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Giant Stonebreaker

Giant Stonebreaker
Giant Stonebreaker
Giant Stonebreaker
Front brake

Old Giant Mountain bike skipped in a bin, seat post was stuck in the tube. Been using it for 3 years now upgrading little at little. I think I've reach perfectness:
-26" Tryall fork
-Mavic f219 36h rims on Sunn and Surly hubs
-tektro draco hydro disc break 150mm disc
-Tryall transmission, 18 front freewheel on 175mm cranks, 12t fixed cog
-Stoneedge 50mm stem
-50mm rised handle bar
-twenty saddle (hum)
-Shaft Punk bash guard


Ho yeah and the rear triangle has been shorten up (lost maybe 70mm) and receives horizontal dropouts, arc welded, another Shaft Punk touch

this bike looks chill

What is the wheelbase after shortening the rear triangle?

Oh yeah !
What a wonderful spad !!!