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Maria Juana

Maria Juana
Maria Juana
Maria Juana
36 x 22
Rear brake

This is my Bruiser in Polo mode.
Soon with V-brakes, I'll post pictures when it's done.

i can tell you right now that the reason your brakes dont work is because you have no leverage due to where your lever is mounted.
new bars with room for a brake and your hand
cant tell if that is the small odessy lever or the medium either way get a longer lever like a tech77(leverage)
clean your rims with simple green on a regualr basis
stiff housing with nice pharells
its pretty much all about getting as much pull out of your lever as possible. bmx riders actually bend there levers out so they have more room to pull it back.
by no means am i trying to bash you just some friendly advice


Do what Kremin says. You definitely need a better lever/handlebar configuration. Ditch the two-piece and find a narrower one-piece riser. They're out there. Also, make sure your springs are tensioned correctly. Less is defintiely more with u-brakes. Good luck!

The position of the lever on my handlebars suck! That handlebar is provisional while some prototype bars I have on the works are finished. I'll instal a longer lever and see how it works.