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Marino/ Velo-Lucuma

Marino/ Velo-Lucuma
Marino/ Velo-Lucuma
Front brake

Custom made frame and fork by Marino / Velo-Lucuma
Surly Hubs, Salsa Gordo Rims, 48 spokes
26"x1.5" city slicker tires
Mid Bottom bracket, Salt 3pce bmx cranks
Shimano SPD pedals

how do you feel with it? It looks solid

I'm really happy with it. Fits like a glove, and everything about it feels great. I might move to double brakes, and maybe get fatter tires, aside from that, I couldn't ask for anything more.

How is the size for you? I'm about 5'11" and I've ridden one of these in 54cm and I loved it but he had a pretty long stem. I wan't to have a short stem like yours and wonder if I should go up to the 57cm. Cheers

I'm 6 foot. I'm not sure if this bike is one of the stock sizes- it's got a 56cm seatmast (51 c-c) with a 55cm top tube. I'm in love with how it fits- if I were doing anything other than polo on this bike I'd want a much larger stem, but I'm pretty happy with the really tight cockpit, and pushing the seat to the back of the rails.

Thanks, so if you were say, doing a 3.5 mile (each way) commute to work you might go a little bigger on the frame? I want too pare down my bike herd and use my commute to get more aquainted with my polo bike. These bikes have a 54 and next is a 57. I'm actualy closer to 5'10-1/2" so I'm worried about the 57 being to gangley. I also dont want to sacrifice polo worthieness for good commuting dynamics since that defeats the whole purpose of using my litle commute to get more aquainted with my polo bike and improve polo. Thoughts?
I just want more of your thoughts on it, being someone with the frame i'll get once I sort myself out.

Nice fork