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newly powder coated frame

new polo frame.
Rear brake

i recently built this frame for myself. it seems like the trend in frames is to go with a really tight/steep geometry like the joust or the bruiser while there are others playing on older mountain bikes with more relaxed geometry. for a while i have been playing on a bike with track geometry. with this frame i decided to have a more relaxed front end.
75 degree seat tube angle to bring the rear wheel as close as possible
72 degree head tube angle
59mm fork rake
at first, the bike felt really weird to play on, but after riding the bike a while i started liking it a lot. the bike handles really great when i am going fast, but its not as nice as my old bike at slow speed. i think i would prefer a fork with a rake of about 50, which would bring the trail to about the same as the joust.
other things of note about the bike, im running Paul Racer brakes. i made some custom frame mounts for the brake so that its mounted to the frame. really great stopping power. my only qualm with the brake is that its hard to set up so that it doesn't squeal.