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new GTack

new GTack
new GTack
Front and rear brake

Modified GT mtb (the original name escapes me). Built to trial the swing dropouts with disc mount.. The geo on this is just nice. not as steep as my Spinach http://leagueofbikepolo.com/bike/neil/neils-new-spinach-poloproto, but with plenty of pop. 955 wheelbase. dual pull lever mod. Mavic 317 rims 36 spokes, DMR rear hub, shimano XT front.
BB5 brakes, Infamous fork 410 AtoC with disc tab mod. ACS 19t freewheel.

Frame pending paint job.

Sick Gt!!

"We don't need no education"

The frame is a GT Palomar from Ben H, fork from Tom P via Ben H. Wheels built by Ben H.

Adelaide Bike Polo


i want a sloping top tube. bike looks awesome.

"rubber side down boys"

sloping top tube is where it's at. After crunching the jewels on a tall track style frame I have always been looking for "exit options" in a polo bike frame.
I am sure people still build "polo specific" track style frames, ie horizontal top tubes, because of their heritage in urban/messenger origins of bike polo and they think they look cool.