hole rim, Novatec single speed cassette hub (4 bearings), 16 tooth cog. Need some spokeguards for front wheel i know.
Cockpit - Spank stem and handlebars cut down assymetrically.
Brake - Shimano Deore
Some noname seatpost with Brooks dame saddle (personal preference, my balls got used to it and are fine thank you)
Cranks - Wethepeople Royal with Profile Titanium spindle (it rocks)
Pedals - cheap Shimanos

Are the spokes just super thick or are they bladed?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

they're just some standard 2mm spokes